New tourist attraction – The Pride of Paradise Island

‘We have all seen them – the elderly folks who toiled away at our food centres such as hawker centres, coffeeshops and food courts, cleaning tables, collecting dishes and sweeping floors.

They have become such a ubiquitous feature that we hardly notice them anymore.

But even so, sometimes certain situations we witness still raise questions about our society and how we treat these folks.

At about 10pm on Saturday night, Ms Jenny Quek was at the Kopitiam food court at Vivo City. The unusual thing about what she witnessed was the number of tables which were littered with used and uncollected dishes – and that there was only one elderly cleaner toiling away trying to do her best to clear the tables.

Ms Quek took a video and posted it online:’

The above is posted by Andrew Loh in the TRE. Though the content and description of senior citizens at work was not treated as a glorious thing, I will take it as a difference in opinion. In some quarters, the opportunity for senior to work is a great privilege and a very desirable thing. It gives them financial independence and the dignity to enjoy what they are doing without becoming a burden to children and the state. I cannot quarrel with this view either. It sounds so logical and noble and I am won over already.

I think this is one of the great policies that keeps Singapore thriving and the envy of the world. The old folks of the world would love to be here to enjoy the opportunity and the dignity of financial independence. PMETs must be very encouraged by this since many found themselves redundant, unemployable by the time they hit 50. Now other than driving taxis they can look forward to a new career till 80 or more, working as cleaners in the food courts. No diplomas or degrees needed.

This is an Uniquely Singapore thing, old folks working happily and integrating with the young people, and making themselves useful instead of wasting their time away. I don’t think there is another country that will buy this philosophy of working their seniors to the last day as part of their retirement privilege. No need to worry about not having enough savings to retire. And no need to withdraw their CPF savings and can watch their savings grow and grow and grow.

The govt should table this as a paper to the UN for consideration and for praise. And the Tourist Board can promote this as the newest attraction in Sin City, a near miracle. Come to Sin City and see how our old folks are happily working to serve the young people in the food courts. It is a social symbiotic relationship that reduces wastage of human resources to near zero. And there is no need for retirement savings or retirement funds. That is why they don’t have to withdraw their CPF savings and letting them grow in the safe custody of the Govt.

To make it more interesting and participatory, the Tourist Board can conduct a Spot the Happiest and Oldest Cleaner Contest and tourists can also participate. The business in the food courts would be good. And if the prize money is big enough, Changi and the airlines would also be making big money as well, with eager tourist coming to see our happily employed oldies. And instead of sending our ministerial delegations to learn from other countries, other countries will be sending their delegations here to learn how we treat our senior citizens so well.

The old folks are very rich, with a lot of savings in their CPF, and very happy. See how dignified they go about cleaning tables and dishes. There is no thought of retiring to watch the sunset.


Anonymous said...

See how dignified they go about cleaning tables and dishes. There is no thought of retiring to watch the sunset.

But does this make the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt?

If not, will the majority (aka 60%) voters dare to vote the PAP out?

If majority dare not vote PAP out, so what's the issue for PAP? Yes, it may be an issue with Sinkies like RB, but "So?"

NB: "So?" is the late LKY's favourite and powerful one word question which he liked to use on his subordinates, as testified by one "Heng Swee Keat".

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Singapore is one of the only paces in the wold where you can work in your senior years.

There is definitely dignity doing work---whatever that work might be. When you are PAID to do work, that is psychologically healthy.

Oldies working in Singapore? Don't knock it---it is GOOD. It is DAMN GOOD for older brains to keep them active, and keeps the oldies active by moving around on their feet.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, Knn no everyone like u lar. U also oldies but u have energy to fuck including the convenient of home that is incest where u can screw anytime. I can not take that kind of hard breaking job. So motherfucker not all are born with a lucky star like u. Btw can spare your daughters or not?

Virgo 49 said...

Got monies to enjoy holidays go Genting play jackpot, want to collect plates meh??

Bo piang, this is the Master Plan of the PAP think tanks to make sure the sinkies young or old are always in need.

Then give them some sweets so that they are beholden to them.

Giving them the monies that they collect from them as alms.

Returning their own monies to them part by part and they even said thank you for they are very kind.

Even in communist China, see the elderly folks dancing away in the parks and grazing at the sunsets with their grandchildren. Are they half or full millionaire of most sinkies with their inflated flats valuation that they still got to do such menial jobs under the supervision of a eighteen old boy or girl??

Anonymous said...

"To make it more interesting and participatory, the Tourist Board can conduct a Spot the Happiest and Oldest Cleaner Contest ..."

Who do yew think is the Happiest and Oldest Cleaner in government over the last 20 years?

Virgo 49 said...

GCT cleans the seat for LHL.

Anyway high paying job.

Not scared Jan pay collect in July and no cpf's contributions as experienced by these old folks working for the unscrupulous bosses

Anonymous said...

If $5,000 is a "derisory" amount of money;
What do you call the $50 being given to Singaporean citizens for SG50 celebrations?

patriot said...

Cannot help feeling that matilar had said his take too early. He seems to tell everybody that he will do back breaking menial works to keep himself active and hopefully healthy.
生老病死/to be born, age, gets sick and die, is the Natural Processes of Beings. Though it is not in fixed sequence and order, to be weak,poor in memory, eyesight and hearing is the Norm for most except a few lucky ones.

Some participants here like warped logics to suit their personal take rather than to subscribe to the traditional practices in most societies.
There exists a philosophical dimension in the Meaning of Living as a HUMAN BEING. AND
Matilar could be healthy for another decade or maybe more and loaded. BUT, there shall come a time whence his wealth WILL BUY HIM NO LOVE OR EVEN CARE. HE SHALL LONG FOR HIS KINS.

My idol is quite a cyborg in many ways. Cyborgs are power operated, whence the battery gets weak, they need others to feed new battery, unless they are self charging and are capable of self-repair.

Two Guys impressed me immensely, for they are extremely hardworking, smart and slunds extremely healthy as they are NOT very old.

To others and me, I wish the Men and Women that lord over us do possess some feelings not to exploit their subjects too much.
They are already over doing it and appear to have no conscience.


patriot said...

I have 2 frens who cant resist to exhort me to work, they just cant stop 'boasting' to me how productive and 'useful' they are/was. They are/was around 60 in age.
Was is for the Late Colleague who ended himself witg a bullet months ago.
The Other One is currently a cabby.

I admire their hardworking attitudes but just cant appreciate their claim s of usefulness and productive existence.
The Purpose and Meaning of Existence have long been promulgated and I do not see the Need to tell anyone. However, many Sinkies seem to run counter to the Practices of many cultures and civillzations.

Sinkies are unique.
Was is fo

Anonymous said...

Let's pray to live to 80 or 90 or better still 100. Then see how healthy they can be and how much life savings they have to keep them going and be independent like they are now.

Don't forget one serious illness will empty all their savings. Good luck. Wish they will live to tell their happy stories.

Anonymous said...

Spewing your rubbish again Redbean. The old folks having to work as cleaners and dish collectors at the foodcourts are just making a living. If you think that is harsh then change the system by standing for election and have a voice in the parliament. There are oppositions in the current parliament and why are they not doing something for these unfortunate folks? You have written about this issue before and we are all tired of reading this topic over and over. Do something about it. Do not just spew this issue over and over. Singapore will always be this way, a system with the haves and the have nots. It is the way Singaporeans are. As long as I and my family are OK, it is none of my business if others around me die. Nothing will change. So, stop writing about this inequality issue. You are just wasting our time and your time. STOP IT.

agongkia said...

Cannot understand what motives all these kaypohchees have for videoing or photographing our elderly workers working and put in blogs.

Instead of hanging at foodcourt taking video at such late hours,one shd be a good obedient housewife massaging hubby or accompanying parent in law at home.
Any way,to me, morale of the story is to tell you guys that we shd be grateful to their towkays for securing the contract and offer these elderly a decent job.
These elderly shows good example to the younger gen. not to be a chee liau bee idling at shopping center, fast food outlet etc.refusing to work giving low pay and long hours as excuses.
Whats wrong working till old age. Many want but are too weak to do so.
They no money eat see whether these kaypohs give them.Many dun even give , not to say visit their poor grandparents.
Oh i know liau..I suspect they are actually telling the Garmen to get more younger foreigners to take over these ah pek n auntie ricebowl .
Dun be fool by these kaypoh motives.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

RB, this IB is getting so irritated that he can't control himself anymore. He said he had enough of what you wrote. Kaninia, then still come here and read more your sermons. Seow really. Why so silly, come here to get irritated by RB?

And Agongkia also started to take out his mask to show who he is.

Just keep writing and keep these asses suffering in pain reading what you wrote but cannot go away, coz they are paid to read your posts and to be here to be pissed off by you. Give it to them until they get nightmare and screaming redbean, redbean, redbean.

Not to worry, they will be here sticking to you like glue. Stupid assholes.

Anonymous said...

Whoa RB, the asshole order you to stop it. Very fierce leh.
Must be very powderful one. I also shivering.

I think they all love to see their papa and mama cleaning tables at 80. And very proud of it also.

Anonymous said...

'As long as I and my family are OK, it is none of my business if others around me die. Nothing will change. So, stop writing about this inequality issue. You are just wasting our time and your time. STOP IT.'
June 21, 2015 6:36 p.m

I not sure how senior is this chap. He hinted that he is representing the party and he did not care about others as long as he and his family are ok. He and his party are not here to serve the people but themselves only.

Hey, RB is not wasting your time or your party's time, get it?
And who are you to ask RB to stop writing? Who the shit are you?

Why are you wasting your time in RB's blog and getting angry reading his posts?

Why don't you fuck off and go and do something useful instead of wasting time here?

Anonymous said...

'As long as I and my family are OK, it is none of my business if others around me die. Nothing will change. So, stop writing about this inequality issue. You are just wasting our time and your time. STOP IT.'
June 21, 2015 6:36 p.m

But if we vote out the PAPigs, then things will change lor.
As long as PAP is the gahmen, of course nothing will change lah!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:36, are you threatening RB?

If you want to threaten him, to be effective, you must tell him who you are, your appointment in the govt or in the party. Then RB would sure stop writing.

But if you are a runner or a low life IB, then no one is going to listen to you hor.

Anonymous said...

PAP citizen (@ June 21, 2015 6:36 p.m) has told you to stop writing.
You better repent and send an apology letter to your PAP MP.
Otherwise maybe LKY's ghost will return and make us all repent.

Anonymous said...

This guy just talk big. You think he dares to reveal himself? He is preparing to run road when the party lost in the next GE. Now hiding under his bed and go around wearing a mask.

Anonymous said...

'As long as I and my family are OK, it is none of my business if others around me die."
June 21, 2015 6:36 p.m

Spoken like a Traitor.
Our NS boys.
Serve two years to defend these type of traitors, their familees and their bungalows.
Worth it or not?

Virgo 49 said...

This one, sounds exactly my estate ex RC executive member.

Kena kicked out due to their own selfish politics of power and leech into free funds.

Told me same words when happened to have a
friendly neighbourly chat at void deck walking my dog.

His last statement think you are smart then donate your wealth to them. The government cannot take care of so many of them. Their arrogant attitude is that these people does not know how to take care of themselves and are themselves to be blamed for their fates.

But they themselves can sponge on the blood of their fellow men without any tinge of shame.

Anonymous said...

If PAP gahmen dunno how to take care of Sinkies, never mind. WP gahmen will take care of Sinkies. SDP gahmen will take care of Sinkies. SingFirst gahmen will take care of Sinkies.
Vote for the Alternative Parties for better alternative policies.
Say NO to PAP.

Anonymous said...

“Voters are selfish. Never mind wherever in the world it may be, even in the West, voters will only want to know what’s in it for them. They do not vote to help you get into power. They vote so that they can benefit. So they will want to know what they will gain by voting for you.” Somewhere from the Internet

So can the 60% be convinced they will gain by voting for the disunited, weak and not ready to even run a Town Council, let alone a govt, opposition?

agongkia said...

//Take out his mask to show who he is......//
Hehe ..catch no ball.Lucky you din say I took out my weapon to show ..... So how you see me as?

Me always feel visiting blogs should be done at a time when mood is good.
Be open to criticism and have some sense of humour .No need to take everything seriously lah.
I enjoy reading msn and contribution here.

If there's a need to tekan me plesse do so.Every words on me , harsh or not,will be seen as a new lesson I learn and will not be seen as offensive.
Also, I must not forget to thank Patriot here for the earlier wishes and encouragement.