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Singapore - Statutory Board Media Development Authority (MDA) has axed 33 full-time staff today, ST has learned

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A MDA staff "Amanda" who declined to give her real name as she was not authorised to speak with the media informed ST that MDA has 41 full-time staff to monitor Fabrications About the PAP Facebook page, Calvin Cheng Facebook page, Mothership.sg and SMRT (Feedback).

"But MDA also hires good honours graduates from local universities. We have 67 full-time graduate staff on superscale pay on 24-hours shift to monitor sonofadud.com and straitstimesreview.com".

The above posted in All Singapore Stuff and reposted in several aggregator sites revealed that the MDA is employing a substantial number of staff just to monitor the social media. I am not sure how true or accurate the information is, assuming that it is true, just to monitor the above mentioned, 108 staff are employed.

Assuming the average pay of the staff is $4000 pm, annually each staff will cost at least $60,000 minimum. The 108 staff would thus cost more than $6m annually and likely to be much higher given the fact that many are superscale grades.

It is not sure how many sites are being monitored, but the number could go up to the hundreds or thousands. Assuming that 100 sites are being monitored, conservatively, that would mean a budget of $600 million annually! Can this be true? Is this too much to pay just to monitor the social media? How much was actually spent to do this kind of thing and how necessary, and is the money worth spending?

How many staff are employed by MDA to do this unproductive work?


Virgo49 said...

Hi good morning RB, no monitoring of your blog ???

Good honest opinions especially Matilah

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good morning Virgo, What do you think?

Or you may want to ask Raymond or JayF.

Anonymous said...

"How many staff are employed by MDA to do this unproductive work?"

- Do you think keeping PAP in power forever using taxpayers' money is unproductive work?

agongkia said...

33 retrenched after trs closure indirectly mean trs created 33 jobs .
RB is now in a dilemna whether to stop writing ,as doing so may cause another few full time monitoring staff to be retrench..
Disruption of harmony is not a joking matter so having monitoring staff is necessary.
However your calculation of $6m annually can be reduce to more than half easily.

Seldom visit trs but when i do so,does not find it offensive or harmful.
The real blog that must be close down are those who claim its voices of Sinkies but only allow anti establishment views to appear and moderate those Sinkies who voice different opinion up speak up .They are good at tarnishing PRC's image,claiming our employers' exploitation etc.without understanding the facts... Close down such site can actually retrench another 33 or more.
MDA should consider to do so and save on unnecessary salaries.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

agongkia talks more rubbish than matilah.
"Disruption of harmony"

Where got any disruption of harmony?
Prove it.

What is "anti-establishment views"?
There is only anti-Constitutional, anti-National Pledge views.

theonion said...


Why are you posting a totally fictitious story or is this is now the raison de entre of your site?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> I am not sure how true or accurate the information is, assuming that it is true,<<

Well, I'm assuming it is NOT true. Misinformation is more effective and cheaper than actually having so many overpaid minions to monitor "alternative" sites and social media. And sites like Google Cache and Archive.org do the heavy lifting by archiving websites...so what the fuck do these MDA fools actually have to do except "flag" articles their automaton brains deem as "defamatory", "subversive" or "inappropriate", then inform their bosses who will then CALL POLICE.

Simple fucking job. Doesn't require advanced university degrees to do lah. Any aunty uncle with Senior Cambridge 'O' Levels can do the job lah, pay them $1500 pm part-time, work from home lah.

BTW, stat boards have all the money they need and if they need more all they do is ask. If they cut 33 jobs, my question is: Why so few? Why not just close down the MDA and save 100's of millions. It's not as if the whole cuntry will "collapse" because the MDA ceased to exist.

@ virgo49 834:

>> no monitoring of your blog <<

Of course got lah. By champalang MDA type. Not American NSA, FBI Homeland Security type.

Kannenah, imagine if you work at MDA, what do you do all day? Surf internet lah, read blogs, drink kopi and eat char siew pau, siew mai, kachang and keropok....and then once in awhile kwai lan on the blogs as an internet troll. WOW! Internet trolls paid for by taxpayer ah?

Only in Singapore lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Onion,

I stated very clearly that the info was from another site and reposted in several other sites and I am not sure if it is true or false.

How do you know they are fictitious? You seem to be very sure.

Anonymous said...

They probably monitor anti establishment folks and coprolalia.
Amos is charged, others maybe on their list.
They are cleansing the internet and keeping it clean and decent.
Got to pay them superscale to do a great job. Just that those doing the job are in danger of getting their minds corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Do you think theonion is a well known pro PAP lurker in all the non-PAP websites?
- Do you think theonion may have sufficient resources to marshal an entire brigade of pro PAP supporters to swamp your website with their rhetoric?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB 1153:

I'm not speaking for theonion, but jumoing in univited as usual to hatam my 2¢:

>> I am not sure if it is true or false. <<

Yah, but to stately quite clearly that you assume that it is true when you make your argument.

IMO, one should never believe/ reject by default any claim on the internet, especially if it appears as a blog post or forum if it doesn't have real, positive evidence to support it. It is just TOO DAMN EASY to formulate a hoax on the internet, or spread MISINFORMATION at virtually no cost and NO DOWNSIDE to the perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

Wah redbean.
You have been honoured by theonion posting on your blog. This means your post has sufficiently irritated a senior member of the PAP Internet Brigade to warrant his personal attention. Can someone with hacking skills please find out his real identity?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not sure if theonion is the same rank as Raymond. Raymond did show he could round up more than 100 IBs to visit my blog. I have a whole list of their IPs in my file.

Theonion is like you say, probably a senior member.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, the info I reposted is all over the place for weeks. No one is objecting to its accuracy. Even then, I did not presume that it is true. I am presuming that if it is true, the other stats would be very interesting.

If someone were to tell me that it is untrue I will gladly put a PS to it.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> No one is objecting to its accuracy. <<

That doesn't necessarily mean anything. Viral internet memes and hoaxes don't obey our made-up rules of "reason" and "logic". And the internet's history consistently shows us how hoaxes quickly become "beliefs".

Anyway, I'm just saying...you assess any article, claim or stat found online according to your standards lah. Me? I've kena conned so many times in the long ago past...You can only truly learn about deception and how easy it is to be deceived by being a many-times victim. ;-)

The reason so many hoaxes work is usually because of confirmation bias--- a human trait we all "suffer" from. The MDA has very few fans to begin with, especially with the free-wheeling local online crowd. These folks are already "primed" with some degree of "anti-MDA BIAS".

So when an article or claim by some "pseudo-anonymous" woman is broadcast, this "stimulus" or "signal" immediately plays to the internet masses, already BIASED in the direction of BELIEF. No further proof is required. They BELIEVE immediately, without question.

Wikip: Confirmation Bias

Anonymous said...

MS, don't be silly. In this hotel, any badmouthing of the authority with false info or data would be hauled up immediately.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they kenna retrenched, given angpow and are given jobs in for-profit business owned by MDA. Happened before at HDB. Lee Han Shih wrote an article on it. Cost him his ST job.

Anonymous said...

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