Indonesia concerns about security issues with Singapore

‘A non government organization has filed criminal charges against State Owned Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno for authorising Indonesian communications provider Telkom to build a data centre in Singapore, which is partly owned by Singtel and would host Indonesian government data…it had no issues with the data centre serving corporate clients, but that its proposed hosting of Indonesia’s e-government services violated state intelligence and electronic communications laws. “What we’re reporting about is the sale of state secrets,” Mr Gigih Guntoro, director of the Indonesia Club…’

Why is Indonesia so concern about such practices? Singtel owns 60% of the joint venture? What Indonesia should do is to buy over Singtel and have full control over its operation. Singapore’s policy is that everything is for sale. Singapore tried to buy the Australian Stock Exchange too. So the Indonesians can always buy over Singtel and all issues of state secrets would be solved by employing Indonesians to run Singtel.

Singapore is an open country and it is in the process of internationalizing everything, starting from private corporations to govt link companies. Do not be surprise if ministries may also be internationalized. There are already foreigners working in them. The security of the country like manning entry checkpoints have already been outsourced and manned by foreigners to check on Singaporeans returning to their country. Big govt linked companies are run by foreigners, and to by pass the sensitivity of Singaporeans, foreigners are issued with pink ICs and called Singaporeans. Where got problem? If any of these new Singaporeans were to leak out state secrets, it would be Singaporeans leaking state secrets as they are now new Singaporeans. And the good part, so far no such problems. No state secrets has been leaked out, no sensitive corporate information or trade secrets have been leaked out. There has been no report of such things. Where got problem?

The Singaporean experience has proven that all the hype about national securities are humbugs. More than 50% of our population is foreigners and many are holding high positions with access to very sensitive information, and some running corporations and with full access to all information that could be copied and sold. But nothing of such happened. Even the highly sensitive IT industry is operated mainly by foreigners and you can imagine what damage they could do if they wanted to. But have no fear. The foreigners are very nice people and would not do such things. Ask the Pinoys. Have faith in the goodness of people, even foreigners.

So, Indonesia, there is no need to fear locating govt data centre in Singapore. If still not comfortable, buy over the whole of Singapore Inc and run it yourself. That would make them feel secure for sure. It is just the mindset. Singapore has no such fear. We welcome the whole world to be here. We belong to everyone here. We are an international cuntry. Oops. I misspelt. It should be country.

And our people feel very safe, because we got NS and Total Defence. We protect our country from a military attack by foreign soldiers in uniform. But anyone can buy up everything in the island. Everything is for sale. Everyone is welcome.

We are international. We go everywhere to buy up everything. We also sell everything. Free trade at its freest. When a country has the mentality of buying and selling freely, then one would be less sensitive about security of data and information or threats by foreigners.

Indonesia can learn a thing or two from us in this internalization of the country and free trade, borderless world. What is citizenship?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> Why is Indonesia so concern about such practices? Singtel owns 60% of the joint venture? <<

They have to ask questions and do inquiries. Due diligence lah...or at least the "appearance" of doing due diligence.

>> it had no issues with the data centre serving corporate clients <<

No issues that we the blur public are aware of. I can bet you data centers are "prized" amongst the hackers, and they will try...that you can count on.

There is no such thing as "passive" computer security. Sooner or later, one fine day, there will be a successful hack causing widespread ass-fuckery, mayhem and possible losses costing MILLIONS.

The general public is unaware of the massive pain in the ass of shutting down/ isolating huge server farms and data storage to "clean out" the systems of damage done by hackers. It could take weeks or months, and the cost....well, you guess lah.

>> What is citizenship? <<

An outdated and dying concept. Nowadays the smart money is on being anywhere with no roots. The idea of being "tied down" to one cuntry is fading fast. Get used to it, or perish like a dinosaur. ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Anonymous said...

But there is only one thing left that we cannot have foreigners or go international. U know lah, our politicians. Strictly Sinkies, and for the ruling party, strictly PAP. And of course for the opposition, strictly not ready to take over as govt.

So like that very good hor, especially for those smart, money a lot Sinkies, PAP politicians included of course.

Anonymous said...

'There is no such thing as "passive" computer security. Sooner or later, one fine day, there will be a successful hack causing widespread ass-fuckery, mayhem and possible losses costing MILLIONS.'

What is there to hack when you employ foreigners to manage your IT? They can have all the data and secrets they want. They are employed and given access freely.

Hacking is hard work. Getting employed and paid and to collect all the data needed, wow, unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

One more thing, for the ruling party politicians, instant citizens not only very OK, but also very welcome.

As for opposition, even welcome also not interested, whether instant citizens or not. So sad.

Anonymous said...

As for opposition, even welcome also not interested, whether instant citizens or not.
Anon 10:14 a.m.

Then what u expect? Even RB also don't want to join, u expect other good calibre ones like him to join?

For strongest opposition WP, even their "star" MP Ah Mao sama sama (same same) as their Ah Lian MP, so where got hope, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

What are the security people thinking, allowing foreigners to operate our IT systems especially sensitive institutions and the banks and don't care?

Seow or suffering from never mind disease?

Pink IC new citizens safe?

Anonymous said...

Pink IC new citizens safe?
Anon 10:28 a.m.

But Sinkies no enough to operate our IT systems mah. So it's no choice, not whether safe or not safe.

Anonymous said...

There is much wisdom in selling everything.
Best of all is for all Sinkies to enjoy their wealth and others to run the land. No worry about security, no more national service.
All in all, no more worry about anything.
Best to sell everything.

Virgo 49 said...

Not sinkies not enough, they don't want to employ sickies, oops sinkies.

Salaries too high, some more kwa lan. If not kwa lan, than NSLAVERY failed right???

You trained fighting men, not ah kwas right??

Anonymous said...

Virgo, are you that stupid? Sinkie salaries high? You think all the foreigners in top positions in the banks, including those from the third world salaries lower than Sinkies?

When are you sinkies going to wise up and stop parroting what the white disease are saying? It is alright for those stricken with white disease to parrot the same shit, but daft sinkies must be able to see through the farce.

People complained about foreigners replacing PMETs, they tighten the intake of foreign workers and continue to take in more foreign trash including fake degrees. You daft can't even see it and kpkb Sinkies salaries too high?

You deserve to be whacked by the foreign trash.

patriot said...

As suggested by Redbean; sell everything and distribute the Money to every Singaporeans. It makes good sense, with the Money, Sinkies can go to wherever they fancy. To Switzerland to enjoy Swiss Living, take cooking lessons at Michelin Restaurant or just have meals there. Buy an estate or castle in Europe. Or move to anywhere to live a life of plenty.

Like to say me agrees with Matilah Singapura that nationhood is a delusional (mis) understanding. BUT, to me, it is ONLY SO FOR SINGAPORE.
Singapore is UNIQUE, IT IS LIKE A 'CHAP CHENG KIA', ADULTERATED/IMPURE without root and pure gene.

Any new owner of Sin can run it like running their kampongs, a rich one at that, for Singapore is actually about the Size of a large village in some countries.

It is certainly a win all the way for everyone.
The idea should be given serious consideration as it is indeed a feasible arrangement.
And all stands to gain.
How wonderful.


Goh said...

Not interested in whatever security as I oredi known as Gunawan Herianto Goh.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Singapore is taking all the shits and fakes. Soon all the tru blus will leave and all those foreigners who came earlier would also leave, like Herianto Goh.

Then we will see how the shits and fakes turn this island back into a third world slum led by million dollar shits.

Anonymous said...

What to expect shits who ran away from their shit countries to turn this country better?
Many were rejects from the shit countries.

Goh said...

Anon 9.12pm/10.40pm
To clear your doubt I am a locally born true Sinkie.My root in PRC.Possibility of becoming a Indonesian,Penangite by birth,Taiwanese or Korean by marriage is there but since my great Ah Kong chose here, its not filial for me to go against his wish.
As such I will still defend the country where I was born till my last breathe.
Do not be a loser and think of migrating elsewhere.
Be filial and stay back , take care of our parents or grandparents.
Migrating will only giving opportunity to more foreigners here to boss your love one here.Mai khongcum.
But its fine for me to keep mistresses oversea and produce more .

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

It is very much logical for Indonesian to be wary. Singapore seems like is part of outpost of Australia/USA to spy on Malaysia and Indonesia. You wrote such long article why not do some research as well and write more objectively rather than take it as national offence?