Amos Yee dangerous?

This is a matter of relatively surely. How dangerous is Amos Yee cannot be viewed in a vacuum. There must be some reference point for comparison. Let’s take the case of those foreign thugs that were allowed here to enjoy our hospitality that keep on beating up the old cabbies and refusing to pay their taxi fare, are they more dangerous than Amos Yee?
What do you think?

In the case of 29 year Swedes, a 6 foot hunk beating up a frail 60 year old cabby claiming that he felt threatened and unsafe, what the fuck, and he got only 12 weeks jail. Would this be adequate? And many of these trash got even lighter punishments. How would such punishment going to help to correct their violent behavior? Should they be given more severe punishment to teach them a lesson, to reform them? Should they be considered for 18 or 30 months of reformative training so that they can be turned into good residents and stop beating up old cabbies?
Why is Amos Yee so dangerous compares to these foreign thugs? Did Amos Yee hurt anyone, beat up anyone? Actually Amos Yee was himself a victim of assault. Is he really do dangerous to public security? And why were these foreign thugs not required to be sent for reformative training?


Anonymous said...

"And why were these foreign thugs not required to be sent for reformative training?"

Because PAP, and voted in as govt by the 60%, decided no need mah.

But why PAP voted in by the 60%?

Because the opposition not ready to be govt mah.

But why the opposition ....??????

But why....?????

Anonymous said...

But why RB did not want to join the opposition?

Anonymous said...

But why RB did not want to join the opposition?
Anon 8:57 a.m

Why? Look here who recently join opposition NSP walkabout.

So why would RB want to join opposition? Or need to join?

Virgo 49 said...

Actually just join and draw allowance of 16K per month for the next four half to five years if elected.

tried to contest in a grc under the coattails of some heavy weights. Even got PHD as lecturer also not so much salaries.

After elected just keep mum and ponteng in parliament. Some more got prestige and diplomatic immunity.

Only lost some weight and voice during hustlings.

pretend to serve the people and smile and smile and kiss the babies and shake everybody hands

After five years enough for retirement

Anonymous said...

Do you think PM Lee has a vision for more Aliens in Singapore (population white paper)?
Do you think PM Lee has a vision for more Billionaires in Singapore?
Do you think PM Lee has a vision for higher salaries for PAP Ministers?

Do you think PM Lee has a vision for a better life for Singaporeans?
Do you think PM Lee has the patience and tolerance for constructive debates with creative Singaporeans like Amos Yee & Roy Ngerng?
Do you think PM Lee has the leadership qualities to lead highly educated Singaporeans in a high performing economy?
Do you think PM Lee and the PAP are only capable of managing a low skilled regimented economy manned by Singaporean digits?

GE 2015.
Tell us what do you think?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Of course you can't compare the thrashing of a puny taxi uncle by a monster Viking with Amos Yee lah. Anyone who attempts to even embark on such "moral equivalency" should have their education awards investigated by the authorities that weed out "fakers".

Amos is DEFINITELY MORE DANGEROUS than any foreign or local bully who indiscriminately hantams others---for fun or as a reaction from a perception of "threat".

The culprits who violently assault others are very simply charged in court, then sentenced to whatever the court decides. Open and shut. End of story.

But not so with Amos. For a multitude of reasons, mostly resting on the idea that certain events and their consequences have LONG TAIL EFFECTS. (LTE) In culture/ politics this means that many "small timers" like Amos (if he inspires others to do likewise) have the potential to UPSET and DISRUPT the "power" held by the few in authority at the top, as the costs of producing material like Amos is LOW (can be done at home with any computer and webcam or even a smartphone), and distribution costs are essentially negligible.

However for the "authorities", their costs are substantial. They have to produce and disseminate their "ideas"---i.e. production and distribution is resource intensive. In this case, it takes an entire govt. with the support of stat boards like MDA, and the courts to deal with the "viral" effects caused by one "solo" 16 year old and his computer. This is the effect of the power law's "long tail"

So what is the "danger"? To the average person: no danger. Maybe some annoyance if they feel "offended", that's all.

The "danger" is the plausibility of certain aspects of the culture, and hence the politics (politics EMERGES from culture) to change, because what Amos did "catches on" and slowly others will follow suit and start expressing themselves right in the face of authority, challenging the validity of the authority and its imposed "laws" or "mores", using cheap, fast, efficient and GLOBAL channels of distribution like FaceBook and YouTube, with synopses and announcements spread by SMS, IM and Twitter.

If you suck oblong dick, Amos Yee, 16 years old and all....and people like him are HIGHLY dangerous, because they will rock the system until it changes rapidly once the TIPPING POINT is reached.

Anonymous said...

You must know, Amos Yee is dangerous to the PAP because he dared to utter the 'unspoken' truth. Is Amos Yee dangerous to you or me? Hardly. If he is dangerous, RB is also dangerous.

So, by hook or by crook, he must be declared dangerous and destroyed, like Francis Seow, JBJ, and others. As the late Devan Nair said,'give a dog a bad name and then skin it.' For decades this has worked, that is why Sinkies are so obedient that they are deemed 'daft'.

Anonymous said...

I have only one wish, those horrible men going after him must get their due justice.

Anonymous said...

He is too dangerous to be let loose.
Should be placed in high security detention
no more
in power,
then see what
the next regime
He is too big
a threat to the

Anonymous said...

Wait for lightning strikes.

Anonymous said...

I heard election is around October. Now with the Amos Yee case and the earthquake fallout, the ground is not that sweet leh. But hor, with the reported damand for SEA games tickets so overwhelming that someone even went to the extent of printing fake tickets, we are going to hear of the great 'orth every cent'of spending $324 million on the games. Brunei must have pulled out because of the cost.

One the other hand, how come I see only an almost empty stadium during the atletics event. That stadium was a state of the art showpiece with everything special, including the grass that refused to grow type. It must be a waste of effort, not money, mind you. Money no problem,

b said...

Sg has never been uncolonised. Citizens are second class compare to foreigners who are first class.

b said...

Maybe Amos Yee can join opposition and take on TPL. It will be highly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, you are my hero for continuing to blog on the Amos issue. Your article makes it very clear how disproportionate the punishment they are going to mete out to rape the 16 year old schoolboy for the crime of insulting our dead prime minister. It really opens our eyes to see how vicious and wicked are the devils who are in power in governing Singapore.

I hope more bloggers will follow your example and never let this disgraceful issue be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

The case of Amos Yee is not a case of Amos Yee.

It is a case of Singapore and Its Judiciary System.

It is a case of Singapore and Its Present Government.

It is a case of Singapore and Its Immature Citizenry.

It is a case of The Strong Bullying the Weak.

It is a case of the Unreasonable versus the Logical.

It is a case of Lies versus Truths.

It is a case of Condemnation versus Compassion.

it is a case of Dictatorship versus Democracy.

It is a case of Abuse of Power against Humanity.

It is THE Catalyst for the Beginning of Freedom for All.

It is THE Start of the End for the Power That Be.