More ministers must go on leave

We have sent many delegations overseas to learn from other countries their best practices. We have sent several ministers to Japan to learn how they take care of their seniors. So many ministers have gone on study and education trips and nothing much heard from them after their return, as if nothing was learnt. They must have learnt a lot but may not want to brag about them. There is so much humility in these learning trips for our super talents to be learning from lesser beings. It is abnormal for multi million dollar talents be learning from lesser talents being paid a pittance.

What is more interesting is that Hsien Loong did not go on a study trip to Japan. He was on leave, on holiday. And he learnt something useful for Singapore. He went on a cycling trip on a disused railway track in Kushiro, Japan. So sad that he could not find a good bicycle track to cycle in Singapore. And eureka, something good came out from it, a brilliant idea dawned on him. Our disused railway track can also be converted to a bicycle track for cyclists. See the numerous advantages! For the cycling community, they would finally have a track of their own, safe and very long and exciting. And if they were to line the track with blossoms all the way, it would be an amazing sight for the cyclists.

Imagine cycling for miles and miles of orchids, then hibiscus, and the next change could be cannas, and then lantanas, ixoras, cassias, flame of the forest, maybe tulips and daffodils also.  But be careful on this. Singaporeans have this craving for planting everything in a plot and you will be seeing a jungle of different flowers that you can’t make out what is what, just like the integration of foreigners from all over the world on a piece of rock.
And the cyclists would be safe from the dangers of our narrow roads with bulldozers and fast cars and irritating motorists. Children and grannies can all participate in this spot. And not only for leisure, people can go green by cycling from the North to the South and vice versa, to and from work. What a great idea!

And this idea came practically free, while Hsien Loong is on vacation, paying for everything from his own pocket. I think this is more productive than sending entourages on study and learning missions on Ah Kong’s money.
This gives me another good idea and I hope Hsien Loong also got the same inspiration. No more study and learning trips. Ministers going overseas to learn are unlikely to learn much on official trips. It is the relaxing mood of a vacation that the creative juice will flow and they can learn more. Maybe an incentive is to pay them for any great idea they brought home after a vacation. Those going on overseas cooking trips would definitely have plenty to share and can be rewarded.

What do you think? Should we encourage more ministers to go on leave and be productive?


Virgo 49 said...

Now our local boys and girls stood at our own estate's play ground saliva dripping like refugees watching the pinoy, ah nehs, the whites and the prc boisterous gangsters street wise urchins conquering their space.

Our elders stood in awe as the pinoy call girls and the ah neys well toned muscular bodies played with their feeble gym machines.

Also been phased out from our own dens. Add insult to injury, we paid extra funds for maintaining these for our saviours who are here to create jobs for us

The cycling tracks were be all owned by these foreign talents whence completed.

agongkia said...

PM deserve a good holiday but instead he may have skip the famous seafood and specially went to kushiro to scout for the safest bicycle ride so that our children need not take risk at mountain kena batu.
He has Sinkies welfare in mind even on holiday.
See? Look at the positive side.
PM.Enjoy your holiday.You deserve a break.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Next leadership programme for 12 year olds, Cycling at Kushiro.
This one sure safe one.
Please confirm Japan got earthquake or not?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> Should we encourage more ministers to go on leave and be productive? <<

Absolutely, and it should apply to everyone. Many business coaches and 'gurus' propose taking frequent 'breaks' from work and professional life, some even call it a new (stupid) name: mini vacation.

Best selling authors like the "4 Hour" Timothy Ferriss have made themselves an industry catering to "lifestyle design" enabling millions of people from baby boomers to millennials discard their 9-5 boring corporate ladder-climb for something apparently more 'meaningful' (huh? what?) by MAGICALLY COMBINING productive work and career advancement, with leisure and freedom.... Authors and 'lifestyle designers' like Tim Ferriss have millions of followers. How many actually achieve these fabulous 'lifestyle designs' and can sustain their choice is unknown.

Minister are human too (hard to tell, I know) so they get tired and require 'battery recharge' every once in awhile. So I wholeheartedly support more vacation time for them.

It is hard work being an asshole, especially if you are rewarded handsomely for doing so. There is a lot of responsibility, and objectives to achieve. You have to be your dictatorial self and pressure the Aimless Sheeple into 'getting with the program'....after awhile, those knuckle dusters and hatchets become heavy, and you need to rest and chill out.

Once you are satisfactorily rested and have got your 'mojo'back, you can return more 'energised' and 'effective' to wallop those whinging and stubborn Sheeple back into line or back into the flock.

Anonymous said...

PM deserves a permanent break.
The civil servants too, so deserving of their $500 bonus.

So tell me, how come all the deserving people rewarded with power and free money, yet nobody can come up with the idea of installing similar but smaller scale of 'walk the torq' ferrata irons on Little Guilin or the Bt Timah quarry? Why do our young heroes need to start on the highest one in the world at 3200m for what - a deserving training?

I say while PM is there, he should try and climb the MT Toyoma too - only 2999m, even shorter than Mt KK. He should prove to the future youngsters that climbing mountain is a true display of leadership skills. The last I heard, the closest height he has ever been to is 1983 sentosa cable when the accident happened. And he wasn't even the one doing the actual rescue despite being a Colonel. It was an australian navy lieutenant!!

So yeah, please tell me. While the rest of pussy footing leaders are honing their skills and negotiation deals on golf courses, why are we sending young children to learn leadership skills on mountain top, rather than green turf?

Ah Heng very diam diam so far. Why huh?

Anonymous said...

Some recharge themselves at Geylang, Boat Quay and Balestier

Why need to go so far away?

What's that Japanese Specialty
that MS always talked about?
It's not Geisha, smoething more exotic or erotic..... .

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1102:

>> What's that Japanese Specialty
that MS always talked about? <<

Huh? I dun know. Pray tell, or find out. If it gets my lan chiau wet, I must try ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rb, u are being cheeky with your post title ...... Ha ha ha. The first glance at the article title reads something like this: "More ministers must go" .................. (on leave) [permanently] .......

Anonymous said...

Do Singaporeans a favour.
Please just fly away and never come back.

Anonymous said...

Why not go and climb Mount Kinabalu lah?

Virgo 49 said...

Many Ministers and Ministers of State going on leave before been washout at the next GE.

Cannot waste leave at S$20 to 30k per day if divide by million dollar salary.

See Accountant even 300 dollars also churi what's more thousands per day