A light drizzle turning into a storm

First the Taiwanese protested and demanded the release of Amos Yee. Then the UN Human Rights Organisation and then the Human Rights Watch. Now the Penangnites are taking up the cause for Amos Yee. Any decent human bean would see the injustice and wickedness in this case. Only the evil and wicked would keep on drumming about a crime that was not a crime.

‘Now, Penang civil society groups would also like to remind that Singapore is a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and we hope the Singapore authorities can respect the regulations of the CRC and release Amos Yee immediately.

Expression is not a crime and nobody should face any inhumane treatment or torture for criticising the government. If you want to break the silence, please join us on this 1 July to show your support and solidarity’.

Date: 1 July 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 6PM
Venue: Penang Speakers’ Square (Esplanade)

Who else will stand up for Amos Yee? Don’t count on the elite Singaporeans or the hypocrites. They are too righteous and holy to see any wrong in this case. Is there any decent people in Sin City?

'Scholarism, HKUSU and and Lingnan University Students’ Union will stage a petition outside the Singaporean consulate in Admiralty today afternoon (30th June) to call for Yee’s immediate release.' Full article in TRE.


Anonymous said...

CRC does not apply to a teenager.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies- as long as me and my family are ok, protest what???

As long as I am well off with subsidies from the government, rental from my properties and reaping quite a fortune here, protest??? You must go to IMH for ASD check.

As long as my chidren are holding good jobs as PMETs why protest??

Other sinkies not capable, that's their pai sai, not my business.

What's what's you said, fifty years of nationhood and forty eight years of National Slavery?? I mean Service, Singapore is a Nation. No lah, our huan siong PM said belongs to everybody.

So why protest?? Stupid isn't it. Just make do and enjoy yourself while you can. The millionaire whites are kook kook into the treasury before we become an Greek so why so stupid, protest!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see any Aliens protesting.
I don't see any Traitors protesting.
So why should I protest?

Anonymous said...

Do you all seriously think there is any use for protests both overseas and locally.

What can they do?

Just kpkb and more kpkb!

Right or not?

Think! Think! Think!

Anonymous said...

>>CRC does not apply to a teenager

CRC only applies to those without any rights. The dead old fart needs no CRC and he had more rights than anybody in SG.

Anonymous said...

More protests equates more resistance.

Anonymous said...

What Amos Yee said about fake democracy is absolutely true. This proves his point.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, you have my utmost respect for your wonderful resolve in writing about the Amos Yee case. We must never let the evil powers think people will forget and move on.

First the Taiwan, then the UN, then Penang, then Hongkong - they all have righteous people who spoke up for Amos Yee.

You set me thinking about this: "Who else will stand up for Amos Yee? Don’t count on the elite Singaporeans ... Is there any decent people in Sin City? "

It seems to me that the total silence in Singapore is akin to people walking past when they see someone being raped. Like the German population while the Jews were rounded up by the Nazis.

Amos is being tortured and sexually molested in prison, but people here keep silent and go about enjoying the SEA Games ceremonies and BBQ with Australian Prime Minister. So this leads me to wonder: what would future employers think when they interview candidates from Singapore for employment, asking why didn't they say something when they saw a young boy being raped? Would such a candidate who ignored a rape make a good addition to their company?

I'm especially thinking about international companies, not Singapore companies, and thinking about our supposedly prestigious graduates from NUS and NUS-Harvard. Would international companies pay a premium salary for these graduates of questionable character? Or would our graduates be passed over for other candidates from other countries, like Taiwan or Penang or Hongkong, not so tainted as the Singapore population?

Now, this is just one example. Let's not just focus on just this example, instead we should wonder what other ways will the shameful flaw in the character of the Singapore population influence how other people deal with us. Like a businessman dealing with his overseas clients. Or a doctor treating foreign patients. If you were a foreign patient, would you come to Singapore for treatment knowing that our doctors closed their eyes when they saw a young boy being raped?

Anonymous said...

Protest no use.
Only cancer can free the Sinkies from the pigs.
let us pray.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice that the biggest hypocrisy in the world is also keeping very quiet. They used to shout high and low for any little or fake violation of human rights or injustice in China or any of their demonised country. Now they kept quiet and so were all their allies, including European countries, all the professed defenders of human rights.

Why are the Americans and British so quiet?

Anonymous said...

Why are the Americans and British so quiet?
June 30, 2015 8:54 p.m.

They are quiet because the Singaporeans are also very quiet.
If Singaporeans don't care, why should they care?
Independence means you fight against your own tyrants.
And Singaporeans are too lazy to even go to Hong Lim Park.
Give up lah!
Fucking bunch of slaves.

Q: What is the title of the thinnest book in the world?
A: Singaporean Freedom Fighters

The proverbial "Rock" and a "Hard Place" .......? said...

Kena "KHAW-NERED" liao ..... ?

"Kharma" or "Khawma" ....?

Standing "Khaw-rected" till the end ...?