GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 2 – Your representative, your interest

Do you want to vote for a govt that represents your interest in Parliament?

Do you want to vote for a representative that listens to you and go to the Parliament to speak up for you? Or do you want to vote for a representative that thinks what is good for you without consulting you, without getting your consent, and go to Parliament to vote against what you think is good for you?

Or do you want to vote for a representative who votes for pary interest aboveyour interest?

Think about it.


Anonymous said...

But the opposition themselves said they are not ready to be govt what.

And if they themselves said they are not ready, how are they able to even represent your interest in Parliament?

Might as well vote me into Parliament and make me become PM since I am also not ready like the opposition. And I will only ask for $5K pm as PM but u dare to vote or not?

Virgo 49 said...

Not ready to be the ruling government does not meant that an opposition MP that you elected cannot represent you in Parliament.

See what calibre type of MP. One who goes with the flow or against the flow.

One who after collecting 16K per month and see the figure added up just simply keep mum.

Or one born with itchy skin to be lashed with or without the 16K will still kpkb in parliament.

Just like our revered JBJ or CSJ.

Anonymous said...

No need to think, lah! If you want your CPF back and not pay for land cost in your HDB purchase, just vote any monkey except the white ones.

Anonymous said...

RB, you forget that a certain dead horrible man has seen to it that your "representative" who is likely to be a parachuted GRC MP from the PAP will only represent the party's interest. The Constitution provides that an MP who is kicked out from the party will have to vacate his/her seat. So, if your MP defies the party he will be kicked out.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ can't make up his mind about what he wants, RB:

Since the Mafia extracted "protection money" from me under threat of punishment (aka TAX--income, corporate, GST, ERP, COE...and of course CPF, the person who I will vote into Parliament must be The Biggest Gangster Cunt my legally stolen money can buy. (Tax is legalised theft and extortion)

I want my MP to resort to the lowest tactics humanly and inhumanly imaginable: blackmail, causing grievous injury, false framing and accusations, lying, cheating, and if necessary murder/ assassination.

I want my MP to live by the mantra: "The end justifies the means", to the point where he makes it his CAMPAIGN SLOGAN. I want him or her to have a fearsome reputation of slaughtering his rivals and dissenters in flamboyant medieval style, using horrible weapons like knuckledusters and hatchets.

This capable person---with excellent gangster skills---should accept a lucrative paycheck (legalised bribery), from his loyal supporters (constituents). He should also be forced to accept. 1-15% of any "deal" he brings to his constituency, from which they benefit. We want gangster to be a HAPPY gangster; we definitely don't want him to be an angry or pissed off gangster---unless it is against one of our 'enemies".

The various constituencies should be "ruled" by the likes of the toughest and most ruthless (but loyal) gangsters and warlords. That would definitely "balance" the power held by the Benign Dictator Head of State/ or Head of Government.

Then we maintain our awesome reputation as a Great Cuntry! We are Singapore. We will OWN your ass!

Anonymous said...

If this is a meritocracy - I will vote Opposition.

If this is a gratutude-cracy - I will vote PAP, for their achievements from 1965-1985.
Let's face it.
It's been all downhill since 1985.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to think.
The choice is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Everything that the Govt do after 1985 is for the interest of the PAP, not for the people. The vote buying using upgrading, the GRC idea, the redrawing of boundaries to thwart the opposition, the veiled threats before every GE. If these are not for the interest of the PAP, I rest my case.

Therefore, it is in our interest to have as many opposition voices in Parliament to make sure that not everything they do is just a matter of looking after the PAP's interest.

And for that, the first step towards achieving that is more opposition MPs. Forming a Government or accumulating town council funds is secondary. When the noose tightens around your neck, of what use is all that money with GIC, Temasek or the town councils?