American treachery by Dr. Sawraj Singh

American treachery by Dr. Sawraj Singh -  http://thelinkpaper.ca/?p=46070

I saw a beautiful comparison of the railways in China and India, titled Indian Elephant Vs Chinese Dragon: Snail Rail Vs Bullet Train, done by Headlines Today (an Indian news channel) and available to watch on Youtube.com. For the comparison, two Indian reporters travel in one of the best trains in each country. One reporter travelled from Shanghai to Beijing on a bullet train, while the other travelled from Delhi to Jaipur aboard a train known as the Ajmer Shatabdi….

What these reporters have shown by comparing the railway systems actually represents the overall situation in both countries. Mao’s China gives the impression of a disciplined, harmonious, and tranquil society; while Gandhi’s India, where order and discipline have almost completely disappeared, pushing the country to chaos bordering upon complete anarchy.

While the Indian reporters presented a very balanced and fair comparison, the western media, with its ulterior motives, continues to present a very biased presentation. Nowadays, they are clamoring about the Indian economic growth rate exceeding the growth rate in China. The western media, which is bent on proving that India is going to overtake China, should watch this presentation by the Indian reporters. They may realize that their predictions are unlikely in the foreseeable future….

Why is the western media doing this? The obvious reason is that the West wants to use India as a sacrificial lamb. They want us to do their fighting and suffer the consequences. They want to shift the arena of the Third World War from Europe to South Asia. India has to see through the West’s ulterior motives and try to protect its own interests. We should not fall into the trap which the West has set for us.

Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice. He can be reached at

The above extracts are from an article written by Dr Sawraj Singh. The rest of the world should take note of his advice to stay out of the American scheme to drag everyone into wars. They are instigating the Asean countries to join them in a military conflict with China which would definitely drag in the Russians into the fray as well. While the Americans fight wars away from their homeland, the wars fought by those dragged into it, in the case of South China Sea region, will be in their front yards and would lead to attacks in their countries. So far, touch wood, only the silly Pinoys and Japanese think that it is a good idea to go to war with China. The Malaysians are showing signs of backside itchy recently.

The Americans are stirring more shit in Europe and dragging the G7 countries to go along to confront China and Russia. In the 19th Century they manipulated the League of Nation in the 8 country invasion of China. Now they are trying a similar trick to lead another 8 nations to attack China, the G7 plus one or two stupid Asean countries. But the China they are facin today is not the same militarily weak China of the past. And China would have allies to join force to repel the invaders.

The Evil Empire is trying its evil best to provoke a world war for their own interests and lure the rest of the world to die for them. Would the rest of the world wise up, excluding the G7 that are in cahoot with the Americans to dominate the world?


Anonymous said...

SE Asia so long no wars. No heroes. It is good to have wars and a few war heroes. And no need to worry about weapons. You can buy the best from the Americans. Sure win one.

b said...

All the mass population in any countries do not want wars. Its the elites that need wars to grow their empires. THey will sacrifice their people for that reason. People including soldiers must say No to War. War does not solve anything. War only creates more problems.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> The rest of the world should take note of his advice to stay out of the American scheme to drag everyone into wars <<

Good luck on that. IMO, it won't happen. The top players don't give a flying fuck about some "social justice" bleeding heart. To the top players WAR IS BIG BUSINESS.

The "holy grail" of the nation state is to wage war. By waging war, the slimy cunts in govt and their slimy cunt mates in Big Business like banking and weapons manufacture get to control ALL THE RESOURCES in the nation by FIAT---aka "state decree--legal by act of parliament or whatever".

By going to war they can declare a state of emergency and then control the civilian population, also eavesdrop on their privacy, track and do surveillance on them. The state can, if need, conscript the youth for "national service"...all in the name of defense. They can suspend all RIGHTS, a well as any democratic process. They can suspend habeus corpus, which means if you are suspected, jail for you without trial. They can seize control of the media and even shut down the internet---like Syria did in recent times.

Follow the money. Both China and US are big manufacturers of weapons. What better "sales demonstration" than a war to "promote" merchandise to potential buyers?

Then there's all the "happenings" in the financial space, which the average Jo Blo doesn't have a clue about. It costs a lot of money to wage war. Money gotta come from somewhere, and someone has to "broker" the massive transfer of resources from private wallets to govt and war profiteers.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste". If your aim in life is to profit by manipulating people, then aspire to join the machinery of the nation state, and learn the aforementioned principle.

Come to think of it, that's how Lee Kuan Yew got his "break"---the "crisis" of politics between UMNO and the PAP, later on the secession of Singapore, being left out in the cold to die....