Australia – The boy pretending to be a man

Australia is thinking seriously about sending military aircraft and naval ships to skirt Chinese territories in the South China Sea. It did that during the cross strait crisis by sailing a few warships through the Straits of Taiwan as a show of force, a flexing of military muscle at a time when China was still militarily inferior to the Americans. Standing on the shoulders of the Americans, the Australians are howling how strong they are and wanting to taunt and even go to war with China.

A midget militarily and no better than the Philippines, they still think China is the China they could push around. Remove the American military umbrella, the Indonesians could run through that island continent they robbed from the aborigines and make it part of greater Indonesia like a piece of cake.

Peter Jennings, a military analyst, is pushing and goading the Australian govt to flex its muscles with China, to show that Australia can snub at China at will. And many Australian politicians also believe that Australia should prove its manhood to China and China would be cowered in fear.  The Alice in Wonderland mentality or is it Crocodile Dundee, is still prevalent in this British colony. The Australians still believe they are a big player in geopolitics. They still could not see why their mining industry gone turtle up when the Chinese stop buying their iron ores.

The provocative measures the Australians are flirting with to test the resolve of China is comical. The dragon has awakened and the crocodile will become crocodile meat in Chinese herbal brew. It would be safer to send Crocodile Dundee to New York than to the South China Sea.
Grow up mate, the world has changed.


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> The provocative measures the Australians are flirting with to test the resolve of China is comical. <<

As I have said time and time and time again, Abbot is an fucking idiot. Well, Australia gets the govt they deserve too, so whatever happens---it's on them, the sheeple.

People complain too much about the Singapore govt. One day you kena the total incompetence of a govt like the federalés in Australia, then you know.

Virgo 49 said...

Majority of the devil may care don't work so hard aquino folks even polled that they are scared to have a confrontation with China.

Yet these descents of criminals from the equally criminal country of UK dared to taunt the PLA.

The saying: Have not seen coffin never shed tears very apt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Abbott still has not explained why he conned the world and Najib that he knew MH370 was in the Indian Ocean. He holds the clue to the truth of this crime. Who told him to lie to the Malaysians is the culprit behind the disappearance of MH370. They had something to hide and to deceive everyone to look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

"Abbott still has not explained why he conned the world....
RB 10:46 a.m.

Assuming Abbot did conned the world, so? What can China do? What can Malaysia do? Don't forget China even import lots of iron ore and minerals from Australia. And lots of Malaysians holidayed and studied in Australia. And lots of talented Malaysians (read non Bumis) even migrated there for good, to get away from the pro-bumi policies of the Malaysian Govt.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor, stupid Chinese and Malaysians. So easy to be bluffed by the white men. All Asians like that, cannot think, and like to be bluffed by white men and like to kiss white men's backside and said very nice smell.

Anonymous said...

Australia has a 20 million population and so in theory can have a 5 million army. It's not a small army and can give a good fight.

b said...

Australia has to wayang between the two big guns else she will get whack.

Anonymous said...

Australia is a white country and always on the side of the Americans. Nothing to wayang. That is Australia's true colour