Mahathir declares Langkawi a new nation

News Flash--Mahathir bought Langkawi island for new Nation

Now, he can build his crooked bridge n treat the kampong folks as their medical director apart from landlord (King Mahathir).

Mahathir said he had bought the island from the Sultan of Kedah for an undisclosed sum and has declared it as an independent state.

Who is cheating the Malays of their inheritance, if this is true?

Can someone verify this? If true he can joined his nemesis in the club of founding nation members.

PS. GiGo confirmed it is a joke.


Anonymous said...

"Who is cheating the Malays of their inheritance, if this is true"? unquote.

The half pakistani/malay who tricked the Malays into thinking he is a true blue bumiputra, of course. Mahathir boleh!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ rumour rumour, via RB:

>> Mahathir said he had bought the island from the Sultan of Kedah <<

What for? Dr M already "owns" the island long time already lah. He and his developer mates have made BILLIONS on P Langkawi over the years.

>> declared it as an independent state. <<

Again, what for? Malaysian states already enjoy a high degree of autonomy and "insulation" from the meddling federal psycho dickheads of Cyberjaya.

>> Who is cheating the Malays of their inheritance, if this is true? <<

I think it is a hoax, and thus FALSE. The Malaysian Malays lost their "inheritance" to the Malaysian Chinese, because the Chinese work harder and smarter, and are able to accumulate capital thru private ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The Malaysian Malays cheated THEMSELVES. They are the foremost ENTITLED CLASS and are given all forms of welfare from outright money, to "protection from competition".

They are easily manipulated by any politician playing the RACE CARD. That's how fucked in the head they are.

Don't blame politicians for playing the race card, or engaging in any speech or campaign to incite the passions of GULLIBLE special interest groups. It is a politicians BASIC SKILL to be able to MIND-FUCK (by any means fair or foul) any gullible sheeple...i.e. you've got to be a gullible, uncritical SHEEPLE-person to be conned by a slick mouthed politician, and therefore, you deserve the consequences of your self-chosen DELUSION, go fuck yourself!

So if the Malaysian Malays get sucked in by the race card, they've rightfully EARNED all the very bad shit that will be visiting them.

GiGo said...

News of no substance and lies, but unfortunately redbean recycled this trash that appeared zillion years ago

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'With Vision Apanama I will lead Langkawi to a developed nation by 2020.' he declared.

Ya, GIGO, someone sent it to me. I have my doubts, but given the combination of Mahathir and Malaysia Boleh, never say never. But a nice one to think about. I have not seen this before. Thanks for the confirmation anyway.

Virgo 49 said...

Next Sultan of Johore declared sovereignty from the Federation and joined Singapura as one.

Royalties supposed to be overlords but plucked by putra jaya clowns in giving them royalties fees like beggars.

Knn, we are the Masters of the land and they exploited us by making us like beggars.

Now, care no hoot, even build resorts with the developers into the Straits and ignore protests from all. Monies goes to our purses not alms from Federal government.

Small fry minister dared to say whack me.

Knn, opened fire with my six shooter then he knows. Or my the other two shooter. Actually reserved for my darlings.


Anonymous said...

Nothing unusual in Malaysia. Everyday a minister would be denying there is a policy to demand visitors to wear long dress but every other day females are told by security officers to put on a sarong or bar from entry.

May be it is difficult to inform all the security officers of this No Dress code policy and it will take time to keep all of them informed.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is not the idol of many Singaporeans for nothing. To this man, anything goes. Crooked bridge also can as long as it suits his purpose.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 12.11pm pls note.......

Your idea of J joins S as one is very interesting.

Another option is for J to consider leasing the whole
Iskandar to S for 956 years, with an extension option for
another 956 years.

J will just collect worry-free rent from S!

J remains very free!

One stone kills two birds!

S then can have a population of 12M.

Hope this dream comes true!


Anonymous said...

Mahatir is just a copycat.
Do you think Singaporeans sold Singapore island to the PAPigs many years ago?
Is that why Singaporeans are not owners but just tenants of their HDB flats that don't belong to them?

Anonymous said...

My Prime Idol is never that vain.

He spends time at an eatery operated by his family member at Putrajaya.

Although he is at a very old age, he cares much for Malaysia and its people. He makes himself Malaysian FIRST, as he was and is one of it's leader.

My Prime Idol is supremely patriotic to his nation and not his adulterated ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49, don't boast lar! Your shooter with two bullets firing blank only. Its but a mini coopers with two flat tires like matilar or angkokia