American pivot and a new Asia

What is the American pivot all about? After going round in circles, the Americans have finally admitted that it is all about the American Empire, about America’s dominance as the undisputed Number One Super Power. China would not be allowed to challenge this state of being. No, the Pacific Ocean is not big enough for the USA and China. The world is not big enough for two. Or like the Chinese saying, one mountain cannot have two tigers. In the western Pacific and the whole Pacific Ocean, there can be only one Super Power and America would not tolerate anyone challenging that position. Cut the craps, the Americans are here to rule. China should save its breath to tell the Americans the Pacific Ocean is big enough for two. The Americans want it for themselves.

What would be the American pivot mean? It would mean the containment of China or better still the defeat of China. The whole game plan is to keep China under control. And what would be the map of Asia be if the American pivot is successful? China would be a semi colonised state like Japan under the rule of another Gen MacArthur. With China’s fall, North Korea would be overrun by a combined force of the USA, Japan and South Korea. The two Koreas would be reunited under the dominance of South Koreans.

The Russians would be cornered and would be dealt the same blow by the combined forces of the US and its allies and suffer the same fate as China. Vietnam, being another key member of the Empire would enjoy the largesse of having Laos and Cambodia in the larger entity of Indochina.  Further to the west, India would be emboldened to close rank with the Americans and run over Pakistan to end the century old rivalry. All the neighbouring states of India, including Myanmar, would have come under a new regional warlord in India. Iran and the Middle Eastern countries fate need no elaboration.

Further to the south, Indonesia would then have Australia as the new regional power to contend with. The rest of the Asean countries would know which side to take.

This would be the new map of Asia under the American pivot. America is Number One, the undisputed Super Power of the day, Pax Americana.

Would China, Russia and their allies be able to do anything? What would be their options? They can’t be sitting helplessly waiting for the curtain to fall and all march to the concentration camp by the American Empire.

Wait for American Pivot part 2.


Anonymous said...

The Americans would like to turn this region into another ME with countries fighting one another and buying their weapons for better kill rate.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> What would be the American pivot mean? It would mean the containment of China or better still the defeat of China. <<

That's EXACTLY what it means. Actually, the name is incorrect. It should be The WASHINGTON Pivot. Because the rest of America doesn't really care abut what happens beyond the borders.

I'm serious. I have never met so many DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS in my life, than America. May of them still think Singapore is part of China, and can't even tell the difference between an American-born Japanese, Korean, Thai or Chinese. That's right folks. The "freest" most "exceptional" cuntry which (apparently) polices and leads the world---is made up of intellectually-failed shitheads.

For a large part, the American Public is too busy spending money they don't have, on shit they don't need, made in China by people who earn wages, who then lend their hard-earned wages to the fat-lazy-indebted-inebriated-dumb American, who then goes back to the mall, to spend more borrowed money o worthless trinkets, and frivolous experiences.

This cyclical activity of sustained, wanton CONSUMPTION causes the average American to become a ZOMBIE, acting out his life is pure stimulus-response fashion. This allows the SMART OPERATORS in Washington---the world famous city where the world's biggest cunts get together to plan total conquest and global domination.

In time they will completely unravel and HIJACK the constitution, democratic processes, market economy....and do whatever the fuck they want to further their power, influence and LOOTING ABILITIES, without any checks or balances.

America has failed, because their CITIZENS have failed to put some tie aside to protect their own freedoms. Because of their culture, every American is too fixated with "pursuing their own happiness".

Singapore, IMO is the New America. Our locals also love to "pursue their own happiness".

Anonymous said...

American containment has been in vogue since they became a super-power. In the days of the cold war it was the Russian bogeyman. So they sold the idea to the poodles of letting them have military bases on their soil, in case a confrontation with the Russians break out, on the pretext of protecting the doghouse. That pivot is already there for ages, with their more than a thousand military bases all over the world.

Now, it is China that is the bogeyman. But fortunately, Russia is not on the side of the US, at the moment. A confrontation with China, with Russia just over the fence, and wary of the US intention, is not going to be a walk in the park for the US. They have to watch their backs. Missiles fired over the north pole, not to mention the Russian submarines lurking around the US Pacific coast, can reach anywhere within the US.

Just enjoy the game of chess going on. The outcome is still to be decided, not a forgone conclusion.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are only interested in two scenarios. 1. When they won the war so they could celebrate all the heroes and to thump their chests. Victory, we won!.

The other scenario is to line up at the tarmac to receive their children in black plastic bags. Then they may ask what the shit their boys and girls died for?

Anonymous said...

Would China, Russia and their allies be able to do anything?

Yes, make money, just like what smart Sinkies do.

And when China, Russia and their allies are smart, America will also become smart. Going to war, or in the case of Sinkies joining the opposition to fight PAP, is definitely not smart. In that sense RB is also smart.

Anonymous said...

you must understand the feeling of insecure of american

if singapore begin to challenge indonesia influence , power in the region

where they rightfully believe that they should been superpower due to their sheer size and massive population. ( same mentality in INDIA )

their rightful position was taken away by smaller neighbor nation

they feel " unjust" and "over insecure"

despite their sheer size, massive population had not yet translate to REAL ECONOMY STRENGTH , REAL military power, real influence.

( on the false assumption that they are going to be real big power )( INDIA )

look what had happen to philippine. ( the strongest nation in asean during marcos period)

b said...

America first policy has been running for decades. They armed the germans and japs during ww2 and bombed hiroshima and nagasaki to destroy all the evidence that they used chinese as genuine pigs for all sorts of horrific experiments. They are afraid that chinese want revenge and they will end up as third world.

patriot said...

I love to read write ups by Redbean about US versus China in World Politics.

As one interested in as many things, I am quite interested in the Cultures of different Societies, Religions and Traits.
Making it short, shall I say that the Mainland Chinese know better than Chinese outside the Mainland to first organise its own nationhood. They also know better than anyone else how to conduct their relationship with the World at large.

As for the US, may I have the Audacity to just say the Blacks(of African Origins) and the Whites(Mainly British/Anglo Saxtons) have issues to settle with each other. More will crop up as each day arrives.
US has issues in its Races, economy expecially wealth gap, as well as its foreign relationships. On balance, the US has as many hating it as those that suck up to it.

Do not foresee China in any war with any country in my life.
If China does get into war with any country, it shall be a privilege to witness it.