China – Send in the clown

Pinoy President Aquino is in Japan to pay homage to the Japanese Imperial Army that invaded his country and massacred thousands of his Pinoys and looted its treasures in WW2. He may even visit the Yasukuni Shrine to pay respect to the murderers and looters of his country. And to prove how useful he is, he even branded China as the Nazi of Asia but admitted that his knowledge of history is primitive. He did not know that the Japanese was part of the German Nazi Axis that had carved out the world for the Japanese Emperor and Hitler and with the Philippines to be under the rule of the Japanese Empire. Call him silly?

China should make this clown a joke of his country. China could do a couple of things to wipe his silly smile off his stupid face. An easy thing will be to stop the import of bananas, the only thing that this country is good at producing. The second thing is to tell Hong Kong to throw out the army of Pinoy maids, the second most famous product of the Philippines. That would surely make the clown jumps around in his little circus.

Oh, he may send his biggest antique warship to fight with the Chinese Coast Guards. Hope the Captain of the biggest Pinoy warship would not quote lack of fuel and supplies and flee one more time when the Coast Guards point their water hoses and threaten to flood its deck and sink it. If it sinks in the Chinese island, they would not have any ship big enough or the capability to drag it back to the American Subic Base. It would rust there under the hot sun like the other rusty scrap that was once a naval ship rotting in another Chinese island.,

This time he may called for help from the Japanese Imperial Army after being such a good boy in Tokyo. And the Japanese Imperial Army would love to return the Philippines again after they left in WW2.


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

WOW! The asshole just sabo'ed he whole cuntry! What's more he compares China to Nazishahaha...he played The Hitler Card.

What an ass. Harvard educated some more. The Harvard alumni must be cringing at Benny's invocation of the the "Nazification" of China's reputation.

Could he end up as another victim of another Aquino assassination?

BTW, weren't the Imperial Japs and Nazi's buddy-buddy in WW2?

President Benny had better brush up on history lah! Putang ina mo!

Anonymous said...

The Pinoys have been arresting Chinese and Taiwanese fishing boats and shooting and killing them. They even killed Hong Kong tourists in Manila. None of these victim countries ever shot bad and killed any of the Pinoys. So shameful. It is time they shoot back at the Pinoys, arrest their pirates/naval boats and make the Pinoys pay for their returns like the Pinoys did to them. The Taiwanese are the most shameful of the lot.

The Pinoys are also claiming Sabah as part of the Philippines. What else would they want to claim? If the Chinese were too slow the Pinoys would want to claim the whole of South China Sea as theirs. In their own native maps they have renamed South China Sea as Pinoy Sea. See how ambitious they are?

Anonymous said...

Why always talk and talk and more talks!

It is NOW time for some ACTIONS!

Why wait! Waste time no more!




patriot said...

Pinoys are truly silly.
Why go for tiny uninhabited islets?
They should go for Borneo and occupy it. They wikk not have to suffer typhoons, volcano eruptions and other natural disasters that nature endows them
Borneo is huge with resources to last for many centuries.

Why so stupid risking danger to go for those tiny inhabitable islets.


Anonymous said...

aquino is actually mocking the host

nazi is the best friend of japan imperial troop

abe dont even realize that his honorable guest is insulting his grandfather legacy.

Anonymous said...

True, Abe's grandfather was the other half of the Nazi Regime. Scolding the Nazi is like scolding Abe's grand father in front of Abe.

Now you know why Abe is behaving like Hitler and turning Japan into a Nazi Japan?

Anonymous said...

China was 'shocked '.

The cna news translated China foreign spokeswoman comments from Mandarin's 回头是岸 into english- 'return to the shores' !! ha ha so funny

Pinoys must be puzzled by the translations reading them

Anonymous said...

They could be eyeing the P3 spy planes the japs are replacing with advanced P8.

Anonymous said...

Calling this Pinoy President clown is an insult to the clowns.
Calling him an idiot is an understatement.
Why would the Pinoy voted this ass to be their President?

Anonymous said...

Abe must be cursing and swearing this stupid President for insulting his grandfather. And the stupid President will put on his stupid smile thinking that the had said something clever and pleasing to Abe's ears.

Pinoys reading this please go and enlighten the stupid President on what the had said about Abe's grandfather.

Virgo 49 said...

The Chinese had one trait in the virtue of "Ren".

This can be interpreted by the barbarians as weakness.

Unless pushed to the walls, then they will retaliate.

Once they retaliated, All Hell will broke loose.

Have a common enemy to antagonise them, they will summoned all the good brothers with tiger and dragons tattoos to exterminate the bullies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

OK you guys, got to be fair to this President. He admitted that the knew nuts about history. So it is ok to make that kind of mistakes. Abe also may not know that the Pinoy President was digging at his grandfather without intending to do it.

Anonymous said...

He is smarter than the actor President. But I think Pacman is many times smarter than him.

Anonymous said...

This 'cowboy of the East' thinks he is in a Hollywood movie. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is for real lah. He just have to act tough to add realism, but he does not have the look or charisma of Clint Eastwood to carry it through. What a joker!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aquino has received Japan’s highest honor, the Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum. Dun play play hor !

Next time visit these countries can yayapapaya -liao
Foreign recipients of the Order of the Chrysanthemum

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, 1962[2]
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh[4]
Charles, Prince of Wales, 1971.[5]
Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden[6]
Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.[7]
Prince Joachim of Denmark.[8]
Vajiralongkorn, Crown Prince of Thailand
Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
Philippe, King of the Belgians [9][10]
Porfirio Diaz.
Toomas Hendrik Ilves[11]
Valdas Adamkus.[12]
Aleksander Kwaśniewski.[13]
Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, 2015.
Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan[14]
Benigno Aquino III[15]

b said...

Which countries are partnering with such dumb dumb? Sure fail one. He is an insult to his countrymen and women intelligence if there is any.

Anonymous said...

'Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum'?

Is that a new kind of drink by Magnolia or Yeo Hiap Seng? I can see that the list of drinkers are all 'unknown knowns' or 'known unknowns' of one kind or another.

Anonymous said...

the japs is bound to sell its submarines to the pinoyland in no time. if the jepun kia would splash $100B into its sphere of control-adb to challenge,spite China aiib over the 5 years

leasing pinoys a couple Sōryū-class nipppon made submarine credit first

should be no problem what?

Anonymous said...

Abe wants to relax Jpan arms export laws, in line with its ambitions to revive the defence industry. Philippines could a potential market as in other asean countries.

Anonymous said...

Japan is already loosing out on consumer products, particularly to the South Korens, so why not change to producing weapons for export instead.

It is a lucrative industry, long exploited out by the Americans. They just have to start wars to boost weapons sales, and there are lots of potential for starting conflicts right now in this region, and for the weapons market to boost the Japanese economy.

Never underestimate the thinking of a samurai.

JayF said...

Nazi Germany?

Nah, the current PRC is more in the mold of Imperial Germany in the mold of the German Reich under the Kaiser.

Arms race with all her neighbours declining relatively and with giant chips on the shoulders looking to upset the status quo.

Anonymous said...

This Pinoy President reminds us of the Pinoy nurse who worked in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, threaten to kill all Singaporeans and take over Singapore.

And other instances of Pinoy threaten to kill Singaporeans , eg. below:




Anonymous said...

Samurai spirit is a myth. They launched a major air strike against the stupid Americans at Pearl Harbour without warning, without declaration of war, sinking the entire Pacific Fleet and several thousand American sailors with no chance of fighting back. That was sneaky of the first degree.

And many stupid people and Americans still talked about Samurai honour and spirit.

How daft can they be? It is not the same as a gun draw when two cowboys stand to face one another squarely. That is honour.

Samurai spirit my foot.