MH370 – The most wicked hoax of the century

The search for MH370 is coming to an end and not a trace of the aircraft is found. The optimism and confidence of some jokers that the aircraft would be found and was in the southern Indian Ocean have proven to be the biggest hoax of the century. Many precious time and effort were wasted in this futile expedition to a God forsaken corner of the Ocean, misled by a bunch of wicked people to distract the attention of the search parties from looking elsewhere with their false confidence and maybe even fabricated technical data. Great effort was made in this elaborate hoax by several parties to make it look feasible and playing on the desperation of the victims’ families and countries.
While the families of the dependents were desperately hoping for some miracles to happen, it was very difficult to call the hoax at its initial stages even when there were so many false and questionable assumptions. The only bit of supposedly genuine technical data of satellite pulses were the straws that the search parties were falling for.  Now that everything is proving to be a fruitless exercise in vain, it only confirms the stupidity of the expedition.  It was wild hope that were led by wicked people who were either guessing or have some evil intent. It also raised doubts as to the authenticity of the satellite pulses or to the mischievous analysis and what it meant.
Where are the aircraft and the passengers? Are they dead or have they been turned to dust?  There is absolutely no evidence to confirm that they were dead and gone. Serious, there was no aircraft wreckage to prove anything, no bodies to prove anything. The only conclusion is that the aircraft and the passengers were missing. No one could confirm beyond reasonable doubt that the passengers are dead. They are assumed dead though the possibility is very high. Until some evidence is found, it is NOT conclusively proven to be so. Where is the evidence?
Would the wicked people fabricating all the stories that the aircraft had been flown to the Indian/Antarctic Ocean own up to their lies? Would they own up to say they did not know and were told to say so, or for whatever reasons to say so?
MH370 is still a mystery waiting to be solved.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ contradiction, RB:

>> MH370 is still a mystery waiting to be solved. <<

I thought you, the smarty-arse solved it already. Didn't you say that it was caused by many wicked people?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Your idiot idol Abbott must be buying you good beer to be an asshole here.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. RB, all you need to do is to say two words and this monkey will post 10 pages to try to prove he is better than you.

That speaks a lot about the gap in wisdom.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What 10 pages. Here's less than 10 words.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yes Abbot is an idiot. I'm an asshole everywhere, not just here. You're not that special lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Me special? : )

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, nobody got the guts just simply said the far king
Americunts shot down the plane.

That's ok!


Anonymous said...

Why Singaporeans continue to vote for PAP is also a mystery waiting to be solved.

Anonymous said...

Where got mystery?
Sinkies kiasu, kiasi n kia chenghu.
They scared rock the boat n they die instantly like fish belly up.

Anonymous said...

RB, the aircraft is likely to be at the bottom of the ocean. Rescuers wasted days before they realised that they were searching at a wrong location. By then, the aircraft would have nicely sank all the way to the bottom. For those who still do not believe an aircraft can ditch and still remain in one piece, you do not have too look far. The A320 aircraft that ditched into the Hudson River in NY after hitting wild geeses, is a glaring example. The aircraft was totally intact except unable to hold back the water from seeping into the cabin. Same for MH370, it would just take in water and sank in one piece. No seat cushion, no baggage, no body parts, nothing that floats.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If dropping from the sky at great height, some so called specialists are trying to con people with the theory that it is possible.

At low level, low speed, quite possible. From height and at high speed, only at very special angle and exceptions, but generally will break up.

Anonymous said...

The missing plane must have already be repainted with some country's airline logo, waiting to be used for a false flag operation.

The passengers, well they call that 'collateral damage' As easy a ABC.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of countries & people that knows the answer to this great mystery. They have decided to keep quite.
There are a number of clues of the planes trail...but they have used the beeps & blips of the satellite to make us look the wrong way.
Maldives, the SQ flight, the man at the oil rig.. etc..are all clues but they have decided to wipe them out from the search list. Why?

patriot said...

It's a temporary mystery.

Just sad that innocent live were murdered.


Anonymous said...

China should make a $10m offer for info leading to the discovery of the aircraft.
Some guilt conscious people may want to stand out to clear their conscience and save some lives.

Anonymous said...

But why is China, with the most number of nationals onboard MH370, and for which RB always like to praise and sympathise vs America, unable to do anything to find out the truth after more than a year? And despite having enormous financial resources and a key creditor of America too?


Anonymous said...

In terms of resources and facilities to conduct mischiefs, China is nothing compares to the Evil Empire. The Americans have been conducting espionage and black ops at least since WW2. They are the experts and China is still a child.

Read what the enlightened Americans and Europeans with a conscience are writing about the evil deeds of the Evil Empire. Stop reading what the main media is spouting about how angelic and benevolence are the Americans.

Grow up and start to think and see the real world.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone pointing the finger at the Americans?
Why is there a need for this elaborate hoax to bring people to search in the Indian Ocean instead?
Why was John Abbot so cock sure that the aircraft ditched in the Indian Ocean?
Why did Najib so quick to believe this lie by Abbot?
What is Abbot going to say now about his lie?

Anonymous said...

In the very first place, the U-turn at the Gulf of Thailand back to Malaysia is not proven. The guess is based on physical radar of an unknown plane, it could be any plane.

There are now some pictograms trying to show the flight path crossing the Kra Isthmus in Thailand, whereas most reports said the plane crossed the northern Malaysian states and then headed north, passing Penang Island.

Well, guess what? If it follows the lower route passing Penang Island, the location where they next spotted the plane is beyond the maximum speed of the B777-200. So you'll understand why they're trying to confuse the issue by drawing the flight path through the Kra Isthmus. The simplest solution to the puzzle is that the radar track passing northern Malaysia and through Penang is not that of MH370, but that of a much faster plane. It would be reasonable to imagine it's a fighter plane.

To backtrack a bit, I would also like to remind readers that the max speed of a plane would be much reduced if it's flying lower than normal cruising height, and reports said that the unknown plane flew low to escape radar detection when flying over Malaysia.

All the calculations behind the INMARSAT pings are based on that known radar flight path. If that plane is not MH370, then everything is invalidated.