China – the demon fabricated by the West

Angela Poh Ming Yan, a Ph D student at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies made this comment in her article, ‘For China, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t’, in the ST on 4 Jun 15, ‘To Beijing, the uneasiness and reluctance of regional countries to jump onto the Chinese economic bandwagon is mystifying.’

In a similar vein George Yeo commented that China’s intentions were often misunderstood. George was speaking at a public forum on Asia organized by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies on 3 Jun 15. ‘China does not intend to subordinate the economic strategies of other countries to its own and is misunderstood by others…the historical basis of the Silk Road…was “not on the basis that we must be the same, or that my values become yours or your values become mine”… instead it was “on the basis that we protect trade and property and there’s a fair exchange, value is added, there’s a positive sum, we all add benefit in the process”’.

While Angela Poh was wondering aloud that whether China do or don’t do it would be damned, George said, ‘Let’s hope that good sense will prevail, that the greater sense will be on all the benefits of exchange. And if you can recreate the prosperity brought about by the Maritime Silk Road, I think all these things will be set in perspective.’

Both were just being too polite to name the devil for demonizing China over a few centuries by the West that the name China is synonymous with evil, expansionism, aggressor, bullying but the reality was just the reversed. If the Asian countries would bother to think and look carefully, they would know who is the real bully, the expansionist power, the warmonger and the evil empire?  Since the eclipse of China as the richest nation of the past, China was a victim of Western aggression and conquest and humiliation. China was broken up, its land seized, and its wealth stolen. China is just picking up the pieces and trying to put together what was rightly part of China without claiming an inch of what does not belong to her.

The West, the western media and the Evil Empire have been relentless in putting down China when obvious economic initiatives like the Silk Road, AIIB, trade and infrastructure development with the rest of the world were branded as bad as if China was conquering its trading partners with a gun and taking advantage of their haplessness like the West did in the past and still doing. The Americans are the one that were starting wars and fighting wars, bully every country that did not want to tow the line, including bullying China by the use of might, but China was blamed as the bad guy.

How so, just read the local papers with all the western slanted articles against China used to feed the dull and unthinking mind of the masses. And this is repeated in all Asian countries. How could they not have a bad image of China like the way they demonized Iran and North Korea daily? Maybe George should ask the local media why they are paying for western biased articles against China when the sources of such articles should be paying them handsomely for the right to put their propaganda on their pages to do damage to China and other countries they chose to rubbish and demonise.

If Channel News Asia has the cow sense to use indigenous staff to report news of their respective countries from their own perspectives and for their own interests, should not the local media do likewise instead of paying to report news from the western perspective and to promote western interests and to dig and ridicule Asian countries with their slanted views and opinions?

What say you, George?


Anonymous said...

But then Angela Poh and George Yeo are currently not even politicians leh.

So they don't have the slightest power to do things that RB like them to do, tio bo?

Of course they can say things lah, just like RB, but talk only what, whether from them or western media, and got use or not?

So why get so worked up by the talk of western media about China, RB?

Anonymous said...

RB still remembers his roots. He knows who his father was.

Do you know who was your father and grandfather and great grandfather? Was it John, Peter?

Anonymous said...

Maybe John Wayne Lee, Tan,Leong or.... LOL

Goh said...

What do these Angelas and Georges know about China.
I oso PHD student.PHD for Penang Hokkien Dialect.

Goh said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

The roots of this are in the history of stereotyping of Chinese people, by the west, especially by the "creators of culture" like Hollywood.

For e.g.

[1] Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu. Hey, WTF? lah....

[2] Peter Sellers as Charlie Chan Nabeh cheebye lah!

[3] East Asian woman stereotyped as prostitute "Boom boom long time! 15 dollar Downright insulting and not just racist...sexist too!

[4] L B F Ms aka "Little Brown Fucking Machines"...hey fellas, that's just not cool man! Didn't yo mama teach you any manners?

...and on it goes. Chinese are simply a sub group of the larger Asian stereotype, in fact heuristically they are THE SAME.

Once a stereotype is imbedded in the CULTURE, and LANGUAGE it stays there.

Complaining about this is POINTLESS. This is a MEME, or rather a collection of memes. So if a solution is to be found, you guys better bone up on (the much debated and criticised) MEME THEORY.

Anonymous said...

do you realize that majority of media in the world re print the article from reuters, ap, afp?

that was how US media censorship works.

US always create demon for their citizen

russia, china,iran, north korea, burma, vietnam, al qaeda, taliban

because US domestic politic required an ENENMY to justify their aggressive military spending.

i cant find any article in US media

who call black protester in ferguson, baltimore as" PRO DEMOCRACY activist"

i cant find any picture, name or their cause of any single individual black protester.