Redbean Soup in the process of printing

                Redbean Soup
Tonic for the soul

This is a collection of essays and satires posted in http://mysingaporenews.blogspot.sg by Chua Chin Leng aka Redbean


My book is off to the printer. It would be just about 200 pages but only managed to squeeze in 54 articles. I thought I could put in 100 articles but with an intro appetiser to each article to bring it into context, it is the best I could do.

Think should be able to get it out before end of this month. Waiting for confirmation from printer on date of delivery.

Thanks folks for the encouragement.



Anonymous said...

THANK U Sir for the effort!

Virgo 49 said...

Wah, will outsell LKY, GY the Chancellor of Alamak U best sellers.

And also what other worshippers of the PAP write in their outdated biographies.

Anonymous said...

"Tonic for the soul" sells better.
Though I still think "tonic for the daft" is more accurate.

Anonymous said...

That was my first choice. But it may not be appropriate for a book : )