Amos Yee – How to cleanse this ‘devil’?

Putting him in jail wlll not save him. He is too evil, incorrigible and needs tougher measures if he is to be saved. A minimum of 18 months of reformative training under some angels is the least that is needed to save this bad boy. Heard they are considering 30 months of reformative training to be effective. The good hearted people are overstressing themselves to find a solution to save this boy from the devil. No stone will be left unturned to save him. You cannot blame them from trying.

I would like to make a suggestion. How about exorcising him? Get a priest to work on him, pull out the oldest scriptures on exorcism, get the most powerful priest to drive the devil out of him. The bathing of flower water would definitely not work on this bad boy. He is not a pagan or idol worshipper. Otherwise it would be quite easy. After bathing with flower water, let him drink a glass of water soaked with the ashes of burnt yellow charm paper. That would work.

Please do not suggest burning him on a stake. That would be too harsh. Like his lawyer Alfred Dodwell said, reformative training would be ‘disproportionate to the offence in question.’ So how, imprisonment would not work, long reformative training inappropriate and burning him on a stake surely cannot. What about water treating or water dunking? Anyone want to suggest bomoh?

It is very tough and unappreciated trying to save such a bad boy with a devil in him. Anyone got better ideas to save Amos the bad boy? Amos Yee is so lucky to be receiving so much attention from good hearted people. Be grateful and be thankful, and the best part, all free, no need to pay.

Amos Yee, why are you so difficult? You are making so many people worrying for you, trying to save you from the dark side. All because of you, so many people have to work extra hard when they could be spending time on other more important matters.


Anonymous said...



人在做 天在看




希望明天会更好! 希望明天会更好!

Anonymous said...

The Youngs are restless and rising. They have signalled with Writings on a very high wall. 5 of them risked their lives writing it. Shall we say they should have known the consequences of doing so.
Then there are those with better command of language and expression showing their displeasures at forums, cyberspace and got special attentions from state medias.
If anything, our youths are showing signs that they are very pissed off by the leaders.
Why would youths under 20 years old want to kill their prime minister and president?
Tell me please!

Anonymous said...

Is Amos Yee the problem or is it the anal retentive PAP government that is the problem?
Please tell us with your votes in GE 2015.

Anonymous said...

No need any cleansing, lah! Just take away his computer(s) and broadband Internet account. Ban him from Internet cafes. Surely the judge can do this.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Amos is a normal kid. Nothing wrong with him.

If he was in a liberal western cuntry, he would still get "walloped" (by free speech) by
many people, because he released his video the day before LKY's funeral, a provocative act in itself, never mind the "content". He could even face some forms of social ostracisation like being refused service in shops, might lose a few friends...that sort of thing.

However, he won't be appearing in court defending himself against charges because he broke really asinine laws.

IMO it is really twisted when the justice system of a cuntry, takes a normal, boisterous and rebellious teenager and deems this kid "defective" in some ways and thus requiring "repair".

To go along with RB, in the olde dayes, people with mental illness like schizophrenia or temporary condition like psychosis were deemed by the religious court (the only kind of court back then) as being "possessed by demons".

It'll be interesting to see how far the judiciary and courts will go to embarrass themselves, and their common alma mater: NUS Law, in judging a non violent, but "individualistic" kid a criminal.

But we all know fro history and experience that the Singapore courts are capable of very "creative" interpretations of the law.

Anonymous said...

Good that this kangaroo is talking about justice system.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, thank you very much for continuing to write about the disgrace rape of a 16 year old school boy by the country's authorities. I hope the alternative media do not let this grievious issue be forgotten until an apology is given by the authorities in power. Today it's Amos, tomorrow it could well be your friend or family members being subjected to such treatment.

Remember how the Nazis tighten the screws around the German people. First they came for (fill in the blanks...), then they came for (ditto). When they come for you, there will be no one left to defend you.

They are now in the process of putting up new Laws to make it illegal to mention LKY's name. Look beyond the reasons and excuses they are giving you.

They are telling us that the Constitution is not unchangeable. Do you think it's a coincidence of two events?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ self-sabotage 1100:

>> They are now in the process of putting up new Laws to make it illegal to mention LKY's name. <<

That is completely UNTRUE and just plain fucking WRONG. You are poisoning the well. The law is to stop fuckers from the commercial exploitation of the LKY name and image.

It does not apply to "creative works", which means the avatars of LKY morphing into WTF?!? are SAFE :-)

Anonymous said...

Just pray that Amos Yee is not abused too badly although he and his parents had suffered quite a lot already.
If only there is god......

b said...

In USA, he will be sent to Dr Phil show. It will definitely be a hit. Maybe MDA should invite Dr Phil to Sg to profit on this wonder boy.

Anonymous said...

Stupid boy got into so more trouble just for screwing Gods in his video.In most liberal democracies, no authorities would touch him.
But this is Sinkie style democracy. No law is too stupid or repressive to be rubber stamped in Parliament.
Kill the chicken to scare the Monkeys?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ living in dreamland 631:

>> this is Sinkie style democracy. <<

WOW! Singapore got democracy ah? How come I wasn't informed?

[1] Why Lee Kuan Yew Believed Democracy Was A Drag

[2] “Singapore is not an electoral democracy" Article found HERE

I keep telling you...actually I'm stating the obvious which you fuckers just can't grit your teeth, squeeze your asshole tight, and just cop to THE FACT that Singapore's Benign Dictatorship worked darn well.

OK, so a few fuckers get knocked down now and then by "knuckledusters". And no one cares. Amos is young, and very intelligent. He should have no problem picking himself up. I mean, the guy didn't give a fuck....even when released on bail, he continued to post on the net, when was not supposed to.

Amos might just be an "outlier", someone who is "knuckleduster proof".

I hope so.

Unknown said...

The "authorities" really painted themselves in a corner with this case.

I find Amos an obnoxious kids, just like thousands other running around. He is not the only kid in Singapore to use 4-letter words and vulgarities, so are we going to send them all to reformation camps?
What is actually his crime? who is/are the victims? who are the witnesses?
He "distributed" pornography?? what a joke! And I won't start about the religion thing, because there is a lot of hypocrisy going on when a certain founding father got away with comments about Malays and Islam
As I said, there are thousands of obnoxious kids who commit the same "crime" on a daily basis, but they are just not known..

But...what can the authorities do now?