Kenneth Jeyaratnam – Substance politician

Kenneth wrote an interesting article posted in the TRE titled, ‘KJ: Whose ‘egregious conduct’ should be punished?’ This is the kind of quality discussion that is sorely needed in today’s local politics, and is what Hsien Loong was talking about. We need more serious and robust discussion on what is happening to our country and where we are heading instead of petty politicking. Kenneth is maturing and showing great substance in the issues he is talking up as a politician of substance. Yes, politicians must be measured by substance, by the serious issues they raised and prepared to engage. Judge the politicians by what they are doing and what they are saying, got substance or no substance, it will all show up quite clearly.

It would be good that politicians of substance be elected into Parliament and Kenneth is one of the good candidates that deserved to have a seat and a voice in Parliament. His Reform Party is still a small party and it may be difficult for him to put up a strong team to contest a GRC. His other choice is to take on a single seat ward. There are also suggestions that he may want to team up with the stronger opposition parties to put up a strong combined team to take in a GRC.

Kenneth may want to seriously consider speaking to Chee Soon Juan or his father’s former party, the WP to collaborate with them. Think of the greater good for Singapore and the people. Hope Kenneth can put up a good team or go for other options to get into Parliament.

There is a sore need for more politicians of substance to be in Parliament to serve the people and country. The people need to be represented by good politicians with hearts in the right place and the next GE is about the best time to do so. The people must choose wisely, for their own sake and for their children’s sake.

Yes, we need substance politicians and many of them. We don’t need duds to fill the numbers in Parliament.


Virgo49 said...

Coalition WP, SDP and RP just like Anwar's coalition in malaysia

See they nearly become the ruling government except Najib played 48 in the elections

Anonymous said...

"Kenneth may want to seriously consider speaking to Chee Soon Juan or his father’s former party, the WP to collaborate with them."

Hahahaha. If that is possible, Kenneth would have already done that in GE 2011. And would also not have contested BE 2013 in a 3 corner fight with WP.

If RB wanted to join opposition, he would have already joined by now.

All this PAP knows. And PAP also knows RB well just by monitoring his blog, no need to ask RB to lim kopi.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Kah nee nah. For years never heard a peep from this fucker. Sekali got Amos Yee, like real this cheebye come out an kow peh.

Politician lah: "Never let a good crisis go to waste"