Beware of your pockets

If the forum pages of the main media are an indication of what is over the horizon, I am fearful of what is in the pipeline. The main media has rightly been perceived as the sounding board for the govt policies, what the govt has in mind are often tested first in the media for a ground feel or to signal what is coming next. And the preview could lessen the impact when policies are implemented with the people mentally prepared for the shock.

The last few days the signals are for higher cost of water consumption and hitting hard on car ownership. Two foreigners, I am guessing from their names, likely new citizens or PRs, one a Dr Asit K Biswa and a Cecilia Tottajada, wrote to the ST forum that the cost of water was too low, or cheap and it was time to tighten the tap on cheap water to reduce consumption. Another comment, not sure if it was from the same two, ‘the price of water has not increased since 2000’.

See the reasoning for the increase? So long never increase so much increase. The other reason, must increase price to cut down on consumption. Aren’t the people already paying too much for water with different kinds of water conservation taxes? Not enough, still want to increase? And the reason is to cut down on consumption. Did they know the history of water pricing and the cost of water instead of gut feel of cheap or expensive, based on what, market mechanism?

Hey professori from whatever university, I already limit myself to take bath once a week to cut down on water usage. Not enough? And I only brush teeth once in two days. And I also use used water to flush the toilet bowl, which means the water is used several times before flushing down the drain. Do you know or not? It is so easy to talk about cutting down consumption. Tell the poor worker to cut down on food consumption lah. But make sure you know how many meals he is taking and what he is taking in the first place. If the guy is already taking plain bread or plain porridge and only two times a day, how much more to you want him to cut down? You think everyone eat like a pig, 5 meals a day? You think everyone is hosing water on their cars?

Do these so called academics know what they are talking?

And the other call, not by an academic I think, to reduce car usage, is to make car use prohibitive. What a moron. The next thing, to manage the use of precious land, shrink the size of flats by half to make it painful. There are many people who must use car whether for work or for special needs. Using the car is a necessity and sometime unavoidable. And there are many small enterprises that need a car or they could not operate. Increase cost to make it prohibitive? I see shit coming out of the mouth.

But put these silly thinkers and comments aside. What is behind these calls, is it an indication of what is coming and the media or govt is preparing the ground for increase in water fees and more financial disincentives to car usage?

What are the real problems to water usage and car usage? What are the causes to high water usage and car population? You dunno meh? Think 10m or 6.9m. If the govt is crazy to keep pumping more people into this piece of rock, water will always be not enough and no matter how high the price is, the people would still need to use them. Fuck the pseudo academics. And so will be space for cars. 5m and we are so squeezed with so many cars, 6.9m and 10m, how would it affect car prices and car usage? Is this what we want? Is this for better quality of life? Prohibit car ownership, prohibit water consumption so that everyone would smell like a sweaty manual worker and cannot afford to bathe?

This is already one of the most expensive city to live in. Want to increase cost further by more stupid suggestions?


jjgg said...

Aiya...what's wrong with collecting more money. If the governed are stupid n silly enough to accept whatever shit is dished to them then, so be it..Singapore is the most expensive place in the world with the lowest rate of inflation...hehe..whoever is running the dept of statistics is worth his weight in shit....hehe

Virgo49 said...

Time to stayi in Mahathir land where water is only Rm3.00 minimum charge.

One COE can buy three proton in Nasib land.

See sunset at frangipani beach at Penang under LGE

Proceed to Genting for some jackpot and cool air

One Sinful dollar to 2.8 ringitt

What you waiting for??

Anonymous said...

Living in this tiny, highly crowded and very very expensive
city state is like that lah.

Cost of living is always on the up up up!

To survive here, your pockets must have money, plenty plenty
of money!

YES you must have plenty plenty of money!

No money no talk!

What say you?


patriot said...

Sinkies are fine with whatever the Rulers want and do.

The Testing and Conditioning by broaching an intention had been used since decades ago. It is only now that some Sinkies are beginning to realize. Daft was used NOT for NO reason.
Dare I say Sinkies will be fine with any increases in prices of anythings even IF THERE ARE NO PRE-CONDITIONING.
THEY WILL USE 'BOPIAN'(WHAT TO DO) as a natural excuse.

Up North, electricity is not only much cheaper, consumption below $20Ringit is not charged(FOC).
As for housing and car ownership in other countries, there is no comparision.

Put it this way; they are so very kind to provide us hints and indications of their intentions.
We must thank them and be grateful.
There is a tradition in most cultures to pray and wish the animals a safe and smooth journey to heaven before they are slaughtered. The Killers are most compassionate.


Anonymous said...

Is the PAP government the highest "cost push" factor in Singapore?
Is the PAP government the most expensive government cabinet in the world?
So how do we reduce the high cost of living in Singapore?

If we vote out the PAP government, do you think our cost of living will come down?
Will we finally achieve a "realistic and correct" cost of living?

Anonymous said...

I think they will be nominated as NMP in next Parliament.
This kind of helpful questions like is our water too cheap, is cpf really your money are what they like to plant as silent majority views.
Don't get conned.

patriot said...




Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 950:

>> No money no talk! What say you? <<

No talk, no eat, no drink, no buy, no travel, no doctor, no home, no friends....no point!

Complaining about increased cost of living is futile. It won't change anything. Once you control the price (the govt), then you can move the demand curve in any direction. You are master of the universe....you can control people's USAGE, as if you are implanted directly into their brains.

Damn shiok to have so much power lah.

Anonymous said...

Political Joke
Nike's slogan is "Just Do It".
PAP's slogan is "You Do It".
40% wise Singaporeans' slogan is "Fuck Yew".

We pay you so much salary, and your solution is for me to pay some more is it?
Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Never trust the local media. These could be phantom writers concocted by them on instructions by the G. G has these increases in mind and if the really implement them, hey there is support

Notice the same with opposition letters to the press. They deliberately allow to on print one eg by CSJ. Next few days, there would be 5 times as much reponses to bombard him.
The local press are not ranked so lowly for press freedom and call running dogs and prostitutes for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Sinkies got to learn from matilar to be smart and live with no spirit of disappointment, sadness or despondence. Just mate here, there and anywhere.
Or work long and hard like Angkongkia, drawing or figuring made of clay, wood, wax and stone, soul-less of course like machine. Whatever increases or injustices do not hurt at all so long there are meimeis to hug.

There are folks that instigate and encourage the Pappies and that make the Pappies bolder, more exploitative and abusive.

Anonymous said...

the 2 writers Must be PAP people -
the suggestions, reasoning and
solutions are so totally stupid,
one-track and outdated.
but hopefully, this will encourage
more people to vote the PAP out.

to really break from the past,
suggest the govt impose water
rationing, food rationing (so much
wastage leh. that's why so many rats.
pple are also getting fat, and thus
getting diabetes, kidney and heart
probs). ban all cars too, and we'll
be forced to walk, cycle. can then
charge ERP for walkers and COE for
bicycles. 1st in the world to do so.

can also ban old people. once you hit
55, you have to either leave the country
or kill yourself. can then import more
and younger foreigners. also, dun allow
Anyone over 55 into Spore. this country
will be so vibrant, so happening.

the world will admire us, just like
it is in awe of how we treat 16-yr-olds
who say the Great Leader was ''horrible''.

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ.

He was not just horrible.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a PAP MP and a Nominated MP?

Anonymous said...

If the PAP wins big in the coming election, I think they will increase the minister's salaries substantially, because they will tell you it is too low and it is time for citizens to pay back what they forego over the last few years because of opposition in Parliament.

I agree with RB that there are ominous sign of an impending increase in many things, not discounting GST in the works. Those writers to the ST forum are just testing the ground and are the sounding boards of the PAP, and the messages are just to make sure Sinkies are mentally prepared for more good 'ears'. They will gauge the reactions, repackage the deals, give back some candies as in GST to silence the kid's grumbling, and presto everybody say aye.

Anonymous said...

“I think we are smart people. Do we want to protect Najib? Or do we want to protect the Malays and the country?" “This is what we have to ask ourselves,”
Dr Mahatir


Do we want to protect PAP? Or do we want to protect Singaporeans and the country?
This is what we have to ask ourselves.

b said...

all gov in this world played this game - treat the people as milk cows and milk them as much as possible, once they cannot produce milk, can send them to the butcher and harvest their meat, organs, whatever.

Anonymous said...

During hot weather, we end up drinking more water to hydrate ourself, so water usage should goes up, not down...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Greetings and good evening, to all you oblong dick gobbers and santorum eating brinwashed Sheeple...

It is intereting how many of you flip your shit everytime the govt. pumps one more dick thrust into your perennialy fucked arse holes.

....but, when the election cums around, you anal queens all vote for the same fuckers, again and again.

Not that I think that voting differently will make all that much difference. But never mind me, that is what I think. You voted according to how and what YOU think or feel or whatever...none of my damn business how the fuck you vote.

You vote for people who are going to screw you, then they screw you but you complain. Then you FORGET, and when come GE....PAP WINS!!

Is Singapore a nation of lunatics?

Anonymous said...

Rb, I thought the same reason of increasing petrol tax also Sama Sama that it has not been increased since x year. So therefore I agreed it's time to increase as all costs have gone up mah? Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Rb, tarriff can be categorized into consumption and waterplay. Rich people with private pool and Jacuzzis should pay much more.

Goh said...

//the price of water has not increased since 2000//...
Tell these suakoo that the price of Norbee in the 70s is 35 dollar and its still 35 dollar for Norbee today.
No increase since the 70s.
Who dun know Norbee or Sarbee can ask Matilah.

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Goh said...

On car ownership it would be good to allow our businesses and SMEs to have free COE for car registered under the companies.
Company operated for 20 years free COE
10 years 50%.Less than 5 years no free.
With our efficient transport system I dun understand why those individual must own a car.
Car is for those who really need it.
We must tax those lazy people with higher COE n help businesses with free COE.
My vehicle broke down n is carless for few days.
Urgently need to go office in town this morning.
Took a cab to town n cost 18.Need rush to sg kadut from there n cab cost me another 20.
A trip from there to Woodland interchange to catch a bus cost me 16.Took bus home cost me about 3.
Nearly 60 dollar for transport but can claim from company though.Maybe we shd allow Par Ong Chia on the road so as to encourage Sinkies to do away with car ownership. And why are there no buses plying Sg Kadut ?
I see young couples having fanciful names, owning new cars but cannot even afford to pay monthly allowance for their parents.
Must make it expensive for these people to own a car .

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Life sucks in Singapore. Even water is so expensive that people need to stinch on it, bathe less, drink recycled shit water etc. From some of the comments on this blog, its clear that some Singaporeans are so used to this craziness, that they even become apologists for their tormentors. The Stockholm syndrome should be renamed the Singapura Mass Apologist Disease. Like some hookers, who love their abusive pimps, these apologist seem to like the price increases, ever smaller apartments and ever greater restrictions to feel alive.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Car is for those who really need it.
We must tax those lazy people with higher COE n help businesses with free COE.
My vehicle broke down n is carless for few days. Agongkia

Life sucks in Singapore. Even water is so expensive that people need to stinch on it, bathe less, drink recycled shit water etc. From some of the comments on this blog, its clear that some Singaporeans are so used to this craziness, that they even become apologists for their tormentors. Anon 5:53

Anon 5:53 actually said it for me. The daft Sinkies have daftness in their DNA now and willing to accept and apologise for the shitty situation that we are in and did not know why?

Why should cars be only for the needy? Why should we be drinking shit water?

Do you know why? I am sure you are scratching your heads and still catch no balls.

It is the population, stupid. When the population is proportional to the land area, you can have all cars you want and no need to drink shit water and con yourself that it is a good thing. It is call balance and don't be too greedy and too ambitious.

Anonymous said...

Once in 50 years is here and they are celebratig big. They are testing if the daftness has gone down well inside the DNA of the converted and their offsprings. If the PAP lands a landslide victory, it means the mind-washing and DNA tinkering has been successful. I think most will agree that it is working like a charm.

The only question is, why has it still not been successful with Amos Yee. So they are trying very hard to figure out why, and what better place then a stay at IMH, a place for 'silencing of the lambs'.