Politicians scoring brownie points

The AHPETC case has given the politicians a lot of opportunities to score brownie points. And they appear to be quite successful and some were even thinking that the Aljunied GRC is going to return to the ruling party. Excellent jobs for the goal scorers.

I am wondering why the opposition MPs are not trying to score points on bigger issues using the same premises and arguments? There are issues like CPF, Aims, TC funds, GIC, Temasek and even issues like Roy and Amos that could arouse some emotions on the ground. But the bigger question is whether the ground will be moved by these issues or the AHPETC issues. Are the voters looking at these issues on the grounds of facts presented and how clever the arguments are? 

On the other hand, given that voters are emotional and unpredictable and at times daft when they did not do the right thing, would the voters be looking at the current controversies objectively? Or would they look above the skirmishes and at the intent and motive of the tussle. If it is the intent and purpose that they are looking at, what would be the intent and purpose of the fight? And if they could figure out the intent and motives, that it is all about politicking, would they see through all the hypocrisies and vote according to what they perceived the issues were about and not as they were told? 

And if they are looking at the intent, how would they perceive the politicians politicking for the sake of politicking instead of trying to serve the people? Intent and motive are very important factors in judging what the issues are about and not the issues themselves. If it is so simple, then the outcome of the next GE would be so predictable. 

Sometimes people vote for or against a party or candidate based on the spite factor rather than a simple right or wrong or good or bad. Sometimes too much of a good thing could turn bad and nauseating.

Has the ground shifted because of the AHPETC issues? Has the ground shifted because there are other more important issues that were swept under the carpet or not spoken about?


Anonymous said...

True or not?
Singaporeans are stupid voters.
Giving away our CPF money in exchange for $50.

Anonymous said...

$50 can see. What is taken cannot see.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, PAP is trying very very hard to win back
lost votes and aimed for a 100% elected parliament.

Just look around us. Everyday is a PAP Day!

PAP is everywhere! Activities, events and give give give.

PAP is betting to win BIG BIG BIG at the coming GE.


YES! If PAP is able to maintain the current celebratory
and feel-good moods among the people. GE should be VERY SOON!

Will it be PAP 72% vs OPPs 28% with a 100% elected parliament?

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering why the opposition MPs are not trying to score points on bigger issues using the same premises and arguments?

Hahahahahaha. Let me enlighten and u will wonder no more. And also very simple and u sure understand one.

Because Teochew Ah Hia think it is better not to try to score points than to try mah. Why better, u have to ask Ah Hia.

Likewise, why 60% voted PAP last GE, u have to go ask the 60%. How to go and ask the 60%, I don't know lah but definitely more difficult than asking Ah Hia.

Virgo 49 said...

Teochew Ah Hia declared wants to be a responsible Opposition Party so do not want to stir too much emotions.

Once a while just give a little nudge and continue collects the 16K allowance.

Don't want to waste too much time squabbling, very childish. Be a responsible mature opposition party. And keeps collecting the 16K allowance.

CSM after the five year term, exchange Sin dollars to Taiwan dollars, wah chiak bay liao.


Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 11.15 am thank you for pointing out the $16K!

$16,000.00 X 12 mths X 5 yrs = $960,000.00

Wah wah wah........A lot of money!

Hokkien people say "Eat Cannot Finish"!

Really "Eat Cannot Finish"!


Virgo 49 said...

Not only this, after two terms got some more pensions.

Also, which profession pays 16K choong choong per month no oteng one excluding CPF's contributions??

No wonder Lim Siak Suay always smile when check Giro and CPF's statement.

Only Singaporens gong gong let's GCT and Lau Lee conned into letting them have this allowance.

But they said, we also give you what, Gst credit of few hundred dollars and transport vouchers.

For that we withhold your 500K or more CPF's savings

Anonymous said...

Has PAP become the Talk-Cock Action Party?
A party of visionaries who cannot execute.
Can't even deliver reliability on our smallest train network in Asia.
The elephant in the room.
- we are seeking reliability of train services.
- train technology was invented in the 1800's.
- we are not looking for a cure for cancer

Why do does the Talk-Cock government want to go into space research when they can't even provide a reliable train system?

"Singapore's leap into the space industry"
- Office for Space Technology and Industry (OSTIn) ... our latest white elephant?


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Aiyah what for "score points"? As if the outcome of the GE is going to change that much lah.

I guarantee you the so called issues (which are "non-issues" as far as Singaporeans are concerned) like CPF, Temasek, Roy, Amos, qua si mi lanchiau...when it comes to voting, Singaporeans will revert to their "conditioning" and after GE, same same lah. No change.

If all you cheebye brains out there still believe that the GE or any evolution of political will has ANYTHING to do with "issues", you're continuing to choose to live in DELUSION.

In every cuntry, is politics rests only on one thing, and the "craftiness" of competing politicians to exploit this ONE THING, and that thing is: CULTURE.

Singapore will not have:

1. A pluralistic multi-party, liberal democracy
2. Freedom of speech and expression
3. Acceptance of LGBT and repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code
4. Repeal of the death penalty
5. Legalised medical marijuana
6. The freedom to print and disseminate literature and media without govt permit to publish
7. Freedom to make political films

....etc etc...

Cultural change is slow. Amos is one brave fella who has "planted a seed", unfortunately the "green shoots" have yet to appear from the YOUNG Singaporeans.

Cultural change will be spurred by mostly YOUNG people, similar to the way Hong Kong may be slowly changing due to the ACTIONS of many young people. Cultural change is made in BABY STEPS...slowly, almost imperceptibly.

Until the culture changes, the PAP is in LOCK STEP with the zeitgeist of Singapore and her people.

Anonymous said...

@ matilah
So in summary, Singaporeans get the cuntry we deserve tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura is using his cheebye to talk.
So be warned, very smelly one.

Anonymous said...

"Investors engage debt collectors to chase businessman for unfulfilled investment"


Can we hire debt collectors to recover our CPF monies?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes all the fake and over killings may turn ugly and make the attackers look silly and repulsive. In political assassination, the bystanders are smarter than the daft politicians and they will remember them for their silliness.