Section Leader’s Course

I remember that the SAF used to conduct a Section Leader’s Course to train soldiers into leaders. And if I am not mistaken, this is at least a 3 months or 6 months course. This must be the minimum duration needed to train a young man into a leader. Now we have read about the one week programmed by a primary school for leadership training by climbing mountains. This must be a pretty intensive and advanced training method to turn a 12 year old into a leader.

With so much hue and cry about the length of NS, and with many demanding that NS training should be shortened as the two years were a great sacrifice by our young men, putting them at a great disadvantage in their career development against the foreigners that need not waste two years for NS, I can see a good outcome from this innovative school leadership programme.

The SAF should do a serious study on this school leadership programme and learn from them how they could turn young boys and girls into leaders in a matter of one week. And if the result is positive, then the Section Leader’s Course can be modified along the same line, with mountain climbing as the main part of the training, and instead of 3 or 6 months, the training can be reduced to maybe one month.  That could easily save 2 to 4 months of training and thus reduce the duration of NS to maybe 18 months.

And, since the schools are so keen in leadership training, maybe the schools can work with Mindef to integrate their leadership training into the Section Leader’s Course. Let’s say the boys would be made to do a one week compulsory mountain climbing course in primary school and maybe a 2 week mountain climbing course in secondary school. With these two courses in their belt, they are half way there as leaders and the duration of the Section Leader’s Course can thus be halved.

That’s it, I think this is a very good idea for the two ministries to think about. No? Did any say no? Alright, I can agree that there is now a fear for mountain climbing for children. But there is still a big demand for leadership training for 12 year olds right? So how? They need to be trained as leaders and the earlier the better.

How about this, Mindef work out a one week leadership training for the 12 year olds using the Section Leader’s Course programme. And the students need not have to climb Mt Kinabalu. They only need to climb Pengkang Hill. I think this is reasonable. 12 year olds climbing a hill should be easier though not as challenging as climbing mountain. And I think Pengkang Hill is quite far away from the earthquake zone.

And if one week is too short, add another week when they are in secondary schools. And as suggested above, with these two programmes, the duration of Section Leader’s Course can be shortened and the 2 year NS can be shortened by 6 months.

The more I think about these two options, the more brilliant I think of myself. What do you think? Don’t call me ‘seow’ ok?  I am just trying to help. With the schools so keen to make leaders out of the boys and with Mindef needing leaders in the field, they must be able to work out something for the good of everyone. This must be another win win formula.


Anonymous said...

Please lah RB, u expect PAP to tell u that making 12 year olds climb Mt Kinabalu is good for making money and hence increase GDP growth?

Of course not what, tio bo?

That's why must say it is good for leadership training lah. More hor tia (good to hear) mah.

Just like increasing the GST is to help the poor mah.

RB, with your section training, NS and what not, I think u are barking up the wrong tree lah.

Anonymous said...

Champion of WITS Leaders .. More Brainstorming .. More Fish Bones .. Higher Productivity .. Hands-On Green Matters

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> the two years were a great sacrifice by our young men <<

That has always been the "wrong" argument. NS is BAD because the so-called "sacrifice" is not a selfless sacrifice in its true meaning because the young guys ARE FORCED UNDER THREAT OF PUNISHMENT BY LAW to "serve" their cuntree. This is not "service". It is a form of legalised kidnapping and enslavement.

To not be one of those assholes who changes words to obscure the TRUE MEANING, N.S. should actually be truthful to its concept: NATIONAL SLAVERY.

NS was sold to the gullible Sheeple of Singapore as a strategy to build a standing army because it was necessary. The bullshit that was promoted was that Singapore was "surrounded by hostile Islamic cuntrees" who would attack the Chinese-majority Singapore. Singapore was like a little Israel, so we got the Israelis to train our fighting men, after implementing National Slavery like Israel who was fighting real no-nonsense wars on many fronts (and winning).

However, the military is an excellent source for certain types of training, because they build their organisations to endure mission-critical, life or death circumstances where the future freedom of the cuntree could be at stake.

That being said, I have no problem with MINDEF running "leadership training" for ENTITLED spoilt little brats whose lives revolve around taking selfies for Facebook, and complaining about "hardship" when the majority of them have not suffered one single day of real hardship in their lives like their parents and grandparents have.

But there's one caveat: embarking on such training must be VOLUNTARY.

The long term effect is that you build a culture of TRUE SERVICE and most importantly COMMITMENT which comes from individual personal choice. Making hard decisions as an individual, taking on commitment and serving out your end of the deal is where REAL leadership begins.

But Dictatorships HATE autonomy and individualism. The Dictator who controls everything uses FORCE to bend the will of the individual to suit His whims. Therefore the present National Slavery type of "leadership training" is no leadership training at all.

It is just training/ brainwashing minions to be higher-ranking minions so that they can tekan the lower minions to serve the interests of The Dictatorship. National Slavery "leadership training", because it is not voluntarily embarked upon IS TOTALLY F A K E

Anonymous said...

No! No! You are not "seow"! You are correct!

We can integrate all leadership programs right from
primary school level up to university level and up to
Mindef level into one holistic national leadership

A good Sunday's suggestion, indeed!


Anonymous said...

What about Tin Pei Ling ah?
Was her leedership training conducted before or after GE 2011 ah?

What about PM Lee?
Do you think he received very effective leadership training ah?

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to train leaders. Look at the quality of our leaders or the dearth of leaders and leadership.

Virgo 49 said...

You can made any person go for what's ever course, but if that person is not cut to be a leader, he gonna never gonna be a leader.

Learned from our Great Leader who once asked a shepard in New Zealand or Australia.

He asked "How you train or choose a breed of dog to be sheep's dog??"

The Shepard replied " you don't really train a sheep dog, they are natural sheep dog" You just have to look into the eyes of one and notice its ferocious natural Instinct and you know that's a natural sheep dog.

That's applicable to human leaders. You can train those paper generals but they be just paper generals.


Like the likes of successful entrepreneurs, they are born, not MADE.

They advocated that you must taste adventures to be leaders- Bullshits, for they don't practise what they preached.

They only sent you to your premature deaths.

Goh said...

Please stop claiming NS is a National Slavery.
This special privilege is given to Sinkies and they should be grateful. Learn to appreciate la.
I would say 2 years is not enough.Section leader course is just nice.I will consider it perfect if we gave them another 3 month unarm combat and another 3 week OBS plus 1 week at Nayti at South Buona vista.
Total 2 year 4 month so Sinkies have no reason to kpkb on being bashed by foreigners.
Who is asking for shorter NS?
I am one who feel disappointed for not being call up regularly for reservist training and my call for volunteer NS only benefit FTs.
Please have sympathy on Sinkie like me who hope to contribute to safeguard my country.
I am willing to serve NS till my last breathe.

Pinky protest at HLP is said to attract more crowd than other protest. Thats shows Sinkies could be getting more pinky .
Be a man.NS is good for you.
To serve, to strive and not to yield.

patriot said...

NS is and always will be an infringement of HUMAN RIGHT, INDIVIDUAL RIGHT AND PERSOBAL.

Matilah Singapura had it well explained above.






Virgo 49 said...

Hi Agongkia, no use one!

An ah qua soldier trained to be s fighting soldier will still be an a qua soldier. Likewise the men in blue at what's SOC.

A fighting natural soldier is a born natural soldier. Just like our ex◇ One SIR and Two SiR regiments. These Malay Regiments true blue soldiers had my admiration. They are tough and professional unlike now our ah qua officers and other ranks.

How to chun now softies into soldiers compared to our sixties kampong kids like us.

See our first generation leaders compared now to our current bunch of so called trained leaders.

Our first generation leaders are not trained in any schools to be leaders. They are natural leaders.

OUR current trained leaders turned out to be DUDs

Rest my case

patriot said...

NS Is a d always will be an infringement of HUMAN RIGHT, INDIVIDUAL RIGHT AND PERSONAL RIGHT.This for correction to the Mistake in my earlier comment.

I am aware that many elderlies here supported and are STILL IN FAVOUR OF NS despite their many misgivings.
I do not know what's their thinking except that I have the Impression that they are 'lost' somehow in their feelings.
There is a PRINCIPLE involved here, if one is supportive of CONSCRIPTION, like Agongkia here, then volunteer yourself and all your family members. BUT PLEASE DO NOT HELP TO INVOLVE AND ABUSE OTHERS WHO PREFER HUMAN RIGHT, INDIVIDUAL AND PERSONAL RIGHTS.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49

Actually the data and hard evidence suggest that training leaders and entrepreneurs works. Afterall, most, if not all our "worldly skills" are LEARNED, not necessarily innate.

The nature vs nuture argument will never cease, so the only way to solve such issues is by gathering DATA and goin where the evidences suggests. Yes, it is definitely possible to be born a "natural", which gives you some sort of "head start" in whatever field, so you'll have an advantage---for awhile. Then others who are non-natural will catch up with you because every human LEARNS and thus can be trained.

Also, many Ah Quas these days have the ability to kick most peoples' asses from here to eternity. Ah Quas are very "body conscious" and train at the gym to become super fit and super strong. So perhaps it is time to update your old fashioned world views ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49:

I dare you go up to these guys and call them Ah Qua.

Wait...I call ambulance first :-)

Goh said...

My dear Patriot.
Maybe NS should oso include another 2 months of Anger Control Management course to make it 2 n half years:-)

Goh said...
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Goh said...

Agree uncle. If only you have learn the tactic from your instructors like that Staff Seet at KDB, you could have handle that chow angmo above your unit without much difficulty or the need to kachow our MIB.
Still not late,
If I do meet you, i can share with you on what I learnt from NS , on how to stop this pest from harassing you.

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Virgo49 said...

Hi Ahgongkia, Staff Seet same training with us, only He tahn chiak whereas we CAS Men. Also, they two months earlier as their regulars before us.

But, anyway, our class topped the class. We do not maimed or hurt our own countrymen in service as we are all NS Men. Just like bro Patriot said: Its cruelty.

At this time, already Pioneer Generation, whereas this Chow Ang Mo only late twenties. Not say, I want to give excuse, but this chow kak attacked me without warning.

If I were at my time first batch in NS training, he would be now lying permanently immobile in bed.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Matilah, compared to today's NS Men where maids carry their bags for them and our time where our Infantry instructors had to carry bayonets when out of camps, you think today's NS Men not Ah Qua???

Also, our time Tattoos are for REAL. Now Tattoos are for show.

Even SPGs have tattoos on them groans and they think they are macho.

Capitalist good lives young men cannot be good soldiers lah?? Just like Patriot said ABOLISHED IT, WASTE OF MONIES AND TIME.

For so many NDPs parades, they always started the March Past with the SIR beats.

Salute to the SIRs veterans scorpions tattoos old soldiers who defended our National during the Konfatsasi

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49

Yah, ! & 2 SIR recruited many pai kiah and sam seng to wallop the Indonesian commandos. They did excellent work. My Enche (Warrant Officer) was 1 SIR, one really tough Malay dude.

Oh I see....you say that Ah Qua means "softies". My understanding was that Ah Qua is a term for transsexual/ homosexual.

I agree. National Slavery has declined in standards of rigour and toughness. Now cannot "tekan" recruits. I kena tekan run with full SBO + weapon until vomit, then kena fuck some more. Now you do this as a senior NCO, you'll be charged then discharged or masuk detention.

I also agree that Singapore should repeal the NS Enlistment Act and go full professional military, plus volunteers of course.

patriot said...

National Service saves the State lots of money.
The pay difference between a conscript and a regular soldier could be well over many times.
In practice, regulars were better treated in the Past, that itself was unfair.
I do not know the Situation now.

There was one point in time when I was agreeable to NS though I did not quite see the Need. ANZUK was in force when Sin got its Independence from the British. Only Indonesia then was having conflict with Malaysia and Sin(Confrontasi) and in my wildest imagination, I will not expect Indonesia to launch a full invasion of Malaysia, Sin individually or both at the Same Time in view of the ANZUK PACT.

Anyway, right from the Start, I was and am against conscription base on its fundamental infringement of Human and Individuals Rights.

Late Lee Kuan Yew had everything planned and implemented to entrench his hold in power and for that of his chosen successor(s). HE EXECUTED HIS SCHEMES TO PERFECTION AND SINKIES MAY HAVE TO LIVE AT HIS LEGACY FOR SOME YEARS TO COME.

Fortunately, Sinkies are beginning to see through the Schemes now, the Youngs like the Five that spray painted their understanding on the Highrise Buildings, Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and Amos Yee and the Many Others that I got to witness at public places.

Like You Folks to listen to conscripts conversations while they are leaving camps or returning to camps in uniforms. Seldom one will get to hear anything good about their NS.

In all honesty, I want to say that Sin is more than capable of having a professional army WHICH CAN BE AUGMENTED WITH RECRUITMENT OF GURKHAS AND OTHERS IF NEED TO.

2 years of our youths is very precious to them. To break their studies for 2 years causes a unneccessary interruption to their formal education. Many do not have liking for military life or wanting to make careers in the Military.
2 years of time wasted is great loss to our youth and if they dislike NS.

Lets not waste the live of our youths who could grow up to pursue their studies, find their careers and contribute to nation building and defence in many other ways.


Goh said...

Attn All Lau Peng like matilah, patriot n Virgo.
All of you made the pledge in those days that you shd be loyal n as such shd continue to remain loyal n support NS .
Encourage your children n grandchildren and tell them NS is not as Seong compare to your days.
No more shiny boot , standing collar or starchy uniform.
NS is a good chance to learn to be smart, keng,siam n get connected .Once in a lifetime. Never miss and regret:-)

Goh said...

Uncle Patriot.
How can one expect regular and NS men to draw the same salary.
Free lodging , uniform n good food etc..Go ROC oso got rubber supply.
And why the need to recruit foreign gurkas to replace NS men when Sinkies can defend their home better.

No disruption on study but instead NS make those spoilt homiakia learn hardship during the 2 years and as such will study harder after their NS or before NS to go OCS n get their pip on their shoulder.
NS is beneficial just that we dun see it.

Goh said...
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Goh said...
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Virgo 49 said...

Hi Patriot, now even the ORD men nearly half failed their IPPT test

Mindef now goes slow to have them in RT training which is akin to detention / confinement in camps

They are now civilians with heavy responsibilities in family lives

How you expect them to be tip top condition just to defend someone sake and stake if they are not even taken care off

I feel more safe with professional soldiers defending the nation than with numbers of poor quality

For years we are not really threatened by any nation and are made to believe it is so just to have a grip on us to believe so

Election coming and they are wary of many grouses in NS so no RT training for now

Goh said...

Uncle .
No threat now does not mean no threat in future.
Nerng khar peng or bobo king.Can shoot ok liau.
Have faith in our men in green.

Goh said...

//Now you do this as a senior NCO,.....//

This shows Mindef does not tolerate ill treatment. Your grandchildren are safe on their hand.

Goh said...
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Goh said...
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Goh said...
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patriot said...

Hi Virgo 49:

I really do not see the Need for our youths to do NS.
With a tiny and highly urbanized landmass with a small defence force, the EMPHASIS SHOULD BE ON GOOD RELATIONSHIPS WITG NEIGHBOURING NATIONS.



IT IS BEYOND DOUBT TO ME THAT THE PURPOSE OF NS IS TO HAVE OUR YOUTHS SUBMIT THEMSELVES TO THE CIRRENT REGIME. However, I dare say, it will not work for long as can be seen from the Angst of our youngs.
It could backfire as our youngs realize that they are actually having to defend and protect the Rulers, Elites and Foreigners as they(youngs) themselves have littke or nothing to treasure and protect. Instead, they are fast becoming Second or Lower Class in their VERY OWN COUNTRY.





Virgo49 said...

Shoot and killed own men???

An ill trained soldier is a danger to his own fellow buddies and men.

As for the pledge when we took donkey years ago. That's only an Inspiration lah, same as the National Pledge. That time gong gong like AhGongKia, just recite like parrot.

Mmmm Chai Yee Kong Simi??

Can translate Hokkien or not??

Also ROD twenty years ago, not counted liao!

Goh said...

Please la.bigger chilly does not mean it is hotter n spicier than hiamchiokia.NS for youth is good as they can learn to drive, guard or cook.
Good to neighbor does not necessarily mean they must be kind to u.Dun believe? Ask Virgo.

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

Hiamchiokia act tough?

I will just quote Virgo 49 that emm jai si and act tough is a foolish behaviour.

Got to praise Agongkia for his patriotism which in some ways make Sinkies to be daft with blind faith and feeling superior and invincible.

Just wish that Sin will have more humble folks and less egoistic ones.


Anonymous said...

Conceit is the hallmark
that egoistic people
carry as pride and glory
for themselves.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all my fellow uncles discussing NS:

Here's my position:

I am 100% AGAINST National Slavery

I am 10,000% PRO fierce fighting force of PROFESSIONAL military, including if necessary the use of mercenaries like gurkhas or some other "private" firms like Blackwater (USA) Executive Outcomes (S. Africa) or Aegis World (Scotland, UK)

@ patriot:

There are many good things to come out of NS -- like fitness, team work, leadership, combat skills and the skills to kill people, because like it or not, some people need to be killed before they kill you (fact of life lah).

However no matter how many good things come out of NS, the whole idea o being FORCED into National Slavery "spoils" the spirit of the good things, not, as some would argue, JUSTIY National Slavery.

You can get the same or BETTER outcomes if you have a voluntary, professional fighting force...and you will also get better commitment, and HIGHER STADARDS---personal as well as esprit d'corps---because the people in it CHOOSE to embark on military careers.

Goh said...

Those who treat Sinland as hotel will never care much about security as they may have no stake here or be elsewhere during emergency .
Voluntary or professional fighting force may be good but many may join because of perks or pay and may not necessarily guarantee BETTER outcome or do not sell military secrets.
Our NS boys may be so claim forced but come to contingency, may fight as good, if not better than the regular for they know that it's their country, family and peoples life at stake.
NS boys are better for they are not paid as high as many of those thanchia who got higher pay but spending time on golf course.
NS boys help to cut down cost and benefit our needy citizen who can enjoy more payout.
Should have more NS boys than unnecessary Thanchias.
Get a regular Captain and a NS boy to dig a trench and see who can dig fasterer.

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agongkia:

>> Those who treat Sinland as hotel will never care much about security as they may have no stake here or be elsewhere during emergency <<

Who is "they"? Oh... you talking about me ah? OK. Just say lah, dun shy shy ;-)

I have stake in Singapore, doncha worry. I have "ownership" of a few entities. It is a Hotel to me for the following reasons:

1. I don't dig the political culture and the widespread oblong dick sucking

2. I cannot stand many fucked-up aspects of local culture---especially the arrogance of always "being right".

3. I don't like the local xenophobia against anything foreign: be it ideas, or culture or people themselves

4. I think what Singapore has to offer---despite the flaws of culture---IS AWESOME

5. Doing business is a breeze

6. Making money is relatively easier than anywhere else, with probable exception: the USA---in spite of its laws, regulation and taxes.

7. Singapore is a great place for networking with friends and acquaintances from just about every corner of the globe. (In fact, it's FANTASTIC)

8. Plenty of opportunities of sexual liasons.

9. Easy to travel to other DIFFERENT awesome places where I can rage and rock out and have a good time.

10. If you are not in Asia these days, you are no where, probably going backwards. Asia is HAPPENING! Very fucking happening.

Given the positive reasons above, I most definitely have an interest in security.

You are making a very false unproven assumption that National Slavery will guarantee you security. I say IT WON'T.

Goh said...

Adoi.. lau uncle
Who is assuming NS can guarantee security.
Its simply getting our youth to understand total defence , be operationally ready and get prepared lah.

A mosquito and a bee fly in front of you.You easily rid the mosquito by clapping with your hand.
However you will have to think twice to rid the bee by doing so .Why? becos you will get stunk by doing it . Got sting mah.
NS boys , trained are like bees, like weapon that we cannot afford not to have.They can and will protect.

Without them around I feel less secured.NS good la.

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agongkia:

>> Who is assuming NS can guarantee security. <<

Apparently you are, see below, your words:

>> Without them around I feel less secured. <<

>> NS good la. <<

It seems to me you mean "security good lah". But since NS is (in your mind) THE WAY to national defense/ "security", therfore (you reason) "NS good lah".

I also say "security good lah". But National Slavery is a poorer choice than having a totally professional fighting force. 2.5 years of enlistment plus reservist is, in today's world of warfare, a very lousy strategy. If you want a tip top fighting force, you have to keep them for more than 2.5 years, and continue to train them. I'm talking about today...NS might have been "necessary" in the early "unsecure years" where even China (communism) was considered a threat---i.e. the Cold War years.

The world has changed since. And to be fair, so has the SAF---Singapore's defense budget is commendable for a small city state---nearly 6% of GDP, higher than Israel, higher than the US, and higher than China, many times higher than Indonesia and Malaysia COMBINED (they can both fuck spider lah). Dun pray pray, Singapore is seriously ARMED.

So all the "hardware" is there, and guaranteed there will be more to come. But here is the usual cheebye nature of the govt. (which the sheeple deserve and continue to support): They got all the latest and greatest but they keep treating the citizens like SHIT.

Forcibly conscripting your young men is quite simply treating the locals like SHIT, like National Slaves.

Anonymous said...

May be it is just a case of understanding living. There could be sinkies who did not do NS talking about it without knowing what it is all about. There could also be boys who imagine that donning the army uniform instantly turns him into a man which he is not too sure before it. Another possibility is that he has intention to become a soldier. It is personal idea of NS.

NS is not a personal affair per se, it is national issue that affects all citizens. Itis an issue of right and freedom.

If citizens are not able to understand the difference between National Service and National Slavery, it is due to blind allegiance or not understanding the implication involve.

Virgo 49 said...

My nephews both served NS and now one with three sons migrated to Canada three years ago.

Sons coming of age in steps of 16, 14 and 12.

Never again have them going thru the ridiculous process of what he had undergone.

Is it fair that the government wants them to have more children and if all of them are males, one after another they serve the country in contrast to those who only have one or none.

My ex-colleague three sons served one after another and he does not even breathe one word of unfairness.

Does the government takes care of them and accord them or the family any privileges????

At least in our pioneering batch, we are given priority in housing and jobs!!

Now we, they served and sacrifice our lives, time and families for the Nation and some stupid ungrateful idiot just because he is secured in a high paying job can come and tell fellow Singaporeans not to have mentality clutch in employment in their own country.



Goh said...

Hardware no matter how advance still need men to handle.
If NS men who are younger, cheaperer ,betterer and can be recruited fasterer, is capable of handling these toys well, why need to spent so much on more tharnchia who may not necessarily join just to handle these toys but for other reason.
And you think recruitment is so easy.
Many of my khaki left one after another after playing with these toys when their contract expires.
Toys oso ugrade like changing underwear sometimes so whats the difference between having readily available men for 2.5 years n having tharnchia as pro who left after few years.
We need more NS men to work and support the regulars.No need a fully tharnchia force.
No need unnecessary spending like a phua kay .
It is a duty for every physically n mentally fit citizen to protect their homeland and the best way is by doing N S.
Dun understand why u all see it as slavery:-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ I thought it was obvious, agongkia:

>> Dun understand why u all see it as slavery:-) <<

Using the same reasoning as you: I don't understand why you don't see it as slavery ;-)

Here it is uncle, plain and simple (hopefully you can understand): NS is SLAVERY because it is FORCED.

Now, I am hoping that you at least have the capacity to understand the difference between VOLUNTARY and FORCED when applied to having individuals do something.

Anyway, to help you grasp this concept, here are a few examples:

1. Forcing a person to have sex with you is RAPE. If they have sex with you willingly, it is CONSENSUAL.

2. Forcing someone to surrender their property to you is called ROBBERY. If a person willingly gives his property to you, that is known as a GIFT.

Get the picture?

Anonymous said...

Warped logics exist.

Not necessarily wrong

Ultimately, it is wisdom
that matters.

Two Men's View of the Whore - Chapter One: N S ( National Slavery ) said...

Latimah Rapugasing: N S is NATIONAL SLAVERY.

JinGongPek: No lah!

Latimah Rapugasing: Yes lah!

JinGongPek: No lah!

Latimah Rapugasing: Yes lah!

JinGongPek: No lah!

Latimah Rapugasing:Yes lah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ observant comedy-writer, Anonymous Two Men's View of the Whore - Chapter One: N S ( National Slavery ):

WOW! I'm immortalised in your brain as one half of a pair of cranky old whore-mongering uncles having a "discussion".

I thank you for the attention. I must mean something to you ;-)

Anyway, I'll be interested to know where you stand on this issue. Don't concern yourself with us uncles. As you get older, you become more stubborn...Dun worry, if you live long enough, you'll find out for yourself.

Nothing can save an absurdity! said...

1957 State Assembly Debate:

Old fart said this dot which cannot be seen on world maps of even huge physical size is an absurdity.

Whether NS or mercenary army, the ending may just be that: an absurdity.

Old man's fard truths may prove far more fragile than some scholars words of wisdom.

Such as Huntington's last words on the fate of this artifice built by old fart.

Some elites called the masses daft. But ironically they would not be able to live the good lives and collect the millions without the daft tilling daily toils.

So who needs who more in the end?

Who is more useless, parasitic and rotten PAPayas?

Who is more useless when they can't even wash a pair of chopsticks properly?

Who can't even iron their own shirt properly even given one hour?

They are leeching on the masses through pure autocracy without any real ability or skill to survive on their own. Period. Such society can't last for long without major catastrophe giving it a good wake up call.