American Pivot part 2

In part 1, I gave a broadbrush treatment of what a new Asia will be if the Americans succeeded in implementing and enforcing its American Pivot strategy and objectives in East Asia. With willing allies like Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, possibly Singapore, the Americans would first want to have a combined force to launch a war with China. They may even have the Europeans on the sideline ready to join in the fray. It is the same formula of divide and rule, signing up all the willing gangsters to take China alone and tear it apart, piece by piece and to share the loot among the gangster nations. This is the standard formula of the western powers in taking Asian and African countries one at a time.

This time the game may be a bit more complicated. China is not alone. And there are other countries that would come to the side of China, knowing that not doing so would they end up the same fate as a defeated China. For their own interests, they would have to take sides with China. Russia, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, would be left with little choice unless they are willing to come under the domination of an unfriendly and bullying Emperor.

Before the Americans and its allies, Japan, the Philippines, Australia and Vietnam could roll out their military plans to deal with China, China would not sit idly waiting to be shot. What would be the likely option or options for China? Taking on the Americans alone would put it in a severely disadvantaged position and defeat would be the likely outcome. Trying to take on the Empire alone would encourage the fence sitters like the Europeans to feel more comfortable to join the side of the Empire.

A better option would be to link up with Russia and North Korea, plus Taiwan and possibly South Korea to replicate what the Americans are doing, ie ganging up. And the target would be Japan. The combined forces would be too much for Japan to take on alone and to survive they must bring in the Americans. The question is whether the Americans would come in when faced with China and its formidable allies. China and its partners all have issues with Japan, including territorial disputes and the humiliation by the Japanese in WW2.

Japan has been the Number One military adventurer and invader in Asia. The genie of Japanese Imperialism was bottled up by the Americans after WW2 and not allowed to create more mischief in the region. Now that the Americans are so happy to release the Japanese Imperialist genie out from the bottle, the Japanese have started to behave predictably like their former self, creating mischief and edging to go to war.

China and its allies would have all the same reason to want to put this genie back into the bottle. A combined force to invade Japan would be a piece of cake and could lead to the break up of Japan into concessions by them. Russia could take hold of not only the four disputed islands but also Hokkaido. China could be generous and be contented with Kyushu and the Ryukyu island chains. The rest can be offered to the Koreans to let the Japanese have a taste of what it is like under brutal colonial rule, in the way they ruled over Korea. The Koreans would love to return the courtesy to rule the two main islands of Japan.

The dismantling of Japan would be a key factor to keep the Americans out of Asia and to bring their pivot home. Asean would be able to enjoy the same peace and stability without the Americans inciting some of their members to adventurism.

The Americans have not seen or faced with a combined force of a number of nations against them. It has always been the Americans and Europeans joining hands to attack other countries. And they are doing it again in East and South Sea. They have the advantage and the initiative to decide when they want to harasss or provoke China. The gangsters are calling the shot and the initiative to start a war with China at their own timing and choosing.

The China/Russia/Korea alliance would be a force to contend with. They must regain the initiative, to call the shot instead of letting the Americans and Japanese to call the shot when to start a war. The China Russia Korea alliance should put on the pressure to harass and provoke the Japanese, put them on the defensive, and be the one to decide when to declare war on Japan. Then both sides can play the game on a more level playing field. Japan would for once be faced with a combined force to keep its wild Imperialistic ambition in check. They would think twice about adventurism in the South China Sea. Open up a new theatre of tension the North, in the Sea of Japan. Haul back the Japanese to be on the defensive. An attack, breakup and occupation of Japan would put an end to this menace of war in Asia for good.

The map of Asia would practically be unchanged except for the division of Japan to be ruled by Russia, Korea and China. This thought would make the Japanese go crazy. So far they have only been thinking of doing it to China and Korea. They cannot imagine that the same fate can happen to them if they continue to adopt an aggressive and war mongering policy. Japan could be the new Middle East of Asia, fighting an unending war against overwhelmingly superior forces till the end of time. The Americans would stay at the peripheral of Asia and remain a super power unchallenged in the eastern Pacific Ocean. They would not risk a nuclear war with the China  Russia Korea alliance. They would not be so scatter brain to think they can station hundreds of tanks along the Russian border to threaten Russia.

There will be a new peace and a new Asia. With the genie of Japanese Imperialism put away for good, peace would return to Asia for another century or more. And the bigger menace, the American Empire would have to contend to remain in the Americas.

Why must it always be the Empire and the Japanese Imperialist threatening and attacking other countries?


Anonymous said...

I agree that taking out Japan first would be the key in any confrontation with the US and its allies. The Japs are already itching to relive their adventures during WW2, what with all the talk about building up their armed forces, and cannot be trusted. They may hit below the belt by attacking before declaration of war and any negotiations with them have to be taken on the presumption that they will resort to a sneak attach.

Also, the US military base in Okinawa is close to China, and with bombers stationed there, it is a base that has to be taken out in any war between US and China, like the Japs taking out Pearl Harbour over the fear that the US would use it to launch attacks on Japanese forces.

In any case

Anonymous said...

You are damn right. Should keep the American forces all in Okinawa and smash them in one go like the Japanese did in Pearl Harbour, to wipe out the silly smiles on the American faces.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The US and China are sitting down and talking. In other words, they are finding ways of making shit tonnes of money together.

I imaging the central question will be: "Which scenario will make us both the most money and increase our domestic powers so we can screw our respective Sheeples more and more? Going to war, or staying at peace?"

I am not all that convinced that the USA and China enmity is that deep or as "real" as everyone makes it out to be.

As I've indicated previously, the most "dangerous" situation will occur when they both start working together, creating a super-elite class in both cuntrees which will bleed the domestic population dry. Then for most of us, it's game over lah.

b said...

War mongering is always a very profitable business.

b said...

Anyway, no one will live if a war breaks between the two giants. All will die so why worry. Perhaps living underground is a good option to prepare for this war. No wonder pap wants the people to start living underground. What a smart idea.

Anonymous said...

Living underground, when there is an oil crisis or power failure, you know what would happen to those living underground?

Anonymous said...

China has no history of being an aggressor to other states.

However, being a communist means they do not believe in after life. Therefore, there is "after life rewards" to hold them back if CCP becomes aggressive towards its neighbours.

Tiok Bo?