China’s appeasement policy towards the US is an invitation to war

The Chinese have been appeasing the Americans while the latter continue to rake up tension by more provocative actions and words. Coming from across the Pacific Ocean to the heart of Chinese territories in the South China Sea, the Americans are flying their military aircraft and naval ships close to Chinese islands. These provocations have been swallowed by the Chinese without retaliation. By so doing, the Chinese are only encouraging the Americans to be more adventurous, taking the meek response from the Chinese as signs of weakness.

Even at the Shangri La Dialogue, the Americans were so arrogant as to tell the Chinese to stop reclamation work in Chinese islands immediately. What would the Americans say or do if the Chinese were to tell them to stop reclamation work in American controlled Pacific islands? China’s response to such aggressive talks was expected, conciliatory and polite, not wanting to confront or challenge the Americans directly. This is another sign of weakness in the face of rude provocations by the Americans, and this is bad for peace when dealing with the world’s hegemon, the Number One bully.

China has not learnt its lessons from the 19th and early 20th Centuries when weaknesses would invite aggression and invasion by the foreign powers. The Japanese even told the Chinese right in the face then that it was the Chinese fault for being weak that led to the Japanese invasion of China. And if China is going to continue to show its weak front, history is going to repeat itself. The Americans and the Japanese would be more tempted to mount an attack against China with the slightest excuse they could fabricate.

When dealing with bullies and aggressive countries, China must be strong enough to meet might with might. The Americans and Japanese would only back off if China shows the resolve and confidence to take them head on. Just like the U 2 incursions into China in the past, the Americans only stopped their intrusion when China was able to knock them off from the sky.

But events have since taken a turn for the worst with the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and the B52 nuclear bombers flying straight into China but not taken down. Both were acts of war and the latter with the threats of dropping nuclear bombs in China cannot be accepted or tolerated. Both showed signs of weakness on the part of China and raised the level of it being attacked and harassed over and over again.

The time has come for China to knock down a few of the Poseidons if it wants to keep the bullies from more provocative acts in the South China Sea. There is no other way, and being meek, appeasement, would only lead to a war that China wants to avoid. If the Americans and the Japanese are intent to start a war against China, China must not run away. China has to make a stand now, that it would take them on in the next provocative move.

China needs a Code of Conduct for the Americans and the Japanese, that if they do such and such an act, the Chinese response would be such and such. It must be made very clear to these provocateurs that it is up to it to take them on and would not run away the next time, if it wants to avoid a war with them.


Anonymous said...

I can tell u that whatever lah, war will never break out between any countries and China.

I mean, to put it simply if u still cannot get it, why want to make war when they can make money with China?

Why would smart and talented Sinkies want to join Sinkie opposition to make it strong and ready to fight and take over as govt from PAP when, with their talents, they can make lots of money under PAP rule?

And so if the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, why would there be war between China and America, much less with other countries?

Anonymous said...

China is too weak military wise therefore can not take in the combined might of USA and Japan plus Pinoy etc. this type of thing Bo bian one as it is not the the Chinese is not angry. Angry also no use when you can't confront the other party with might.

Anonymous said...

Fighting with China, even if China may be weaker, is a lose lose thing lah.

Whereas making money with China is a win win thing lah.

So if u are smart, which would u prefer, fight or make money?

Anonymous said...

The powder keg has already been laid. Just waiting for one side to lit the fire.

China plus Russia now have a combine enemy. If this this breaks out, throw in a North Korea and it will be explosive.
The bilderbergs and Rothschild of the world are just waiting for the next Germany To put their blame on,
Is no brainer which side of the bread singapore is spreading its butter on.
Your leaders has no appreciation of what Chinese history is about, so your default skin color is irrelevant.
Is the red passport and that annual 15% of gdp defense budget that will matters and show its might or flight if and when it comes down to it.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ premature ejaculating conclusion, RB:

Aiyah, relac lah uncle. It's early days yet. American time frame is about as long as the next 2 presidential elections, assuming the next president (Hillary) will serve 2 terms.

Who knows what the Chinese time frame is---probably measured in generations lah. They play the LONG GAME.

The way it is at present: China doesn't have many friends in the region. All the balls-less Asian cuntrees are blowing American cock because they all are "uncomfortable" with China's claims in the South China Sea, even though if you look at the OLD HISTORICAL MAPS any bloody fool can see how much TERRITORY China has "owned".

agongkia said...

Dun understand why uncle like to see action.沉默不是懦弱。忍耐不是嘛木。。。。
The Chinese are tolerant and do not feel such simple action as provocative .You just can't see the reason behind.Dun be naive.The Chinese are far sighted and their leaders know when to act.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with Matilah and agongkia.

The Chinese leaders are unlike the Pinoy President, all hot air and posturing and full of himself, trying to be the leader of this region's poodles. The Chinese always play the long term game, keep their cards close to their chest and talk and act when they think is necessary.

Anonymous said...

No wonder there is earthquake in Sabah -6.0 mag

The japs are coming with their warships and plane into south china seas, the pinoys are letting the japs to uses Philippines as a refuel bases so as too extend Jpn military reach into this region

all the moves are under the auspices of US, which recently had called for the Japanese navy to patrol south china seas

Anonymous said...

The Pinoy President may be a clown. The Japanese Abe is mad. How many missiles are pointing at the major cities in Japan and how many needed to sink the Japanese islands? He is still thinking of a war with China?

The peasant soldiers are now very well armed and have the most advanced weapons to take the Japanese on, not just with knives and antique rifles.

Anonymous said...

Sabah supposedly belonged to a Pinoy Sultanate in the past. Do not know why Philippines do not claim it.

Anonymous said...

we must understand the mentality of aggressive anglo saxon

in 19th century, British power come to china and try to purchase some land in china territory

British trader communities would live there and governed by british law.
because british citizen should not subjected to chinese law

from china perspective, the sale of land is about RIGHT OF USE -
sovereignty remain with china despite ownership of land belongs to british trader under chinese law ( private ownership )

from British perspective, the sale of land is about transfer of sovereignty.
sovereignty would belongs to britsh regime.

luckily, china reject their british request.
british try to use such deception to lure china to allow them to settle in island and build military base. ( HK )

that explain why british wage war against china for stupid reason - opium war

British had repeatedly use same deception to dupe local king in malaya , north bornea with similar deal

British to sign a lease with king
allow them to build some facilities.

b said...

China is weak? This must be a joke. China does not need to be personally involved to destroy pinoy and jipon islands.

Anonymous said...

brunei kingdom has legitimate right to urge filipino to return luzon and palawan back to them

before spanish conquest, those island, luzon and palawan was under the jurisdiction of brunie sultanate.

Anonymous said...

Interesting if Brunei starts to claim Luzon.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ incomplete understanding, 314:

>> we must understand the mentality of aggressive anglo saxon <<

You only went halfway. The "agressive anglo saxon" (and please include other Europeans), as you put it, WON the whole fucking game---at least to this point in history. English speaking Western culture and influence---arguably in decline---still dominates the world. Despite its obvious flaws and neuroses, western culture has SEDUCED the world.

Humans are a species which probably have to be pushed, kicking, screaming, bloodied, bruised and slaughtered in the millions, into kinds of "organised entities", and the "aggressive" Europeans are the collective cultures which are MOST responsible for shaping our modern world.

Brutal? Sure. Racist? Undoubtedly. Crazy? Absolutely. Greedy? Core philosophy. Horny? All the time. Drunk or High? Fuck yeah, tripping balls.

Our white cousins have one fundamental to teach us: THINK BIG, then go and get busy! No other culture, except Khan's Mongols were after TOTAL CONQUEST and GLOBAL DOMINATION. The Europeans started 2 world wars---Europeans like fighting so much, they "invited" the whole fucking world to join in the ass-kicking party. 😂😂

Anonymous said...

mongol only have ambition to conquer your land

but anglo saxon try to destroy your civilization , culture, logic, political correctness and replaced it with their SUPERIOR MASTER CULTURE

that explain why current hongkies think differently from previous generation

1. say NO to shark fin soup
2. say NO to idol worshiping
3. say no to traditional values

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


>> that explain why current hongkies think differently from previous generation

1. say NO to shark fin soup
2. say NO to idol worshiping
3. say no to traditional values

But they say

1. YES to blond hair and blue-eyed coloured contact lenses
2. YES to talking with "American slang" or in HK case: clipped British accent
3. YES to dressing in "hip" western fashion
...etc etc.

Culture is made up from memes which can compete or integrate with each other.

Food and language memes can coexist and integrate. For e.g. you can have western food and Asian food side by side or integrated with each other, like "rendang pizza" or "tofu burgers". Language can coexist and and integrate, for e.g. "Singlish": "Wah that girl is stunningly chio bu!" or "Your mother's cheebye!"---a unique "integration" of English and Chinese dialect, no problem, everyone understands.

However other cultural memes tend to COMPETE with each other, especially in traditional values. The most noticeable one is: in western culture, individual is the primary, in most Asian cultures the group (race, cuntry, traditions) or the family is the primary. The individual "contributes" to the group as a "member" who has absorbed the groups common traits and values.

Thus it is to be expected that some cultural memes will "DESTROY" competing memes of the other culture, to the point where one culture will appear to DOMINATE the other.

Western culture might have been "forced" on others in the ancient world. However in today's world western culture spreads by SEDUCTION. For e.g. no one "forced" you to slang and yaya papaya like an American. You decided that it was "better" than your local stuff, so you got "seduced"....and voila, you are now a BANANA.

Singapore is a nation of BANANAS---founded by a REAL Englishman, and then later governed by a Peranakan Chinese English Educated LAWYER.

And guess what? Singapore + Western culture: It rocks lah!

Anonymous said...


i dont reject western culture

what i trying to say

that western culture, ideology had override our accepted logic , value system and belief

for instance,

one day, gay marriage would change our accepted view on definition of family, boy girl interaction, adoption, education , discrimination, mocking culture of lesbian, gay theme in the movie

indirectly, western power managed to destroy our civilization - belief system

you are another white MEN.

frequent interaction between local culture and foreign culture - it definitely rock
but if one culture try to dominant over another,

it is serious threat.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ mostly, I agree, 331:

>> that western culture, ideology had override our accepted logic , value system and belief <<

For sure. Western culture is definitely more "sexy" than most of the world's other "ethnic" cultures.

>> one day, gay marriage would change our accepted view <<

It's nothing to do with western culture per se. It is just that western culture tends to be swayed by science and ACCEPTANCE of the "individual freedom to be different, by choice, or by nature".

Female and male homosexuality, bisexuality and even transgenderism have been observed in many other (non human) species.

Hence when people use the argument that: "Homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism are MORALLY WRONG because they go AGAINST NATURE", these folks are COMPLETELY WRONG, because gender orientation and sexual preference other than male-female type is actually IN 100% accordance with NATURE---i.e. completely natural.

Therefore if you have a culture which has a belief that: "Gays, lesbians, bi's and transgendered (LBGT) are an ABOMINATION, and their sexual encounters deemed CRIMINAL ACTIVITY", then your culture is out of step with OBJECTIVE reality and needs to change, or its stalwart adherents of that culture who refuse to change in light of the evidence, should die, and fade away into oblivion.

Thus section 377A of The Penal Code of Singapore is a pure EMBARRASSMENT to Singapore---supposedly a centre for cutting-edge science and technology. Laughing stock lah...

>> indirectly, western power managed to destroy our civilization - belief system <<

Yes. Creative destruction. But actually, they didn't force the change, as much as the "conquered" allow themselves to be SEDUCED by the sexy, individual, self-centred western culture.

Western culture also liberated women, and cast into LAW their rights and protections.

So the "belief system" which enslaved (and continues to enslave) women in more "traditional" cultures---completely destroyed, and being chipped away, quickly, as it should. Progress lah.

>> if one culture try to dominant over another,

it is serious threat. <<

Yes, and it should. That will never change. Ideas COMPETE for attention and acceptance. Individuals have to choose which ones they are going to adopt by "either-or" choice, or try to "integrate" them so that they can enjoy the best of many worlds.

Western culture? Damn sexy lah. Hard to resist. So why resist?