GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 1 - Freedom to information

This is the first part of a series of issues that I would be writing about for the coming GE. I would deal with one issue at a time and put it simple and short for brevity and easier for the voters to remember.

The main question is who would the people want to vote for?  The first issue is about the right to information. Would the voters want to vote for a govt that want to decide on what they can see, read, hear or say? Is this simple enough?

Do you want to vote for a govt that dictates to you what you can or cannot read, what you can or cannot see, what you can or cannot say? In other words, would you vote for a govt that wants to control you, control your thoughts? Do you want to be controlled by the people you elect to be the govt?

Think about it.


patriot said...

The Sadistic Proclivity of Sinkies is UNIQUELY SIN.

The Control Freaks want to control everything and make those they control feel exciting by keeping them on tenterhooks.

The Masses feel excited not knowing where they are and what's coming next. They love to live in suspense and challenges. They think overcoming challenges deal to them by their Rulers are achievement and attainment to be proud of. It's kind of perverted satisfaction; sadistic comfort.

By now, Sinkies have evolved a culture of no abuse no joy syndrome.
The Tormentors and those tormented find no joy when there are no challenges and abuses.

No pain means no joy for Unique Sinkies.

Think Sinkies will vote for more Sadists to torment them for the sake of enjoying challenges and pains.


Anonymous said...

To the 40%, the answer is no. No in the past, no at present and no in future.

To th 60%, the answer is yes forever.

Think about it.

The said...

/// Finally, after so long, there is someone with a unquestionable credential on Psychiatry speaks out. ///

Don't talk too soon. Sekali his credentials will be questioned.

Assess, not access.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the coming GE, with PAP very very active
at all corners of the island organising SG50 activities
and celebrations and plentiful of SG50 free gifts, how
not to win big big big.

Will the PAP votes cross the 70% mark with a 100% PAP

We shall see.


Goh said...

See with your own eyes and hear with your own ears....No need to waste time to consider .

Without hesitation, I will vote for my You Know Who.

Goh said...
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