Lese majeste in Sin City

Lawrence Wong is sounding out a proposal to pass an equivalent of the lese majeste law in the republic and this has raised some eyebrows. Lese majeste is only applicable in a kingdom where there is a living king and it is just rude and disloyal to talk bad about a monarch. There will be no such law in Sin City for sure. This is a republic and there is no king to be loyal and be obedient to. But there is likely to be something similar in form to protect the name of the founding father, to prevent it from being abused, misused, or from profiteering like turning it into a brand for commercial merchandise. It used to be just an imagination but it is becoming true when many loyal believers would buy anything with a name on it, called branded product. Now brands YSL, FCUK etc will have a challenger in LKY.

Is this a bad thing for business or for people in love with the founding father? Or should a royalty be paid for the use of the name or for loving the founding father? I thought it would be such a great honour to have the name boldly and openly in display on goods and products or on the chest of everyone? Can it be about royalties that such a law is needed?

On the other extreme, the name could be used in very bad form for very unpleasant reasons by very horrible people. This should be protected, the question is how? Some may wonder why there is a need to protect the name of a founding father that is well loved by the people. All founding fathers are well respected and loved by the people. The thought of messing around with the name of a founding father is never heard of.

This must be another Uniquely Singapore thing, that the name of a founding father needs protection. Does it make any sense? Is this another case of putting up a target to be knocked down or shot at and needing protection so that it would not be knocked down or shot at? Singaporeans have this bad habit of craving for anything that the govt banned, like books, comics and movies and also chewing gum. Banning the use of LKY will only up the interest of the mob mentality.

The thought of the need of such a law says that something is not right about the whole thing. Or this could be another one of those Singaporean traits, kiasu. Better be safe than be sorry. What else need to be protected? I can understand if Hsien Loong needs more body guards after the disclosure of himself being a target to terrorists. Who else needs protection?


Anonymous said...

GooD! GooD! GooD!

RB, your idea of paying a royalty for the use of
the name of the founding father is indeed a very
good one.

The funds collected from the various royalties can
then be budgeted for projects for the silver segment
of the society. We are a aging society!

GooD! GooD! GooD!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Wong is a rising star in the PAP. He's just about to blow it by making such a ludicrous suggestion.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Moral of story: Don't take govt money for your "creativity" because the govt can decide what type of "creativity" is right or wrong.

Fuck the NAC. Go your own way. Well done, Sonny Liew!

The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye.

The NAC don't understand jack shit about art. An artist creates his own universe, where things unfold in ways that do not necessarily reflect real life. "Creativity" comes from the word CREATE.

Wake the fuck up, NAC. Just wake the fuck up and stop being the "arbiter" of artistic CUNTent!

Anonymous said...

What are you grumbling about?

Anonymous said...

"Some may wonder why there is a need to protect the name of a founding father that is well loved by the people."

Why is this a concern for the PAP government?
Do you think the protection of LKY's good name is the private concern of LKY's family rather than the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

The answer to all these questions is that there is no answer. There is no answer because they are not giving the real reason for the Lese majeste Law.

As I've said before, look beyond what they're telling you. It's so simple to see that they are desperate to protect LKY name against something. Accept this fact and you'll find easy answers to all questions.

Keep figuring out what they're telling you and you'll find that nothing makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Well, they can always confer the title of king 'posthumously' on the pharaoh of Sin City. Can anybody object?

Anonymous said...

Now I understand what the pharaoh meant when he said he will rise up from the grave to haunt us. He is not haunting us himself. The other birds of a feather are doing his bidding 'posthumously'.

b said...

LKY sure will not want it else he would have put it in place when he was still around. Hope those people like wong do not add anymore salt to the wounds.

Anonymous said...

That is his slyness. He knows he will be criticised if he did it before his demise. Using someone else to do it is the smert thing to do. Just like choosing his sucessor. He does not have to open his mouth to say the obvious.

Anonymous said...

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