Quotable Quote: Amos Yee 2 Jun 15

“And yes, to the chagrin of numerous people, I have not ‘learnt my lesson’, nor do I see any ‘lesson’ that needs to be learnt. If you are going to try to tower over me and say that you know something important that that I don’t, make sure you have a compelling argument for that. And if your lessons are borne from a corrupt, archaic Government lead by primitive monkeys,…then sorry if I doubt the credibility of your ‘lessons’.

Hopefully history eventually vindicates me. But as of now, district judge Jasvender Kaur has deemed me guilty and the Prosecutor does in fact feel, that 30 months of a place worst than Prison (RTC) should be given to a boy who has posted an internet video. Unless you do in fact relish in my misery, I hope both of you will be able to sleep at night, and live with the fact that right now, as it is written in the annals of history, my blood is on your hands.”

I am not going to say that this is a plea by Amos to the authority nor is it a statement of defiance. They are the words of a young boy facing the State and all its machinery for something that he posted in the youtube that is not politically right or acceptable.

What has happened now is a boy being charged and waiting for sentence for an ‘offence’ and the issue is how serious would the punishment be like. The prosecution has been making recommendations to reform the boy with the assumption that the medicine is fit for the patient and the patient would be a good and nice boy at the end of the reformative regime.

Many people have many different views and so has the boy victim. Are the adults wiser or the boy? What is right and righteous today may not be right and righteous tomorrow. The boy in his philosophical way is leaving it to the future to vindicate him and set him free from the righteous people that are all so good hearted to want to save him and would rightly deserve a place in heaven for their good deeds and intent.

What would the future said of this case? And why would the boy commented that he wish them to be able to sleep well at night and would be at peace with themselves as they live their lives? Is there a war of conscience at work? Who is pricking whose conscience?

There is this lonely feeling that the whole world of conscience has deserted this boy. He is all alone to face the music. There is a sense of helplessness in him. They say, the good shall triumph over evil. Which is good and which is evil may be a matter of subjectivity. Right and wrong is no longer so simple and straightforward.

What do you think?


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Anonymous said...

There is this lonely feeling that the whole world of conscience has deserted this boy. He is all alone to face the music.

But not worry RB, with the kind of PAP treatment accorded to him, he will also be the last Sinkie boy of his kind lah.

Just like the late LKY treatment for the opposition made Barisan Sosialis the last opposition party of the kind that can mount a real, serious challenge to the PAP. And that was more than 50 years ago.

So I bet, just as there will not be another LKY, there will also not be another Amos Yee for the next 50 years!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> What do you think? <<

I think that D E F I A N C E ---unashamed, unapologetic, yet peaceful DEFIANCE is sadly lacking amongst Singaporeans.

Sleep well, Singapore. You must be tired after all that shopping and eating. All that cock-talking and over-analysis just to prove to the fucking world (which doesn't care one shit about you or your claims of "truth") must take a lot out of you. You should sleep, in peaceful slumber, knowing full well that the govt and the ghost of LKY is "looking after you", so you can continue to eat, shop and chit-chatter about inane nonsense on and off line.

Sleep well, Singapore, and continue sucking oblong dick---for nourishment of your twisted souls, and sustenance of your toxic delusions. Swallow that cum, like the hungry govt cum-junkies you are.

Amos, stay DEFIANT!

Anonymous said...

There are only 3 good souls standing up for the rights of Amos Yee, Kenneth Jayeratnam, Roy Ngerng and Matilah Singapura.

Anonymous said...

I will show my sympathy to the viewpoints of Amos Yee by voting Opposition.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1009:

>> There are only 3 good souls standing up for the rights of Amos Yee, Kenneth Jayeratnam, Roy Ngerng and Matilah Singapura. <<

Correction: 2 good souls. Please don't lump me in that category. I would never join a club or group that will admit me as a "member". 😈

Also, I take a different stance. Whilst Ken and Roy are sort of "partial" to the cuntent of Amos's opinions, I don't really care. In fact, I don't agree with some of his assertions.

I am most concerned with Amos's FREEDOM to express his opinion---not the "veracity" of the cuntent. I could care less whether a person is right or wrong about the facts....the cuntent is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT.

Freedom of Speech (FoS) is not predicated on whether the cuntent of one's expression is true or false. FoS is a PRINCIPLE---the principle, the NATURAL RIGHT to form and express an opinion in the public space. Other people in the public space have the very same rights of FoS to agree, disagree, add to, modify, criticise and demolish expressions, ideas and points of view made in the public space.

Another aspect in this case is the abuse of PRIVILEGE by RELIGION. All religions are essentially a collection of ideas, codified in a way so that followers of those religions can be "guided" in their day to day lives by said code. Why should such codes, ideas, and the adopters of those tenets be IMMUNIZED AGAINST scrutiny, criticism and analysis, even scorn and derision by "outsiders" of those religions? BULLSHIT LAH! No idea or code is immune from criticism. Certainly not in 2015.

Religion and its followers enjoy the rights and privileges of being FREE---i.e. individuals have the right to freely choose what religion to follow, or not to follow. To criminalise criticism of religion is purely and simply ABUSE of privilege. The religious want to ENJOY their "rights", but also want to be protected from CRITICISM. How can you possibly have FREEDOM on the one hand, and on the other have COMPLETE PROTECTION from CRITIQUE!? BULLSHIT LAH!

So, fuck you and fuck your god!! 👻 💀

Anonymous said...

For people who walk around with a fake halo over their heads, be warned. You shall pay for your deceit and wicked deeds.

Anonymous said...

MS don't talk shit so early in the morning. Are you still half asleep? The true Christians did not say they are offended while those offended said they have forgiven him.

What abuse of religion? You thinking cock huh?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1101

>> For people who walk around with a fake halo over their heads <<

Please lah. All halos are FAKE. There is no such thing as a "real" halo, or motherfucking angels for that matter...unless you go to a brothel and there's a chick there named "Angel".

>> You shall pay for your deceit and wicked deeds. <<

No. The most likely scenario is that they will acquire more and more, and live much richer and happier lives than the rest of us.

What you are committing when you believe that there's some form of (nonexistent) "celestial justice" is the Just World Fallacy

Nobody believes that they are doing "wicked" or "evil" things. (Because there is no such "thing" as wicked or evil lah. Get fucking real, please. 2015 already, not the Dark Ages lah).

Everyone believes that their actions are GOOD. Only "other people" do "evil and wicked things".

Everyone believes that they are selfless and kind. It is only "other people" who are "greedy and unkind".

Everyone believes that they are "honest". Only "other people" are the dishonest ones.

Many people believe that "if only 'OTHER PEOPLE' would be more moral---more selfless, kind, good and honest", somehow the world would be a better place, approaching "perfection".

In fact, the basis of most of REDBEAN's posts are so and so is "evil" and so and so is "the victim" of evil, and since Celestial Justice must prevail, "evil" will one day be destroyed by the virtuous. Nearly every post got fairytale/ fable-like qualities of "good vs evil"...leading to "the moral of the story is..." 😹

Now you know why I have such fun posting here! 😜

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ confused and talking cock early in the morning, 1105:

>> The true Christians [...] <<

Er...what in the fucking fuck's name of jezzus's smelly balls is "a true Christian"?

Got such "thing" ah? So therefore also got "true" Hindus and Buddhists and "fake" Hindus and Buddhists...etc etc...Really ah, they really exist? Shit! You must be some kind of ex-spurt with special knowledge...because darned if I try, I cannot tell the difference.

So we come back to the old trope (The Christian version): “I am a 'true' Christian, unlike 'the others' who are 'fake' Christians.”

WOW! Such fantastic logic! WOW! Your argument damn strong! WOW! You will be a hit with every professor of philosophy in every university, not only on this planet, but the entire universe!.

I hope you think you're a genius. Because guaranteed, you'd be behaving in way that will entertain us. 😂😂

Anonymous said...

After watching the video, I believe the punishment has more to do with him berating the old man rather than the part said to be offending to Christians.

The hidden agenda of going to such lengths to punish him is that the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

I have so completely given up on the PAP that I would vote for the Devil over any PAP candidate.
Anybody but PAP.
Say No to PAP.
Say No to cheapo goodie bags and fake "subsidies".

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, thank you so much for continuing to bring up the Amos issue. I wish more citizen bloggers will come out in support of Amos.

Remember, we Singaporeans are not blindly in support of what the boy did. Instead, we are against the injustice that the Singapore authorities have inflicted in raping the defenseless boy.

Let there be no mistake. It is not about supporting Amos. Some of us approve of what he did, some of us disapprove. That does not matter, because that is our own personal opinions. What matters is that what Amos did is not against the Law, and it is an abuse of power for the authorities to rape the boy with the power of the Law. Today it is Amos, tomorrow it could be any of your own children.

So this is a very important distinction. We are not blindly in support of Amos, rather it is crucial that we prevent the authorities from abusing the Law to rape our own children. We have to stop this abuse by the authorities. We have to be on the alert that the authorities may change the Constitution to give themselves ever more increasing power to rape the citizens.

Anonymous said...

"Today it is Amos, tomorrow it could be any of your own children."
Anon 7:11 p.m.

Rest assured, there will not be another Amos tomorrow lah. Maybe not even for the next 50 years!

This kind of Sinkie boy called Amos only happens once in 50 years!

Anonymous said...

"We have to be on the alert that the authorities may change the Constitution to give themselves ever more increasing power to rape the citizens."
Anon 7:11 p.m.

But of what use, u tell me lah, when majority (aka 60%) voters are very scared to even accidentally vote PAP out because the opposition is not ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

Please lah, 60% scared or because opposition not ready to be govt? Every issue seems to be because of Teochew Ah Hia or Hylam Ah Kor. Better still, drag in Hokien Ah Chay for that special effect.

Anonymous said...

Someone commented: "Rest assured, there will not be another Amos tomorrow lah. Maybe not even for the next 50 years!"

But don't forget what the Nazi did.
First they took the mentally challenged.
Then they took the homosexuals.

Don't you think the Jews were thinking they won't come for their children?

I'm not suggesting there will be more Amos. I'm suggesting, and history teaches us, that those with power will forever seek to extend their power. Those with unlimited power will always seek to perpetuate their unlimited power.

Let's not focus on Amos the person. Instead, let our focus be on the disgraceful abuse of power that the authorities have unleashed on a 16 year old schoolboy.