Hollywood – You are sane until the psychiatrists made you mad

This article is not to malign the noble profession and the good people doing a good job to manage the disease of mental illness.

Hollywood has regularly produced movies on madness and how normal healthy individuals fell victims to dictators, corrupt officials and made to look mad or even become mad with the assistance of evil men and women practicing the trade of psychology and psychiatry. In their hands, they can cook up anything to pronounce a normal person mad and should be held against his wishes, freedom curtailed, and to be controlled by the evil people posing as their guardians.

And once in their hands, in the confines of a mental hospital, in the privacy of their charge, they could do many things to make a sane person mad, even by prescribing and administering drugs and injecting drugs into the victims to ensure that the victim will become mad.

For those who were victims of such circumstances, life is like living hell. And the fictions churned out by Hollywood are only the tip of the iceberg. The truth is more frightening. It is happening everywhere!


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ panic-stricken RB:

>> The truth is more frightening. <<

Yes, that is true. The real world shit is more existentially terrifying than what you can ever see on screen.

>> It is happening everywhere! <<

Relac lah. No, it is not "happening everywhere" lah.

...but it should be. I like the entertainment!! Movies are fine, but seeing real human suffering...man, that is BRACING. Much more "shiok" than Hollywood. :-))

Why pay good money to see an actor fake suffering and terror when you can get it for FREE by observing your fellow man struggle with the extremities of human existence? (me scratching head, dun understand...)

Virgo 49 said...

At least Amos Yee is safest now in the Changi Resort when the deadly MERs come to visit.

Gurhka guards everywhere, MERs virus also scared.
Give it a miss.

So the saying, He who laughs last laughs best is very apt.

However, don't ever kena brainwashed inside by their intimidation or injections to make you looked mad.

Anonymous said...

Amos is having suicidal tendency. They are treating him like a mental patient.
He is going to be the first sane person to become mad under custody.

His mother is worried. His lawyer is worried.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 320:

>> He is going to be the first sane person to become mad under custody. <<

I doubt it. There have been people before him, and will be people in the future.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Amos's valiant and defiant refutation of the charges.

WOW! I simply have such enormous admiration for this young man. At his young age he can run circles around trained lawyers and judges lah.

No wonder they are "scared" of him, and so the only way to solve this issue is to try to SILENCE Amos ASAP.

I hope the young people of this fair land will take up the torch and give the BULLYING Authority a right royal bashing they so richly deserve. How dare they treat a PEACEFUL human being in this manner?

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, what you have written is scaring the shit out of me. I cannot imagine how a sane person would feel if he or she was locked up in a mental institution and declared to be crazy. As you said, once in their control the "doctors" could do whatever they want with you and really make you go mad. Do you think this is happening in Singapore?

Virgo49 said...

My childhood friend, a bi-polar classified as "mental" sickness confided to me that you want to pretend to be sick, don't go overboard.

If they put you into the Mental Institution, a sane person can become insane.

So do you think this is happening in Singapore???

patriot said...

No need to make the Youngs in Sin mad.

They are disappointed and mad with their livings in Sin.
More will get madden and the Mental Professionals may become just as mad themselves.
In any case, studies have shown that Mental Professionals themselves are just as likely unsound and unbalanced in their state of mind.

Can we also say that many Rulers around the World are mad with power, money, ego and greed too.


Anonymous said...

That boy is no match against evil men and women. He does not stand a chance and will be destroyed. May God be on his side to strike down those wicked people wanting him mad.

Every one around him claiming to want to help him is a devil in disguise.

Anonymous said...

This case proves that there is no God. That is why evil and wickedness will triumph.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 832:

>> This case proves that there is no God. <<

It doesn't.

It is not possible to prove nor disprove the existence or non-existence of god, ghosts, all other "supernatural" or "mystical" entities.

The reason is because any HYPOTHESIS you form is:


The best you can do is to gather positive evidence to support whichever position you take. The current non-evidence suggests that there is probably (statistically speaking) no god/ gods/ goddesses/ ghosts....mystical beings. Therefore: I don't know is the best position of KNOWLEDGE you can take. (Agnosticism)

I am an ATHEIST---a position of BELIEF, which is derived from the position of KNOWLEDGE, by personal choice. i.e. we form beliefs out of the "data" or "knowledge" we evaluate for ourselves.