Amos Yee – A miraculous medical discovery!

I am not sure if this discovery is good news or bad news. According to a survey, its finding is that Singaporeans would not have heart problems anymore. Singaporeans would also not have heart diseases. There will be no need for heart transplant ops as well. The heart surgeons and specialists are going out of job and would have to migrate to other countries where they could find patients with sick hearts. Even $8 open heart ops would be a thing of the past.

What is this miraculous discovery? Shhhh, they have discovered that Singaporeans did not have a heart! They have tested many of them and it is double confirmed, no heart, no heart beats. They cannot feel pain, they cannot feel any emotions. And when you tell them to touch their hearts they would look very lost. Where is my heart? Some may even asked what is a heart? Is it a good thing to have a heart or not?

There is also a theory that this Amos Yee episode was an elaborate set up for a very important mission. The next GE is around the corner and will be a very important one. And they are trying to find candidates with a heart. So this exercise was created to see if there are people who would stand up to show that they have a heart. Only those with a heart will be selected to stand for election.

Oops, no? So what should it be? Oh, sorry, my mistake. They are looking for candidates that can be tough and can make tough decisions. And in order to pass this hurdle, you need candidates that don’t have a heart. Only those without a heart can be unemotional and calm in decision making, would be considered for the next generation of leaders. Those who have a heart need not apply.

What is going on? Touch my heart, I swear, this is pure fiction, hallucination.  I must have been drinking too much water from the tap.


It is so obvious many current JLBs are not tier one or two! said...

Rb, u have a very valid point there. Unfortunately this is where it is heading since the last old guard GKS stepped down in 1984. Such a society is building itself on quick sand. Likely they can only get 5th or 6th tier people in. It has already happened long ago and only daft believe the propaganda those paper cats, dogs and cock roaches are more than 3rd tier calibre.

Anonymous said...

you may be drinking too much NEWwater!


When so many oso cock up, is the processed sewerage water as safe as touted to be? Any regular lab test done on samples? Or must wait for some incidents before the mentally entitled millions salary JLBs start to be proactive? said...

Tiok. Is the tap water nowadays as safe as before?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ that's the spirit!, RB:

>> They are looking for candidates that can be tough and can make tough decisions. And in order to pass this hurdle, you need candidates that don’t have a heart. <<

No, no. You need candidates with big and strong hearts so that those strong hearts can pump blood to their big balls, and the rest of their physiology so that they can swing those hatchets, and punch those knuckle dusters to move the cuntry and its sheeple along.

Singapore does well under a Benign Dictatorship, because Singaporeans essentially don't like nor trust each other. They want an authoritarian govt. to HANTAM "other people"( aka their fellow citizens) they disapprove of, don't agree with or hold in the highest contempt for whatever lame childish reason.

Singapore "justice" is based on the old principle of PROHIBITION. i.e. if they don't like something: BAN it, and legislate severe penalties for disobedience. In the Singaporean mind, this is FANTASTIC. If you have a problem with what someone says, simple: just make a police report, and the authoritarian govt will act swiftly.

With this culture of "TEKAN EACH OTHER", there is no alternative but to choose leaders who will sacrifice sheeple for the good of The State.

So I would say that Singaporean leaders need to be RUTHLESS, so that hard and unpleasant things which need to get done, actually DO get done.

Anonymous said...

Just a joke hor.
Why do you think for some people, a heart bypass cost only $8?
Because there was no heart inside to bypass in the first place!
The blockage was actually in the intestine due to being too anal retentive.
That's why they need more arsehole surgeons in the cabinet.

Ha ha ha ..... good joke said...

Good joke ...... ha ha ha ...... btw, this is the best medicine to cure all illnesses. No need kachng son of pongo

Anonymous said...

Please note that there is also now the Mechanical Heart and
there were transplants already.

Indeed there are many types of hearts in this cruel world!

Anyway, it is GOOD! Very GOOD!


Black hearts inside, all white outside. BULL SHIT! said...

Not only mechanical hearts ..... oso many hearts black in colour. Charcoal black. But outside white ...... from top to bottom outside all white. Just like many things in this sinking island. Outside glittering but inside rotten. In the 1990s, accounts need 56-man year. Now probably need multiple of that. How rotten can the inside get? But under company act, every firm must submit yearly audited report. Wt.............sai they practising?

Anonymous said...

I know one sure got bad heart. Not sure how many oso got bad hearts or no heart.

Anonymous said...

One? Easily u can count 87 + 2 + 9 + 1 more who looks more like selling some fast food fried chicken. Plus many more senile civil serpents.

Anonymous said...

Oops should be 86 + 2 + 9 + 1 and many more senile civil serpents.

87 - 1 = 86.

Already recalled to the 18th level for accountability.

The rest akan datang....

Many vacancies down there waiting. ......

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

To all you ENTITLED cocksucking motherfuckers/ motherfucking cocksuckers:

What makes you think you are all so special that you're ENTITLED to a govt. with heart, and possibly compassion?

I think yo deserve the govt. you get...here's why...

Where do you think those "heartless assholes" in govt. come from?

Form the same mothers' chow cheebyes as the rest of the cuntry lah (YOU lah, who else?)...the same stock of humanity, the same gene pool (got the concept yet?).

Plus they bring into office and into policy and law the same CULTURE as the entitled asshole sheeple population.

LKY said Singaporeans have become "less hard drivin' and hard strivin'". I'd like to add to that: Local Singaporean's arrogance is unmatched in the whole of Asia, and quite possibly beyond our continent. i.e.: Singaporeans are Asia's BIGGEST ASSHOLES.

Dun believe? Go to YouTube and have a look at what PRCs and other foreigners say about Singaporeans.

So...how can you expect the govt. to embrace principles of "humanity" when the locals are a pack of insufferable cunts?

Go fuck yourself lah, Singapore ;-)

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura at his candid best speaking the TRUTH AND



Anonymous said...

No wonder they thought of medishield life. No more diseases related to the heart if Singaporeans do not have a beart. No worry about hypertension, high colestral, and no more heart bypass surgery even if it costs only $8. So many diseases eradicated if Singaporeans are found not to have a heart.

Medishield Life is going to be another 'pau chiak' plan.

Anonymous said...

The resident madman went berserk again .... Lol

patriot said...






Anonymous said...

Well done Matilah.
Your mother must be very proud of you telling the whole world her cheebye is smelly like you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, thank you so much for your determined effort to keep the Amos issue alive in the eyes of the public. And my respect for such an insightful treatment in this article.

You are indeed very much accurate in your assessment: Singaporeans do not have a heart, they have lost their heart. How else do you explain the 60,000 who bursted the National Stadium and the thousands more who can't get in. These mindless minions are out to celebrate at the National Stadium while one of our young, underage sons is tied up in prison and sexually molested. Yes, no kidding! Amos was reportedly tied up in a bed and forced to expose his privates when he needed to pee into a bottle in an open prison ward. I'm hoping the authorities would come out and say it's not true, but instead, they have banned the circulation of that letter.

As for me, not only do I not pay to go to the stadium, I don't even switch on the TV for free viewing. Hey, the closing ceremony is an entertainment, not a sports - there's no gold medal to win. It's something I can do without. Singaporeans have many other means of entertainment - walk around the shopping centres, play video games, watch Korean serials. Let the mindless 60% go and cram up at propaganda events.

The SG50 events are coming soon, I'll be doing the same thing. Let the mindless 60% go and celebrate with these vicious demons who are holding power in Singapore while they are brutally molesting the young boy in prison.

Anonymous said...

Yes that's right. Even the stone on the walls are shedding tears.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, the families of the little children perished at Mt KK are still grieving and these morons brought in the guides to remind them of their idiotic ideas of sending these innocent children to their premature deaths.

Now showing the guides sightseeing in sinkieland.

So fast they put on a show and forget the tragedy.

And the rest of the sinkies enjoying the SEA kampong games.

The saying Some one tragedy is another's comedy is very apt.

So do not have yourself and your love ones to be in the same tragic situation as made by the morons in white.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ vaginal hygienist, 426:

>> Your mother must be very proud of you telling the whole world her cheebye is smelly like you. <<

C'mon mate, you know you smell like your mom too. That's what love's all about, you soulless cunt.

Anonymous said...

Matilar I hope u have ceased to abuse your mom sexually practising incest while proudly proclaiming as your right. Motherfucker please stop. Please leave your mother, sisters and daughters alone.

Virgo49 said...

Very difficult, socially engineered to lead this decadent lifestyle

Vaginas specialist as claimed by him