Aquino had an audience with Emperor Akihito

In his latest visit to Japan, Aquino was given the honour to dine with the Japanese Emperor. This fine gesture is akin to Emperor Pu Yi being honoured by the late Emperor Hirohito of the Second World War. I could not remember if Pu Yi did enjoy this rare honour of the company of the Japanese Emperor then. If he did, he would be just as flattered as Aquino is today. Is Aquino hoping to be appointed to head another Manchuko in the Philippines should Japan decide to go on another military rampage to bring the whole of East and Southeast Asia under its neo Asia Co Prosperity Sphere?

In the days of Puyi and his Manchuko, Manchuria was the industrial base for raw material for the Japanese Imperial Army. Would the Philippines be able to provide the raw material needed by the industrial Japan and its war industry? If it could, Aquino would definitely be highly decorated and placed on high pedestal by the Japanese for his great contribution to the Japanese Empire. He has already been targeted as a good replacement for Pu Yi and is awarded the highest medal of Japan for his potential to be part of the Japanese Empire.

If the Philippines could not provide the industrial base, it could play the role of Korea by providing foot soldiers and comfort women for the Japanese Imperial Army. In these two areas the Pinoys would excel perfectively. Pinoy soldiers like war and are trigger happy. They are macho and enjoy being heroes. As for providing comfort women to the Japanese Imperial soldiers, this would be a piece of cake for the Pinoys, a job cut out for them.

The military alliance between Japan and the Philippines is a perfect match to rule East and Southeast Asia. They compliment each other with their comparative advantages. The Japanese are so happy with this catch in Aquino and Aquino is so happy to serve the Japanese Empire willingly. He must have seen many advantages in this make in heaven marriage of convenience.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually, like RB, I think the development of this "bum-buddy" relationship between Philippines and Japan quite interesting, with many possibilities---all of them hilarious. We need more cuntry and state level comedy in Asia, because we work too hard and don't take time out to laugh enough, because life in Asia is too serious.

Now the growing mutual ass-licking between 2 super-macho cultures---the Japs with their "manly" code of honour, aka Bushido, and the Filipinos with their parody of the American gunslinger lifestyle. Aahhh...so romantic, once deadly enemies, now conjoined in homoerotic bliss. Together, they can vanquish the evil Chinese dragon. United they will squash the Barbarians of Beijing.

Emperor? Seriously? This fucker still has power in this day an age? A supposed "descendent" from the (non-existent) sun goddess Ameratsu? This is where he gets his power and "authority" from? An unelected, ENTITLED prick, whose Imperial father inspired kamikaze, whilst thousands of other "warriors" slaughtered Asians in the millions.

Good one Aquino. Keep bending over and sucking dick. You're doing fine, bro'!

Anonymous said...

What did they do? Did the emperor ordered dumb ass Aquino to kneel down or bend down? They must have a pretty good time together. After this, the Japs may resort to their sneeky attack just as they did at Pearl Harbour.