Khaw Boon Wan – Every Sporean couple a chance to live in HDB flat

I told you right, this is the best minister in the PAP. His thinking at least is thinking. He is the only one who can see the silliness of depriving a Singaporean from buying a HDB flat and living in a HDB flat. Only sick minds can deprive a Singaporean from living in a HDB flat. It is a betrayal to all NSmen to deprive them of buying a HDB flat when new citizens that never served NS can buy and live in HDB flats. And it takes so long until a good Buddhist man comes up with a clear idea of what is wrong with that insidious policy against NSmen. Imagine no one can see anything wrong with it. It must be Boon Wan’s meditation and he saw the light.

And many young couples have been excluded from buying HDB flats and forced to buy private flats and have to live with a huge mortgage that many would find it a big burden to carry. It happened. And asses would be blaming them for not having enough savings for retirement.

Now, when would Boon Wan correct this wrongful policy, a crime against our young people? Let’s hope he does not take another 56 man years to make this right. All NSmen paid a heavy price to serve the country, how can they be excluded from buying a HDB flat? And to rub salt into their wounds, new citizens never serve NS can buy HDB flats to resell to these NSmen at a profit. I want to use the four letter word already,  but must respect Boon Wan, so I try to be polite here.

Even in practical terms, every young couple would start life earning $2k or $3k and be eligible to buy HDB flats other than those whose parents are ministers and can afford to buy private homes. Many have to delay buying because of circumstance beyond their control, unable to find the right partners or other reasons that made them to do so. And by the time when they needed a flat, their incomes could have exceeded the stupid income ceiling imposed by HDB. And they became the citizens that sacrificed 2 and ½ years of their precious youth to serve the country, pledged to defend the country with their lives with more years as a reservist, and cannot buy HDB flat! Can you believe it?

Lucky, so very lucky, there is a wise and good man in Boon Wan to make things right. So, how are they going to compensate for the wrongs done to those young couples out there? And please, no more silly schemes to force young couples to buy bigger flats just because they are earning more. Prudence! You know what is the meaning of prudence? It means don’t anyhow spend. Spend only when necessary and save your money for the rainy day or for retirement. Do not let silly fucks to blame them for buying bigger flats and ended with little savings for retirement. It is elementary isn’t it? And it is a sickness of the mind to continue to victimize the young people with silly policies.

Ok, the ball is now in Boon Wan’s feet. Do the right thing and the decent thing. No more silly schemes and silly explanations please.


Anonymous said...

"Every Sporean couple a chance to live in HDB flat."
Khaw Boon Wan

"Every PAP MP a chance to be a millionaire"
Sick & Tired Singaporean

Anonymous said...

People who are earning millions think HDB flats of $500k and above are cheap.

Anonymous said...

The whole HDB is so full of shit schemes because Sinkies are naive, gullible and greedy that they fall for every new scheme that the schemers can think of to make more money out of them.

We have BTO, DBSS, I & 2 room schemes for elderlies, schemes for singles, schemes for multi generation, schemes for married singles with children (whatever that means) and the whole lot.

Then there was a time when they started with rental and one room flats, to 2 roomers, three roomers to four roomers to five roomers and executives and HUDC.

Then they demolished the smaller flats to build bigger flats, then turn that around by building smaller flats that actually costs more then the bigger flats of old, but with much smaller spaces. Sinkies did not realise they were cheated by paying exhorbitant prices for ever smaller pigeion holes. They do not have any choices, because ther is only one landlord dictating the rules.

Whatever lah, Boon Wan can stand on the dung heap and crow about his achievements. Sinkies are non the wiser, in any case.

Anonymous said...


Yes! KBW Is The Best Minister!

Yes! Yes! Yes! The BEST Minister!

Hokkien people say "See Pay Ho" Minister!

Someone at the top top once said that KBW is
the BEST Health Minister!

Now, KBW must be the BEST National Development

Well done KBW! Well done KBW!

KBW is the BEST!

The BEST! The BEST! Yes the BEST!


Virgo 49 said...

Volunteers to be MND minister. He knows previous MND minister mabok every year top diamond table not golden table in the insurance industry for best performing bonuses.

Before Mabok ex not transport minister but communications minister had already broken records in diamond table in implementing the COE system.

Cow can never best Mabok in performance bonuses as early bird had already eaten all the prizes

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Be very careful what you wish for, uncle RB.

Now we wait for a "solution". Being the Singapore govt, guess who will end up paying for "the minister's solution" thru the already bleeding-money anus?!?

If you want the govt to give you an affordable home, they are going to get something from you in return. Do you think, it will be a "fair" trade?


Anonymous said...

Come nearing erection.. they ALAYWS suddenly gain enlightenment

b said...

buy for what? no one really own their HDB, they are merely lessees.

Anonymous said...

The most enlightened Buddhist Millionaire in the world.

agongkia said...

Well said....but what does NS got to do with buying flat.It is already a privilege being given a chance to serve the Nation. Free food n lodging for 2 years..What more do you want.
Every Sinkie can buy a flat .Big one small one all have .
Not interested whether I've a chance to buy flat.

I only hope there is no regulation to say that Sinkies must buy a flat if cannot afford private properties and is allowed to sleep at beach, build attap hut or sleep gor khar kee without any kacheowlation.
Dun understand whats there to be happy about being given a chance to stay in pigeon holes.
Khongcum.Bo yio kew.

Anonymous said...

Ya lah, like agongkia, got big house to stay why want to stay in pigeon hole. khongcum.

agongkia said...

no big house but dreaming to build hut at those deserted forest that I noticed left unuse.love nature.
Born suakoo n happy to be one.

Anonymous said...

What makes Sinkie(s) feel that a person who previously performed poorly in the Health Ministry is able to perform well in MND.

Sinkies are uniquely ever hopeful.
Aljunied GRC Voter chose Workers Party and Georgie Boy and his Team was kicked out. But there are many Sinkies saying that he is the most capable man in PAP. Some even want him to be the next president.

Sinkies are sick, not all but many.

Anonymous said...

We want “realistic and correct salaries” in government: Lee Hsien Loong


Who is this "we" that PAP's Prime Millionaire is referring to?
Is it PAP or Singaporeans?

Khaw Peh Khaw Boo said...

Khaw-dung stinks in this island.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkies are sick. Like the PE they also voted for TCB instead of TJS, another PAP man maybe also planted by the PAP

If more are for TJS, we would not have a KfC long haired white head for president