Malaysian royalties – We are back!

A royal battle has started between the Crown Prince of Johore and the Tourism Minister Nazri Aziz after Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim commented about Najib’s absence from the 1MDB public forum.  Nazri was unhappy with Tunku Ismail’s comment as interference in politics and commented ‘the royalty was not above the law and should not comment on politics, “otherwise he will be subject to the same rule and we will whack him”’.  This has drawn a response from the Crown Prince saying ‘Do not think the people of this country exist to provide you with position and wealth; the positions exist for you to serve the people.’

A police report has been made against Nazri and he is now under police investigation. And Mahathir has come out in support of the Prince for freedom of expression. What is more important is the comment by the Sultan of Johore that Malaysia could learn from Singapore in its education policy. He reflected on the switch to teach mathematics and science in English and then back to Malay and how it has affected the performance of Malay students in these two subjects. Related to this is the lower proficiency of English among the Malays and the breakdown in national unity with the difference races attending different schools.

Would Nazri also think that this is another attempt by the royalty to be involved in politics? Since the removal of legal immunity by Mahathir in 1993, the royalties have taken a low profile in the politics of the country. Now both father and son of the Johore Royalty are in the limelight again. Would this mark the return of the royalties to play a bigger role in the politics of Malaysia? The timing is expedient with the politicians creating a mess of themselves and weakening their positions as the legal and moral authority of the country. This provides the royalties to stand on high moral ground to say their piece about what is happening to the country and to have a bigger say as rulers and protectors of the people.

How would this new dimension affect the political ethos of Malaysia? Would the royalties return as another force to be reckoned with after an eclipse of 20 years from the political affairs of the country. Would Mahathir and the royalties join hands in a new coalition of forces to take on the ruling govt? Such a possibility would put UMNO on the defensive and would further weaken its hold to power and the support of the Malay ground. It could mark the return of the royalties from the cold to the thick of Malaysian politics and a bigger influence in the affairs of the country.


Virgo49 said...

Wah the New sultan of Johore had my respects. What he told off this minister can be told off the same to our dud ministers

You are here because of the electorate. I am the here of my Royalty

The subjects of my state or country will support me more than you

You can be kicked out anytime but not me

Come I challenged you

Anonymous said...

“You are a minister, not a God from the heavens who lord above everybody.”

“For those who have been entrusted with the responsibility, do not blame the people for losing confidence and trust in you, but think of why they no longer have the confidence and trust in you,”


Anonymous said...

It is surely getting very very interesting!

It is good! It will be good!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> Would Mahathir and the royalties join hands in a new coalition of forces to take on the ruling govt? <<

Although it's possible, I doubt it. They both can't stand each other. Dr M has been walloping them for decades as essentially "entitled unelected elitist fuck knuckles". Malay culture lah, cannot let insults slide.

Anonymous said...

Good show and I hope there is part 2

Anonymous said...

What I am most surprising is that many words, especially recently, that have their roots in technology, have been copied wholesale into bahasa melayu with just the spelling slightly different.

This shows that such words does not exist in the malay language and are copied from the English version and heavily corrupted by English pronounciation, having little room for such basic words as 'economi. technoloji, etc, etc'. Just read some of the headlines on TV3 and you can find so many words which are English words with a twisted spelling and taken as bahasa melayu. It does not spell progress. What is next?

Malaysia boleh ...... 一级棒 said...

Wbat is more important and relevant to Sinkiepore is whether some ex-pimps see the same as the sultan and prince and stand on high moral ground to speak up for the masses badly affected by goondu and loongkang policies in recent decades.

Doubt they would.

They also benefited hugely from recent years property appreciation notwithstanding the marginal correction in the past two years since Jun 2013 after the introduction of the new TDSR ruling.

Even if they wanted to, their wives will stop them, slap them, tape their mouths and even tie and chain them up to stop them doing "silly" things.

That's probably the difference between a true blue royal blood and a sycophantic leech. Once a sycophant, u can't change your spots no matter what.

Malaysia boleh ..... Yeep Yeep Hurray .......

Time to consider liquidating everything including the citizenship, hdb flats, entire cpf account like what many did and settle in an upmarket district by the beach in Penang and still millions of ringgit left to enjoy the sunset and golden years in peace and tranquillity to the sound of the tides ebbing and flowing and the daily natural healthy sunlight in the beach front with pure, unpolluted air free of any khaw dung stench!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have an article in Redbean Soup on a referendum to sell off everything including the island and share the proceeds with every Singaporeans. Then no need to bother about NS, foreigners or what not. Everyone can go anywhere and be citizens of any country.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.33am pls note.....

singapore also boleh lah........

heard that something very interesting at last night sea`game closing ceremony......

heard that many people, young and old, with tickets were "locked out"........

indeed, singapore also boleh lah .........


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, long time ago, they already referred Singaporeans as Residents of Singapore.

Long time ago already hotel as coined by Matilah.

Singapore already sold to the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the cock up, the rooster will still crow, standing on the bull dung, when this fiasco dies down.

Now, who or what are they going to blame it on this time. Surely not the trees, the birds or the dogs. Maybe the grass or even the WP.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Malaysia Boleh, very good idea.

Long time already planned escape route to melaka but find Penang more convenient and under DAP's administration better.

There, also not much smell of the Ah Neys from the continent, the fark u or fax u pimps and prostitutes.

Occasionally, met those white trash bums backpackers sharing packet nasi pukul mati with just curry graveys on top.

Excellent destination to enjoy the sunset and children had headstart in employment there if necessary.

What to blame this time ...... ha ha ha ha ha said...

They will blame all the oldies this time ......

For cursing the Mr Suay ..... oops ...... Mr Heng.

They will decree ( illogically ) that all oldies should change their alias to Heng so they dun pass the Suay to Law(less)rence W(r)ong and cock up his closing finale which now had made the rounds across the globe of such (3rd) world std incompetence.

But no, this time they are still finding a more creditable scapegoat to pin the blame ......

Where is Mr Dog Sniffer?

This time what u smell that could be the cause? Alcohol again?

But u already ban alcohol from 10.3pm to 7am already what?

And many coffeeshop owners khaw bor mak chap ( cry until no tears ), cursing and swearing at u! Now many coffeeshop shut their rollers early and even many 24 hrs coffeeshop barely open even 3/4 of the lightings off by 11pm+.

After so many (mad) interventions, now the free economy 人不像人, 鬼不像鬼.

More like DPRK Mr Kim's planned economy.

Ha ha ha ha ha .......

Way to go ......

Too bad old fart did not live long enough to witness the breaking apart of his artifice. Mb he has seen enough and he 看不下去, that's why he chose to go early. Even sg50 ndp oso not interested liao ...... couldn't wait to go earlier and no need baby sit the 扶不起来对阿斗。

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Anonymous said...

There are so many laoahpek here.
Who you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Your 煌品粮 very funny leh.
You mean this 黄品原 right.

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