Contempt of Singaporeans

‘NUS assistant law professor Sundram Peter Soosay, who was convicted by the court earlier for assaulting a 70-year-old cabby Mr Sun Chun Hua, has been sentenced to 4 months imprisonment and ordered to compensate the victim $1500.’  TRE

This almost daily happening of Singaporean taxi drivers being beaten by foreigners, drunken or otherwise, refusing to pay their fares, is not funny anymore. It reads contempt, an intolerance of Singaporeans by these foreigners being hired by our Pinkerton sickos as foreign talents and being paid very good money they could not get anywhere else. Many have proven to be fakes and foul individuals that somehow could not be detected and instead held in awe by our sickos. And despite the repeated bashing of Singaporeans, a manifestation of some kind of hatred, contempt and derison against Singaporeans, the hiring of these scum is not slowing down is still going on.

The contempt of Singaporeans is not limited to the westerners who historically has been looking down on the natives of former colonies, but even low down 3rd world country natives brought here are finding Singaporeans disgusting, stupid and intolerable. Some foreign agencies openly pronounced that they could not find talents among daft Singaporeans and have to recruit the needed talents with the right skills sets from their God forsaken villages and run down village schools. And we have several Pinoys who had no qualms in expressing their contempt of Singaporeans after being here and being paid money that they never ever dreamt of in their own countries, never have such a good environment to live in if they were to remain in their villages and slums. They took our hospitality and generosity as a right.

For all the kindness shown to these foreigners, for deprecating ourselves by telling the foreigners that they are talents, we are no talents when in fact many are fakes and half bakes, this myth that Singaporeans are daft and untalented is becoming real to the foreigners. They really believe in this myth that they are superior to the Singaporeans, and the repeated bashing of Singaporeans, taunting, making humiliating and racist remarks to the natives for providing them good jobs and a good life, are just a reflection of what they really think and feel about Singaporeans. Unbelievable, Singaporeans being despised by the scum they brought into their country and providing them with good jobs they could not find any where.

The Singaporeans deserved to be in such a pathetic state of being, to be bullied and despised by the foreigners from all over the world to head hunt to be here to enjoy all the good things in this cosmopolitan city. Don’t blame the foreigners, blame yourself and the sickos who are still mesmerised by the word foreign talent.

Yes, Singaporeans deserved to be beaten, to be despised, as they have admitted that they are a useless people, no talent, no skills and only fit to be taxi drivers and security guards. Do not be surprise if the foreigners become the new master of this island one day and pass a law, like the American Chinese Exclusion Act, and Singaporeans can only be taxi drivers and security guards. This is still a big concession and better than becoming maids and boat people.

If the daft Singaporeans continue to sleep and remain apathetic and allow the sickos to replace them with foreign trash, the fate awaiting them in the future is not going to look good. Singaporeans better believe in themselves and take back their country to run it for Singaporeans and let the foreigners know their rightful place in this country.

Maybe the bashing is not enough and they need something harsher or more drastic needs to happen before they can feel the pain. Where is the confidence and pride of being Singaporeans when foreigners think it is fair game to beat up Singaporeans in Singapore?


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> Maybe the bashing is not enough and they need something harsher or more drastic needs to happen before they can feel the pain. <<

Let's have the harsh honest truth lah. Except for a few exceptions: Singaporeans are ASSHOLES.

Singaporeans are even ASSHOLES toward each other.

Occasionally there will be some innocent hapless person who will be assaulted. However in most assault cases, you have to evaluate both sides of the incident.

Xenophobia is alive and well in Singapore. As is jealousy and envy. Many locals feel bang balls when they encounter a PR or citizen foreigner who is doing better than the local. Go to YouTube and you will for yourself. Read the foreigner blogs and forums. PRCs think Singaporeans are cunts. Pinoys think Singaporeans should be killed. Indians think Singaporeans are a joke.

Why? Why such strong opinions? Because in fact, what Singaporeans put out, comes back to them in an avalanche of butt-hurt.

The contempt of Singaporeans, please lah uncle, they bring it onto themselves.

Am I "blaming the victim"? I think not. It is the locals who initiate the assholery, arrogance and rudeness....results of poor self-esteem, lack of communication skills and downright FUCKED UP emotional intelligence.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gASyhAA7ImM <=== asshole cabbie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE5XATLmjlM <=== asshole cabbie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTY5aBxm44I <=== asshole cabbie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG_kGioY030 <=== asshole cabbie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVR8bgAbG9g <=== entitled, privileged cunt losing his shit.

I think more Singaporeans are going to kena hantam. Serves them right.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans better believe in themselves and take back their country to run it for Singaporeans....


I mean, if PAP had failed in their job to do this and yet the Sinkie opposition is not even ready to take back their country from PAP to run it for Singaporeans, then who can, u tell me lah? RB can?

RB, u must be joking lah, to write all this, if u know our Sinkie opposition and which u should, assuming u are not daft.

Anonymous said...

MS, your fucking asshole. You think all the taxi ah peks deserved to be beaten when the foreigners took their taxis and refused to pay.

Don't be a stupid ass early in the morning.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Aiyah, I have said many times---fuck the cuntry lah, it is gone. The way to enjoy Singapore is as a HOTEL. By doing so you avoid all the negative aggro and mindless minutiae that so many Singaporeans waste their precious time on.

Once you make Singapore your "come and go as you please" HOTEL, all thises fights, altercations and hostility becomes ENTERTAINMENT for you to enjoy on sites like STOMP and YouTube.:-)

How to be happy, wealthy and wise in Singapore: Disregard the ugly, focus on the AWESOME!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ hothead 1035:

>> You think all the taxi ah peks deserved to be beaten when the foreigners took their taxis and refused to pay. <<

It's not a matter of deserve or don't deserve. I am not a judge, so I don't really care about the "facts"---which are anecdotal anyway, so you can't really trust them. (i.e. "he say, I say, he say...then I say, then he punch, then I say, then I punch"....fuck lah, long story...).

So yes. Hammer the fucking cabbie lah. Upload video to Stomp or YouTube for all to ENJOY!

Don't be so uptight lah. It's ENTERTAINMENT!

Anonymous said...

Fuck all of you lah. You fuckers should have allowed China to rule over us as 27th province. Then all these fucker foreigners will be publicly executed on Orchard Road outside Taka. Metal rods up their ass, like how they do it in 1400s. Takes them 2-3 days to die, shiok.

What 4 months jail, what fuck bail?!? Fuck you lah!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:53,

What shit are you shitting here? You suffering from ASD or bipolar?

agongkia said...

Kena bully is common here whether physically or mentally, by the rich or so think higher educated, locally or foreigner.
Majority of bullies are local Sinkies on the elderly or poor .They look down on their own kind.
One kay angmo seow char bor in pasir ris condo even complain about her neighbour of her own kind eating free on her function not being invited just becos the latter is from PRC .These are the type who will lay red carpet on the angmo stranger who pop in to eat.

Sinkies themselves are to be blame.They name themselves or their new born with angmo names making themselves and indirectly cause me look small without knowing. That is why angmo or even those 3rd world like to bash Sinkies thinking they are superior.
Uncle, have you told your children not to name their children angmo names like Reuben Chua or Rosalina Chua?
Its Sinkies themselves making themselves look small.No pride n look down on their own people.Just becos our Ah Kong came here earlier doesn't mean we are superior.
Who to blame.
I am Goh Ah Gong.So far except Cheng Hoo, no angmo or anyone foreign will show disrespect to me becos they know I am a no nonsense man becos I stick to my name.
Better help to tell your children to be proud Singaporean and be proud of their name before our next gen.become slaves to others.

agongkia said...

And what so bad about being security guard or taxi driver? You yrself are looking down on this profession I suppose .Being able to guard n drive taxi is my dream.

agongkia said...
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ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ agongkia:

It's not so simple as a matter of "looking down" on certain professions.

Singaporeans generally lack the social skills and the the emotional maturity required to DEESCALATE tense and hostile situations. For e.g. many PRCs can be "challenging" to deal with. And many Singaporeans just don't know how to handle "difficult people and circumstances" without losing emotional control.

Emotional intelligence lah. The skills can be learned. (but sorry lah...no "paper" qualifications awarded, so to Singaporean such skills are of "no value")

Anonymous said...

The Alien Professor is really stupid. Beating up a Singaporean.
If he took the Singaporean's CPF money instead, do you think we would have honoured him instead?

agongkia said...

Agree with you.PRC tend to speak louder and more proper Putonghua, like our elderly Sinkies who speak dialects.They are harmless actually but Sinkies thinking they are educated , tend to think and see such people like me as rude , bortartcheh and become offended easily.
To make matter worse they themselves do not know how to manage these so call disorderly behaviour people.
My working place PRC address me as Lau Tar n offer me cigarette without fail though I reject their offer.
Sinkies must go to attend courses on managing disorderly behaviour or anger management control but I doubt they can learn much becos such handling of people are gifted from birth from humble poor families.
Pakai Aikai or brain.But how many got brain or street wise lah.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Aliens showing contempt for Singaporeans?
When yew call Singaporeans "daft", are you showing contempt for Singaporeans?
So if yew can do it, why not also aliens?

Anonymous said...

There are many sookukias who like to wear sookurity uniform, not becos it is supplied free of charge, it's bcos they think sookurity makes them into powerful officer of authority. Many do not know that bank doorman was armed with shortgun during the colonial days.
Most sookurity guards are old, frail, fat, clumsy and easy to bully. Many are a sight too pity.

Cabbies in Sin are mostly too highly qualified for the vocation, especially the younger ones some with tertiary qualifications and many moee who were once middle or senior executives.
They made great compromises to take up driving taxis as their jobs.

Singaporeans are sacificing much of their times and efforts studying and working hard. And what do they gain?

agongkia said...

Anon 4.59
Dun be like one netizen here who ever has the same discrimination and paint a bad picture of our security guard .You are a typical Sinkie bullying yr people without knowing.
Yr claim of old and clumsy security guard has caused many ah pek losing their job to our neighbouring younger FTs .
Our security personnel are well recognise today compare to those colonial days jaga.
They even has a special day on 24th July each year.
Security Officer Day.Dun be a toad living under the coconut shell.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are sacificing much of their times and efforts studying and working hard. And what do they gain?
June 28, 2015 4:59 p.m.

Tiok! That's why it's more important to vote out PAP first. Otherwise all your hard work at studying and working is wasted when you get sacked by Aliens. This is called working smart.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Agingkia, u really need to be fucked till u come to your senses

Anonymous said...

Agongkia is a fucking IB pretending to talk nonsense. He is singing the official song trying to make the PMETs ended as security guards and taxi drivers feel good. These are the traitors of the same feather, selling out singaporeans as long as they are comfortable with themselves.

Why should sinkies paid so much to get tertiary education to become security guards and taxi drivers while fakes and cheats take over their jobs? They are turning a blind eye to the rape of sinkies and the PMETS. To them the PMETs must be grateful to have a job as security guards and taxi drivers and should be happy with that kind of life.

VTO is the only way to save Singaporeans and to regain our pride and right to our country. Get rid of traitors.

agongkia said...

Anon 9.44/10.10
See? How many local dafts here looking down on our own elderly ah peks, painting a bad image on them and pretending to protect them.

Ah Tee ah....Mai tong bor bin lah....
Who is asking your parent to spend so much on yr tertiary education. U never say or guarantee that one will be guatantee a job after their graduation.

PMET is just a temporarily term to make one feel happy.Stop being naive n bluff ourselves.Can swim mean can swim.
Half a loaf is better than no bread.Working harder n longer hour is the best way to keep FTs away irregardless of occupation.

Want regain pride n right? Go drive taxi or join our guard uncles first.Lazy n choosy people who choose to be jobless where got pride to begin with.
And....go ask your parent who have they been voting for in the past N seek their advice on who shd you vote.They got the best answer for you.

b said...

we live in a jungle, the weakest will always end up being bullied. do not cry mother or father, learn to be strong, learn to be smart, learn to take revenge the smart way.

Anonymous said...

Ya, our successful think they are the best and better than foreigners. Wait till they are displaced, replaced then we all clap and say good riddance.

They did not know that today they are ok but tomorrow their children will become outcast. They believe their children will born smart and can survive against the best in the world when they can't even beat the cheats and the fakes.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Uncle Ahgongkia is really sookookia posting like a cuckoo bird.
Sookoorooty and taxi driving for sinkies and professional and executive posts for foreigners? No wonder many called him traitor.
All traitors, especially, those that sell the people and the country away must be condemned.

agongkia said...

Anon 8.48
Please la.Who is asking for local to become guard or cabby and professional n executive posts to be reserve for foreigners here.
If one is good to be a pro or exec. Go for it.
But if one is fated to be cabby or guard then accept the fate instead of idling at home or discouraging others from taking up these professional jobs , kpkb on keyboard but no income.
You can work as one n help to reduce the need for FTs guard or cabby which is what u guys are crying for.
You can still kpkb here while working and get paid about the same salary before.
Dun be lazy. Go get your license.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

The clever man is either Khongcum or sookoo.
Taxi driving and sookoorooty ONLY RESERVED FOR SINKIES LEH.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ agongkia:

>> Lazy n choosy people who choose to be jobless where got pride to begin with. <<

Damn straight lah. Which mei mei want to hug a jobless loser? Wake up your idea lah, or no pussy for you!

Anonymous said...

Working as sookoorooty, cleaner, taxi driver and karang guni what dignity or pride to talk about ?
Khongcumkia with sookoo idea.

Anonymous said...

Like pussies?

Go and become karang guni.

Many lonely pussies alone at homes in the day. You got to have charm. No need money or pride.
All you need is a workable prick or dirty mouth.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, may I ask whether you stand a chance against real talented foreigners, not fakes and cheats, if the door is open to all regardless of nationality? There 7b out there to replace you.

I think you would not even be good enough as security guards or taxi drivers if the foreigners go them. I guarantee you that you will be jobless and not be able to enjoy hugging mei meis if the foreigners are allowed in with no conditions except merit.

agongkia said...

Fear not.
Sinkies need not fear of losing their job to foreigners, so long as they are willing to work and not choosy , lazy or with entitlement mentality and think too highly of themselves.
IMO there is no such thing as real or talented.Its luck n bullshits.
Cannot drive taxi or become screwty can become toilet O C or collect sanitary bin etc.
Being a bortartcheh I do any jobs that comes by.
Mei meis are everywhere to hug so long as you remain strong and willing to hug.
Likewise jobs are everywhere so long as you remain hardworking and willing to do.
Ai Chai...

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Agongkia, I really hope Sinkies would aspire to be better than security guards and taxi drivers after getting their expensive degrees.

And please stop spreading the myth that Sinkies are unwilling to work and choosy, lazy or with entitlement mentality and think too highly of themselves. This is a sick joke spread by sick people to rubbish the hardworking and constantly striving to be better Singaporeans.

People who uttered this silly myth need to be kicked in the arse. Do not insult Singaporeans. You are a hardworking Singaporeans aren't you? Or are you a lazy, entitlement mentality and thinking too highly of yourself Sinkie?

Cannot be right? You are even willing to be a security guard or taxi driver as long as you can hug mei meis. And I think you are a good example of hardworking Singaporeans but with very low self esteem.

Tiok or not?

Anonymous said...

Khongcum Agongkia, read this post in TRE and tell me if this Singaporean is thinking too highly of himself, not hardworking and lazy?

'Was disturbed to receive this projection payslip from a 53-year-old jobless PMET last week about to enter the security sector.

It stated the amount he will receive if he works 72 hours a week for 6 days straight without any interruption. Its a daily 12-hour work day either from 8am to 8pm or vice versa.

Its almost slavery I thought to myself and he told me MOM allows it according to the labour law.

What disturbed me more is the fact that he once worked as a regional director earning $12,000 a month at his peak.

He dines at the finest restaurant and has close to 200 workers at his command then.

The fall has been swift and brutal with him ekking out a tough living now after the retrenchment during the 2008/9 financial crisis.

He is earning $80 a day patrolling his work station after looking fruitlessly for viable employment for about a year.

He told me he felt very hurt seeing so many foreigners sitting in well-decorated work stations at his work place whereas he has to work as a guard there.'

Please stop your rubbish or I am going to fuck you.

Anonymous said...

This khongcum's day will come sooner or later. I hope the earlier the better.
Everyday 'gnah charh charh'.

Traitors will deserve their just reward. Just you wait.

agongkia said...

@anon 12.16
I am different from those activists who cannot offer solution but can only kpkb n discourage Sinkies from getting a job.These are usually failures who fail in their business and is jealous of others success.
I motivate and encourage Sinkies to work n offer solutions though I m not successful.
Even got to lanngar with uncle Leong or Gilbert I still do.Thats why I m not welcome in TR if I use my name .
Not everyday is a Sunday n earning 12k now does not mean its an entitlement to earn such amount forever.Which towkay can pay u forever if u are found to be not productive. You pay me 6 k to kheowkhar in yr office forever can or not.
How much does he expect to be paid. His employer may be paid the same amount by his clients or even lesser though contract fee will be increase when renewal.
And these failures call themselves exPmets or activist not knowing MOM laws.
MOM does not allow long hours but if the employer seek exemptions, they are allowed to certain hours.
In fact majority of guards are asking for longer working hours for more OTs or even work day n night.Not that the employer want but if they do not allow longer hours guard will leave .
That ex pmet cannot stand hardship can ask for shorter hour as overtime cannot be forced on employees.
I doubt he regional director before.No wonder he lost his job.

agongkia said...

Uncle RB
Garmen never say one must get a degree n if one wish to get one, its at their own risk.
A degree doesn't prove one to betterer than the bortartcheh .
If I work 21 hours a day, that does not mean everyone is like me.
You understand行行出状元?
Which part you all dun understand huh?

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hehe, Agongkia worked 21 hours continuous and MOM allowed?
Supposing Sinkies are hardworking and work long hours like Agongkia and spend that $2k income to buy pills to hug meimeis, what good is that to his life and his family?
What if Sin Woman also have to work just as hard? How to be good spouse and mother? More than half of the population are having domestic problems. They are not just spousal breakdowns, most families have got parents and child/ grandchild issues, what's the long hardworks for, just to fuck around? Then be pimp and prostitute or duck.
If Sinkies live the lifestyles advocated by the pimps and prostitutes here, Sin's Destiny should be very near. Give them an auntie and they will cum and forget their parents and nation altogether. India will be the right place for these cocks that crow very loudly about their silly cleverness.
Regret maybe too late and it is usually so.

Anonymous said...

agongkia said...
@anon 12.16
I am different from those activists who cannot offer solution but can only kpkb n discourage Sinkies from getting a job.These are usually failures who fail in their business and is jealous of others success.

You are a crazy asshole. Who has been asking Singaporeans not to work?
You think this director, and many PMETs are lazy and cannot stand hard work?
Don't keep singing this stupid song to spread the myth that Singaporeans are lazy and not prepare to work.

Hope you will get your retribution one day. You and your wicked anti Singaporean gang.

agongkia said...

Anon 2.26.
MOM dun allow so I work with 2 different companies can or not.Dun be narrow minded.
Who need blue pills .At least not for me for the time being. And I dun need to pay to hug.
Many like claim exploitation n low pay to discourage applicant intentionally or unknowingly.
Only loser will do so.
The anger on policies which they see flaw are directed towards our employers as if employers are the one that implement policies.
Just becos u earn 12 k the next employer must pay u 12 k as if they owe you.
I oredi got my retribution now but good one.Bless with many job offers with many towkays becos I not demanding type with proper work attitude.
S $80 per day too little? Take it or leave it:-)

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

$80 for 12 to 21 hrs big deal ?

Enough for single to have 3 simple meals and a 40 yrs ol

patriot said...


40 yr old meimei from China or Thailand or Indonesia.
Anyone younger will mean forgoing 2 meals out of 3.
1 Sin pill costs $25 and the Malaysian Ones go for Sgd $15. So it works out to about a hug every 3 days of 12 hrs works.

Gong gong khong khong sookoo sookoo are indeed blessed to feel proud.

patriot said...

Be reminded that the $80 has to last for at least 24 hrs.
12 hrs work follow by 12 hrs rest.

agongkia said...

Uncle patriot.
Please la.work 12 hour want compare to 24 hour.You might as well say work 1 day to last for 1 month.
Go work 5 days a week and its more than what many new poly student or admin staff can get.If I can earn 80 a day for 12 hours, its alot to me.With CPF its nearly 100 a day n clients usually are not even willing to pay that n get foreign permit worker to replace our elderly guard .
Look at the mirror before we ask for such salary.
Our towkay dun owe us a living.We shd be grateful instead as they offer us jobs.

FOC are everywhere n you must be very lousy that you need to pay for that.

And u need not spent on pill too.My la kopi kaki get those changmao lemon grass n ginger etc n u can be strong like ultraman.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...


Plenty of pride and ego as a sookoorooty man, no wonder our million dollars Sinkies have no eyes for the People, 高高在上, 目中无人, 杨威耀武。


Anonymous said...

Pride is the hallmark of
the conceited.

Pride also comes before
the fall.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Aiyah folks, the job you lost whether to a foreigner or to technology is not coming back. The angrier you get, the more time and energy you waste without a solution in sight.

Sure Singaporeans are willing to work. But those who are not---there will be a few lazy entitled assholes, but most are willing and able, no question---but Singaporeans are also "choosy" and want to be paid Big Buck$$ for a job some Chinese, Indian, Pinoy, Burmese, Vietnamese...and white trash Aussie (hahaha) will do for LESS, and they're are willing to work late, weekends.

Now that the TPP (and other previous "free trade" deals) is signed by many silly cuntrees, every signatory cuntree to the TPP can expect lots of "foreign meddling/ influences" in their domestic economies, labour markets, capital markets and structures, probably even their domestic politics and cultures too.

The way humans live on earth is changing lah. We are 7 billion, and many of us will live to experience 9 billion's worth of humanity, that's A LOT of humanity.

How many will be cool? How many will be assholes? Will they be friendly and respectful towards each other? Or will they be slaughtering each other in constant warfare?

So relac lah. In the bigger scheme of things, your self-inflicted "problems" are quite irrelevant. ;-)