Amos Yee – Autism Spectrum Disease 人在做天在看

‘District Judge Jasvender Kaur today (23 Jun) ordered teenage blogger Amos Yee to be remanded for 2 weeks at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to undergo a psychiatric assessment.
The court heard that an RTC report had found the 16-year-old physically and mentally fit to undergo reformative training. However, a report by Dr Munidasa Winslow also said that Amos may be suffering from autism-spectrum disorder.’ TRE Editorial 
What is this ASD? According to a psychiatrist interviewed by CNA, an Adrian Wong if I remember correctly, there are three signs to watch out for. Difficulties in reading or articulation, difficulties in relationship, and a kind of stubbornness in views on things. And generally almost everyone has such symptoms in varying degree. In my view, of course I am not a psychiatrist, I also can say maybe everyone has ASD. Tiok boh? 
Look around us, how many people did not have the three signs? Cannot speak properly, plenty of them. Have relationship problem with people, how many people did not have this problem? I will say none, everyone has some relationship problem with some people. Have a kind of stubbornness in views of things like insisting that Amos is sick when he is not. How many people are sticking to this sick view? I think in this case, everyone is suffering from ASD except Amos Yee. Yes Amos is the only normal one. 
Let me put up my justifications. Amos is extremely articulate, no problem with communication. Relationship with people, he is so friendly. See how he waved to everyone and smiling all the time despite being charged with this horrible crime? At his age, with the whole state machinery and a lot of sick people gunning him down, he has a mind of steel, standing rock solid and not breaking. This is a sign of a very emotionally strong person. Many people would have broken down. Not Amos Yee. It is the other people that are having relationship problems, and with him. It is not Amos having problems with other people. And all those people are sickly sticking to an obtuse view about Amos that the UNHCHR and HRW are saying all hogwash. There is nothing wrong with Amos Yee. He is a healthy young boy and behaving like many young boys of his age and intelligence. 
How, my justifications can jalan or not? Reasonable or not? And Amos is fit for Reformative Training but suffering from ASD? Tiok boh? Like also can? If Amos has relationship problems with people, how can he be but put in the same confines with troublesome youth in the Reformative Centre? Would they not murder him since Amos cannot get along with them? Is it the right thing to do? Oops, wrong question to ask about right or wrong thing. 
I think everyone should be sent for Mandatory Treatment Order instead of Amos Yee. In my view, not the view of a psychiatrist, everyone is sick except Amos. Just my layman’s view.  
Please, disagree with me as much as you like. I am not an authority on this ASD thing.


jjgg said...

First he will need treatment for ASD..then, he will probably need treatment for ABC, then DEF,GHI etc etc by the time he sees daylight Chia Thye Poh will no longer be the longest serving political prisoner in town..

Virgo49 said...

An insane man goes to IMH will become more insane after treatment

A sane man goes to IMH will become insane

Anonymous said...

I did not follow and waste time on this case.

As this is a very very complicated case.

What I know is.....做人要心安里得!

Yes 心安里得! 心安里得!


Anonymous said...

By claiming this is a very complicated case when it is not, you can be 心安里得! meh?

patriot said...

I suspect that me must be suffering from Severe ASD. Maybe ASD of the Highest Degree.

I now wish that those that use power and position to pay themselves sinfully. bully and intimidate others, have to suffer painful existence.

Despite being an atheist, I do wish that those tyrant, despot and greedy pigs get retributions for their abuses.


Anonymous said...

If you send your mother or father or anyone to Dr Winslow, you can bet the diagnosis will be positive for some mental condition like bi-polar or ASD. That's the job and livelihood of a psychiatrist at stake if he doesn't come up with anything. And psychiatry is not exactly a science.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

The problem about ASG is that the diagnosis is clinical. i.e. if the doc says there's ASD, then there's ASD. And the "holy book" they consult is the DSM 5---you can already get some hint of what possible problems can occur.

It is important to realise that ASD presents within a SPECTRUM---again, a bit of subjectivity there. Asberger's Syndrom is also a form of AUTISM.

The case of Amos Wee gets weirder and weirder. The legal precedent here seems to be: "If you criticise, then you have a mental disorder/ condition" and thus require treatment.

Hmmm...I wonder who the real crazy people are here...

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...
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patriot said...

I think those people dealing Amos Yee ordeals are scums with crooked minds and are evil.
May they have good appetites BUT HAVE GREAT DIFFICULTIES SHITTING,


Anonymous said...

The statement "Lee Kuan Yew was a horrible person."
Is this the statement of a sane or insane person?
What do you think?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ total fucking idiot, 1114:

>> Is this the statement of a sane or insane person?
What do you think? <<

I think you are a butt plug licking dead baby-rapist cum junkie because you reckon that one determine a person's sanity by one_single_sentence that person utters. Go fuck yourself.

C'mon, suck that oblong dock some more. Choke on it, motherfucker. ;-)

Anonymous said...

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...
The problem about ASG is that the diagnosis is clinical. i.e. if the doc says there's ASD, then there's ASD.

This MS fucker sure a serious case of ASD. See how he screwed up typing what he is thinking. And read his comments even worse. Send him for MTO.

b said...

all doctors hope that all people are sick so that they can milk them as much as possible.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ kwa simi lanchiau 1155:

>> This MS fucker sure a serious case of ASD. <<

WOW! You are, unequivocally, a grandma felching cum-facial lovin' cunt-mouth! You think you can actually perform "diagnosis" on a blog. Your cheebye face must indeed exude magical powers!

>>Send him for MTO. <<

Come and get me lah! ;-)

Go fuck yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here. Since this Amos Yee saga started I have maintained that the whole thing has been blown out of all proportion. The Singapore government imho has made a mountain out of a little molehill. If turning the clock back was possible, I think the Singapore authority would choose a more low key way to handle Amos. Now this whole saga has gone viral and because changing to a more lenient way of handling outcome would be seen as losing face, Amos Yee will have to face all the medicine dished out by the Singaporean Law. Hope he survive his medication and maintain his sanity.

Anonymous said...

From start till finish, every step of the way, Amos Yee had the chance to repent, but he didn't, instead he dug deeper further, he accused his bailor, taunted the press and reposted the videos, while out on bail. He rejected psychiatry treatments and probation recommended by the court which were essentially easy way out for him.

So now he faces the full brunt of the law, what to do?

Anonymous said...

Amos no big no small should be punished.

However, anybody speaking the truth should be protected.

Anonymous said...

Why should he repent if he didn't do anything wrong?
Who are the two individuals he has named who labelled his speech and expression as wrong and offensive in the first place?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, long time no hear.

In times when the wind of change is blowing, there will be people like Roy and Amos to appear to tip the scale to force a change. Expect change coming. A feel more push factors and the cards will come tumbling down.

Wait for the 85 MPs to open their golden mouth on this case.
Or maybe the Chief Justice may find it unbearable to want to step in the correct the situation.

Anonymous said...

The wind of change coming to Singapore? THe cards come tumbling down? Maybe it will be a long time coming. Viewing things from afar, Singapore is quite solid and calm. However, what does a foreigner know? Only those of you like RB, Roy and Amos know more than I. Speed.

Anonymous said...

SG50 Passing the Half Way Mark . May Amos Yee and Family Get to See the Brighter Side of SG50 . Best Wishes to Amos Yee and Family . Hands-On Green Matters

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Two solutions to end the Amos Yee saga. One guy, forgot his name, suggested to cut off his dick and shaft it in his mouth.

Another way out is to go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

Do not blindly follow flow however big . There must be a starter for new meaningful crowd . Best Wishes from Hands-On Green Matters