Poor man of Asia coming to save Rich Europe

As the world embarks on its journey into the 21st Century, Europe is waking up to a new reality that its heydays of colonialism and conquest are over. Europe would have to sustain a lifestyle and standard of living without the loot and largess from the colonies, and would have to live within its mean. The hard truth of small is small and would not be able to throw its weight around, except for an island in SE Asia, is sinking in fast.
China, the poor man of Asia, the victim of Europe’s looting, is going to the aid of the ailing European economies with a blank cheque. Europe could simply ask and the Chinese would oblige. But the Europeans are still stuck with their superiority complex that they were the empires and this new kid in the block could not offer them anything except cash. And the new kid is up to no good except that they could not figure out how or why.
China’s offer of aid and infrastructure development is laden with hidden agenda and not transparent. The clever Europeans are so perplexed and confused by the Chinese magic box that they are trembling in fear, just like what they said of the Africans. The Europeans have been warning the Africans that the Chinese development and trade agreements are biased to exploit them, like the colonial West putting a gun at the African leaders of the past. The only truth that they refused to see and acknowledge is that the African leaders are not duds of the past, and China is not pointing a gun at their heads.
Similarly, China is not pointing a gun at the heads of European leaders to force them to accept whatever trade agreements and infrastructure development aids it is offering. China does not go to Africa or come to Europe with warships and big guns to rob the natives. And the natives in both Africa and Europe cannot be duds and fools that cannot think and read and be readily conned by the poor Chinese. Can that be the truth? What is this fear of the Chinese coming with baskets of cash to offer to the Europeans?
As Jonathan Eyal wrote in his article in the ST on China’s Silk Road and Maritime Belt, it is the Chinese money that is at risk. China is gambling on the projects with its own money. What have the Europeans got to lose? They have gained roads, highways, bridges, nuclear power stations, ports, high speed trains, all financed by the Chinese and paid by the Chinese. What the fuck are they quibbling about in fear?

Are the Europeans so stupid that they cannot read and count and did not know what they are doing with the Chinamen? Are they acknowledging that the Chinamen are smarter than them and are out to cheat them but with Chinese money? They needed the money and the Chinese are coming with their hard cash to put it in their hands.

What is wrong with the Europeans? Lost their minds, loosing confidence in their ability to negotiate a good deal to their advantage without a gun pointing at their heads? The Europeans are shivering in their pants when the Chinamen come calling with money in plane loads in tow.

Can you believe that? The Europe of today has lost all initiatives to economic growth, and is bankrupt. Their economies are no longer sustainable and the Chinese money is the drug that they need to keep going. They don’t have to colonise and loot China with their warships. The Chinese are offering them money on a silver platter, willingly, with hundreds of billions for the European Infrastructure Fund.


Virgo 49 said...

So many Asians clamoured for the so called luxury products from these European countries.

A branded hand bag costs may be an little as US 5 Dollars been sold for 5000.

Perfumeries made from dead animals or corpses sold for hundreds and thousands.

These bum continents just simply conned the peasants in believing in their superior luxury goods.

When demands fall, they chiak kia kee.

Unlike the industrious Germans who produces down to earth products and technologies that kept their Nation robust and strong.

Anonymous said...

That is the result of the intelligence of the West against the wisdom of the East.

The lifestyle of the West have been sustained by living beyond their means. The lifestyle of the East have been sustained by thrift and cutting their clothes according to the cloth.

But after years of brain washing, many in the East are falling victim to the habits of the West.

In the final days of mankind they will still tell you that greed is good, debt is progress and satisfying the ego is the way to go. Of course, evil triumphs good everytime. Good cannot win over evil and that is the way humans will finally end.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ spot on RB:

>> What is wrong with the Europeans? Lost their minds, loosing confidence in their ability to negotiate a good deal to their advantage without a gun pointing at their heads? <<

Yup. Once upon a time, these were the most "garang" people on the planet. They colonised the world. They bashed up each other for THOUSANDS of years. Every Mat Salleh race was predominantly a warrior culture. WOW! They loved to fight. They got "shiok" by slaughtering each other in the millions, then partying and carousing with all sorts of drugs, alcohol and the dirtiest kinky sex....and then fight again and kill each other. Europe is the only CONTINENT which is collectively responsible for the 2 world wars our species has fought.

But now...no more balls lah. Warriors no more. WTF?!? Post war welfare statism has taken the "fight" out of the Europeans. Now they like to talk shit about climate change, gay rights, human rights, workers rights, ....alamak, puki mak lah. Semua sudah rosak!

The Euro-trashes are ripe for the picking. So China is just identifying "opportunity" and seizing the moment. Why not? Dam fucking clever lah. The Euro-trashes have spent themselves into near oblivion....all having a GRAND OLD TIME living the high life, whilst the Asian works like shit and saves money, to lend to the spendthrift lazy Euro and Yankee. So now, the most Tua Lumpah Asian culture---CHINA---has come like a Mafioso with "deals that you can't refuse".

Ah...never let an opportunity go to waste.

Anonymous said...

It is never never surprising.

It is 风水轮流转! at work.


Virgo 49 said...

See now the Greekos puaay cheng- all the while they played 48 wanting all to write off their debts.

After spending all the loots that they had looted and living beyond their means, they played dirty.

Virgo 49 said...

Latest news Swiss scam hits China.

Now UBS Asia Station Manager, a sickie oops sinkie tells Singaporeans not to have clutch to hold top posts without competing with the foreign trashes.

Tell him not to depend on us to defend his pan tat

Anonymous said...

The moment they open their mouths they announced the arrival of a fool.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting if he is replaced by a FT based on his so called merit.

Anonymous said...

it just prove that European western imperialism is deeply wrong.

you can become a great power via trade, co operation and based on mutual interest.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. European imperial system is very effective with the backing of the gun. They took whatever they wanted, no need to pay the natives. They even owned the natives and their land. And the natives loved them.

Till today, the natives are so grateful and begging for their return in the Ppines, in Hongkong, in Vietnam, in Malaysia, in Indonesia, and many African countries.

Anonymous said...

But European imperial system never lasts. The Portugese, the Spanish, the British were all over the world colonising every country they fancied, with guns. Where are they today?

The Japs tried to colonise Asia and the Germans tried their luck in Europe but never succeeded.

Today the US may be at the pinnacle of power because some natives have itchy backsides and are begging for their presence in their territory.

Anonymous said...

The Hongkies want to invite the Brits back to rule. The Taiwanese want to invite the Japanese or Americans back to rule. The Pinoys already invited the Americans back. Singapore replaced the Brits with the Americans.

b said...

China helping europe because they both have a common enemy.

命不凡自,安而遇随,统一下天 said...

Hegemonic wars ( military and/ or economic and/ or cold wars ) are waged every 100 years or so since the 1500s especially after the 30 Years War which ended in the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648.

Germany and Japan were two rising hegemons wanting to replace Pax Britannica during the last transition from one hegemonic power to the next. US long attained hegemonic strength but cunningly stayed out with the excuse of isolationism.

So the two gong gong rising hegemonic powers fought to their death and totally depleted themselves including all the former hegemons especially Pax Britannica.

The eventual hegemons emerging from WWII were the Yankees and the Northern Polar Bears. But only one tiger can occupy a mountain so goes the Chinese adage: 一山不容二虎。

The Russian were defeated but at great cost to the Yankees. Then come the Japenis economic challenge in the 70s and 80s. Again the Yankees triumphed over them round two just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Simple as that but the Japenis may be in denial and refused admission.

There is no guarantee the Chinese even in strategic partnership with the Polar Bears have or will have the superiority to triumph over the Yankees.

The Chinese knows well their own age old adage: 鹤蚌相争,渔翁得利。

After the Soviet Union was done in, the Europeans no longer need or trust the Yankees.

They have to maneuver between the two 21st century hegemons but the shrewdest may yet be the descendants of Queens Victoria and Elizabeth. They chose wisely to be in the EU but outside the Eurozone. They played the Panzer against the Polar Bears and Yankees and later the Yankees against the Polar Bears.

How will they play the game this round?

Remember they managed to fend off the mighty Germans during WWII when the once Napoleon led invincible French fell like ten pins and was over ran in weeks.

Has the world become a safer place with globalisation, much greater economic interdependence and interconnectedness since post-WW II?

Has the world become a safer place with the establishment and emergence of international regimes and institutions such as the UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, WHO etc?

Where did MERS originated from?

Heard about DURC - dual use research of concern?

Which is more dangerous?

The proliferation of nuclear technology or DURC?

Do human race need military weapons anymore for hegemonic wars to take place?

Imagine destroying another hegemon with the building and infrastructure intact?

Biological WMD may be the game changer that the hegemons are working towards gaining superiority over the other.

Why then the gargantuan underground cities, tunnels, water/ food chains/ supplies etc being built frantically in these giant hegemons in recent years?

Just to escape a nuclear holocaust?

Think also a biological WMD holocaust.......

But the lucky oldies may not live to see all these and their offspring suffering such fate .....


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Japanese are hoping for a mutual self destruct between the Americans and the Chinese and they be the fisherman to pick up the pieces. 鹤蚌相争,渔翁得利