Grabtaxi – another hell in the making

A taxi driver called Ah Tan posted a Grabtaxi application form in TRE and highlighted that application is open to foreigners. This is his short post,

‘My primary concern is why even “foreigners” are allowed to apply to be grabcar driver. This Driver Apps similar to Uber X is employing “Foreign Trash” to run parallel private car services as opposed to Taxi Co, PA, PB plate drivers…

Most of the PMET already downgrade to become taxi drivers and now these “FT” will very soon eliminate us for good…..

I lost hope of writing to “authorities” and our “MSM” and that’s why I write to you people here.

Can anyone in the community help to highlight and investigate these issues?

Thank you very much and hope to see more beautifully written articles published by anyone in this community as I am just another dropout from school.’

 Ah Tan the Taxi Driver

Ah Tan is concerned about the PMETs losing their jobs in this protected vocation once it is open to the foreigners. What is more serious is the unknown devil in the foreigners. Are we going to let these unknown unknowns drive our wives, girl friends and children and be at their mercy? The thought of them being driven around by psychopath and sex fiends is unimaginable.

This is a highly dangerous development and must be killed immediately. I hope this is not the case and the govt must not be caught sleeping and allow this to happen.

Protect our citizens and our loved ones. I know many are in love with foreign shit. And this is the type of foreign shit that we don’t need. This is definitely not foreign talent that the govt is talking about. Foreigners driving taxis is unacceptable. Period.

The people must demand that the govt put a stop to this. The govt must respond to this matter urgently to inform the people if this is happening and what the govt is going to do about it. This is a matter of national, personal and social security. We cannot afford to have foreign unknown elements participating in this vocation.

Lui Tuck Yew, the ball is in your court and an immediate respond is warranted. What is the situation?


Anonymous said...

Someone will post, my 7 year old daughter took a grabtaxi and came home safe. Where got problem? Grabtaxi with foreign drivers very safe.

Anonymous said...

Do you think someone may also post, my grandfather voted PAP all his life and died a happy man? Where got problem? PAP and foreign talents policy very safe.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ a hysterical Ah Tan, via RB:

>> The people must demand that the govt put a stop to this. <<

The one thing I like about GrabTaxi app is that you can put down the amount of tip you will award the driver. In Malaysia, I add RM5-RM 20 depending on the distance of the journey. And guess what? When you use the "tip" function, you get a cab damn fucking fast. It's a free market. You can "incentivise" any deal or transaction in your favour by "out bidding" other buyers in the market.

If people complain to the govt, and if the govt acts, this does not necessarily protect passengers. Who gets the maximun "protection" from competition are the BIG taxi companies.

Apps like Uber X, Lyft and GrabTaxi are creative destroyers---they destroy the old and inefficient ways and introduce improvements which give passengers a BETTER DEAL and open up opportunities for individual enterprise for people who want to earn money as drivers.

I will "complain" to the govt. to not interfere and let the MARKET do its work. I will REMIND the govt that we live in a meritocracy, which means, if you create better VALUE, and kill the competition, you do so by EARNING the approval of customers. You don't "force" anyone to use you. If the customer doesn't win, neither do you.

Creative destruction. Meritocracy. WOW....what a great world!

Anonymous said...

ya, you shit. You think you got 'lui' so very good to you. And of course they have no desire to rape you.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ not thinking well today, kotek 1032:

>> You think you got 'lui' so very good to you. <<

Aiyah, Ah Tee ah, not only me OK? Got plenty plenty people oso think: got 'lui GOOD, no 'lui, BAD. I dun bluff you. You go jalan jalan ask people: "Hello, may I ach-u a question? Is got 'lui good or bad for you?"

>> And of course they have no desire to rape you. <<

That one I am safe. With my looks, I have to pay for sex. Best part: I can punch well above my weight :-))

BTW, all the "ride sharing" apps have RATING system: you rate the driver. GrabTaxi has "feedback" function. One time a driver failed to show up so I complained. WOW! They actually took action, then apologised to me.

Does your Comfort DelGro taxi app have "feedback"? Kepala butoh lah!! You call the customer service line, you wait in a queue lah! Waste your time!

Regular cabbies have been caught molesting passengers too, so don't just blame the "criminal activity" on ride share operators.

I have long argued for more competition in the transport space. When I was a kid we had trishaws, and "pawang chia"---aka "pirate" taxi. Then the cheebye govt shut down the pirate taxis, and monopolised the transport space with their "govt licensed" bullshit. Pawang chias used to take kids to school at affordable price for the parents. When the govt killed the pawang chias, we all had to wake up earlier to take the govt bus, or our parents had to drop us off. Fuck the anti competition govt of the old days.

Now at least the govt is more "enlightened" and allows more free competition in the market. Pawang chias are now LEGAL, and run on the network.


Anonymous said...


The age of ultron is so near, people dont even realize they are already at the door step. Why vexed with uber and the lots for so long? Driver-less cars will soon render them out before you can spell robotics. No complains, no tipping, no votes to please...just pure yewtopia leh. One Man is a small island once again.



All that Ass-kicking politicians talking about Smart nation, Software blah blah blah...What is there not to like about ASS!!! Even co-driver also not required liao. HUAT Ah!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, when everything is done by robots, Sinkies only need to eat and sleep and make love.

Anonymous said...

PAP and Robots ? That sounds like match made In heaven !!!
just like COE, boa Jiak one.

Anonymous said...

In hokkien, this is really "Very Eat Strength" "Very Eat Strength"!

agongkia said...

Nowadays taking a cab can cost my half day salary.Good if we can allow Par Ong Chia to operate like olden days as Sinkies can benefit by paying much lesser.

This Ah Tan either lazy or kiasoo.He should actually propose for POC to be allowed instead and he can oso drive one,without having to pay high rental and can pass the saving to Sinkies or go Batam.
Without POC,many cabby will tend to be choosier,lazier or limkopi at kopitiam,play mahjong or waiting at selective locations.
If we allow Bortartcheh like me to drive POC,unemployment rate down,less handout needed,cheaper fares for Sinkies,Sinkies happier,Garmen win more votes ...Win win situation.Who care who drives.

I love Par Ong Chia.

Anonymous said...

How can, then where to find money to pay million dollar salary?