Saint Lee - by Yawning Bread

Yawning Bread has an article titled Saint Lee where he dealt with the issue of beatification and how the topic of a lese majeste law is in the brewing in Singapore. Actually there was no such thing. The idea came from two articles that talked about lese majeste in the Asian Correspondent and TOC.

In Catholicism, there is this process called beatification where a great dead man may be called a saint and be able to grant wishes to people who pray to him.  In a way this is like Tua Pek Kong or Guan Kong or Sun Mo Kong.  These are Chinese deities that can grant wishes to the masses that turned up to pray in the temples. But there was no formal process to raise them to the level of deities. They became deities by a spontaneous recognition by the masses of their goodness. The Catholic Church has a long list of saints that were beatified, St Joan of Arc, Saint Mary, Saint Nicholas, Saint Mother Teresa and many others by an established system of beatification.

In his article Yawning Bread suggested that the process of beatification was in full swing. The Catholic Church would require a miracle to happen and be accredited to the great dead man for sainthood. And this is no easy task and the Church would appoint a committee of inquiry to go through the life of the great dead man to see if there was a miracle in his life time. A miracle is not something that can be easily faked or created, like the founding of a nation or taking a country from 3rd World to 1st World. It has to be something out of this world. The ‘out of this world’ minister salary not counted, it must be really out of this world.

Come to think of it, the miracles in the Gardens by the Bay may come in handy. There are so many miracles happening there. You want snow, you can have snow. You want to have strawberry, raspberry, goose berry, goose pimples, no problem. If they can grow miracle olive inside the domes, what is so difficult about a few berries? The problem is whether these could be considered as miracles. And if acceptable, can these be credited to the good work of the great dead man.

I believe the Catholic Church has a long list of items to be ticked before any great dead man can be beatified and become a saint. The last and most recent saint was St Paul, the last Pope. Correct me if I did not get this right. Would there be another saint in the making? Or would there be a new deity for the masses to pray for protection from evil, for well being and maybe the favourite 4D number?


Anonymous said...

Sinkies need a miracle of an opposition party able to contest 100% seats as one party and ready to be govt. Or else 60% will keep voting PAP every election, no matter how bad the situation is for Sinkies.

And like what Yawning Bread had said in the last sentence of the above article quoted by RB, "...the PAP in their desperation to entrench themselves in power will end up destroying Singapore in the process."

Anonymous said...

Got many miracles lah!
1. using Aliens to create good jobs.
2. using GST to help the poor
3. creating the most expensive public housing programme in the world
4. I challenge other readers to add on to the list

Anonymous said...

Temasek and GIC are miracles too.

Anonymous said...

Right, the miracle is when they say open sesame and show you what is left in the two funds.

The said...

/// Or would there be a new deity for the masses to pray for protection from evil, for well being and maybe the favourite 4D number? ///

The deity has been there all along, next to the Kuan Yin temple at Waterloo Street.
Kuan Yin - the Goddess of Mercy.
Kuan Yew - the God of non mercy.

Anonymous said...

Ah Long - The God of Money Lenders
Ah Loong - The God of ???

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Last night I attend a soirée in the charming port city of Fremantle, put on by a few of my FOREX/ options friends (all wild ex-Singaporeans). They had hired a bunch of hookers, and lavished the revelers with plenty of food, drink and illicit substances.

It's a miracle everyone survived the excessive indulgences. Must be the power of Lee Kuan Yew which "saved" us from self-imposed destruction.

So ok, Pope Frank, please beatify the old fella lah. He's earned it. Saint Lee. Just like Jesus. Amos was right! 😂

Goh said...

My 'Cat' widowed friend, told me that she is fasting as her family member went for some study for 3 years and her wish is to see miracle for the graduation.Told me 3 years fasting mean cannot sleep with me for 3 years .
3 years later after the miracle I am oso a Sane.Sane Goh...

Goh said...
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b said...

Only kids and women can be saint. Men are just full of evil designs.

Anonymous said...

Our Singapore song;
One people
One nation,
One Singapore
Is there any similarity with Hitler's concept of "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer"??

Ein Volk means "One people"
ein Reich means "one empire"
ein Führer means "one leader

One of the Nazis' most-repeated political slogans was Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer – "One People, One Empire, One Leader".

Bendersky says the slogan "left an indelible mark on the minds of most Germans who lived through the Nazi years.
It appeared on countless posters and in publications;
it was heard constantly in radio broadcasts and speeches."

The slogan emphasized the absolute control of the party over practically every sector of German society and culture – with the churches the most notable exception.
Hitler's word was absolute, but he had a narrow range of interest
– mostly involving diplomacy and the military
– and so his subordinates interpreted his will to fit their own interests.


Anonymous said...

I think we should leave the departed alone. Enough said.
As for the beatification, it is not applicable here.
LKY has performed real miracles in his lifetime. He asked for no sainthood.
Let him RIP.

Anonymous said...

What about Amos Yee?
Got let him RIP or not?

patriot said...

Beautification as the Word implies is to make someone or something ARTIFICIALLY beautiful or nice.

Real naturally beautiful and nice folk and thing need no artificial augmentation.


The said...

patriot - it is beatification (without the "u").


patriot said...

To The:

Thank You for pointing out my mistake.

Much appreciated.