Protecting LKY’s legacies

There have been many comments about the need to protect the legacies of LKY. The issue is not so simple as it seems to be. Many of LKY’s policies are good, but there are bad and ugly policies as well. People should not blindly accept everything as they are but be discerning, like in all political and economic philosophies, only pick out the good and reject the bad and unworthy legacies. No, all are good? Please lah.

We can discuss about the legacies and shift out those that are not wanted today. For the moment let’s look at the most important legacies of LKY, the most enduring and endearing policies that he had left behind, that led to the show of respect during his funeral, and should be preserved not only to respect him but for the good of Singaporeans. The phrase, ‘for the good of Singaporeans’ must not be spouted freely to deceive the people by the asses.

LKY’s biggest contribution to the people of Singapore is the founding of this independent city state. But he did not stop there. He had emphasized in many of his speeches that this island is for Singaporeans, for the good of Singaporeans, better education, better homes and better jobs. Beware of those that are so ready to hand over pink ICs to foreigners and call them Singaporeans. Be careful of their real intent.

And as far as leadership is concerned LKY specifically said that political leadership must be in the hands of Singaporeans and not any silly Singaporeans. The Singaporeans to be recruited into political leadership and the govt must be instinctively Singaporeans, always be thinking of the interests of Singaporeans. On this point you can simply pick out the fakes and pretenders who uttered they are for Singaporeans whenever they opened their mouths.

What should we do with people who are out to dismantle LKY’s legacies, to turn his policies upside down? We have seen many policies that are anti Singaporeans, pro foreigners, allowing foreigners to assume political, commercial and social leadership. We have policies that favour foreigners in housing and good jobs to the detriments of Singaporeans. And these were done while LKY was still alive. Now that he is gone, these people who claimed to be for Singaporeans but systematically and consistently dismantling LKY’s legacies will be even more callous. Make no mistake about it, giving a foreigner a pink IC does not make him a Singaporeans in the definition of LKY and in the eyes of true blue Singaporeans. See how they bring in their own kinds here at the expense of Singaporeans! A Singaporean is dedicated to the well being and interests of Singaporeans by instinct. How many Singaporeans in leadership position qualify to be instinctive Singaporeans and really thinking for the good of Singaporeans? Hear them spout their nonsense about bringing in more foreigners. See them instinctively go around the world to find foreigners to replace Singaporeans in top jobs and you will know who they are and their instinct.

What shall we do to these ‘Singaporeans’ that are destroying the legacies of LKY? Now who is calling for the protection and preservation of LKY’s legacies when piece by piece is being taken down? Didn’t they know?


Anonymous said...

I think the govt is aware of people who bring in their own kind and put sporean behind. Question is why are they not putting a stop to this practice instead letting it fester. I hope the passing of LKY will wake them up and bring them back to reality. This is what we should now do to continue LKY legacy.

patriot said...

I think Redbean has forgotten that the IDEA TO IMPORT ALIENS WAS MOOTED BY LEE KUAN YEW HIMSELF.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, I think you are right. He must have changed his mind and policy and legacy. That may be the reason why those asses are clamouring for foreigners to replace daft Sinkies.

Goh said...

I dun think he will be happy seeing many of you spending your time blogging about him here except maybe that Ah Pui , so call professer.

If one think running a country is so easy and can find competent local talent to run the show, then go and form a party and become cheng hoo and not talk as if he does not know foreign talents are oredi here before he left.
Or can consider to join them to offer your talent.

Spent your time wisely.Go and work till your last day like him instead of our wasting time in blogs ,allowing foreigners here and kpkb.
Do not have that entitlement mentality .This place is said to belong to everyone.

Goh said...
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jjgg said...

RB getting all teary eyed..think China ,india,Russia,France,UK etc...all have great leaders during one period or another. How much legacies have Mao,Nehru,Stalin left in their respective countries. They existed at the moment and now they are gone. LKY ideals n policies won't last a generation unless it gels with an ever increasing demanding populace. How much of Goh Keng Swee or Teo Chee Hean education policy exist today...how much of Toh Chin Chye warning about cpf did we appreciate. Gone is gone la..no need to immortalise any man or system.

Anonymous said...

Last week, many people watched
the speeches and the excellent
strategies by Mr Lee Kuan Yew
(LKY) on TV.

To many people, LKY is the GOLD
Standards for Singapore.

But, they also questioned whether
we are able to maintain the GOLD
Standards and achieve new ones
going forward.

It is now NOT ONLY up to the
Oppositions but also the PAP!

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

'Spent your time wisely.Go and work till your last day like him instead of our wasting time in blogs ,allowing foreigners here and kpkb.
Do not have that entitlement mentality .This place is said to belong to everyone.'

What the hell are you doing here? Should you be the first to piss off from here?

Virgo49 said...

They did not put s stop to it because
many of the present crop of ministers are foreigners

Like the putty marium, the cow and what have you

The spineless PM has lost command

Anonymous said...

Maybe as Patriot has said, the legacy is to replace sinkies with foreigners. And they are doing it to continue his legacy.

Listen to their pitch for foreigners you cannot be wrong.

Anonymous said...

So! What is man's true legacy? If we don't even know what is his legacy, what to preserve or discard?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

LKY and a team of locals and some of the world's best in their field made Singapore what it is today---a resounding material success with social order enforced by legal statutes which skirt the legitimacy of constitutional interpretation, and enforced with surgical accuracy whenever LKY thought it was needed. LKY was a true Benign or Benevolent Dictator---a true master of the doctrine:

"Keep their bellies full, and they will follow. They won't revolt. They will even surrender liberties and freedoms for a sense of 'security'"

However LKY never led his people to plumb the depths of their individual souls to produce stunning works of creativity in art, music, literature, theatre and even science and tech. The best he could do is to make Singapore "attractive" for foreign exponents of creativity to relocate to Singapore in the hope that some of their "magic" would eventually rub off on the locals.

That isn't to say Singapore doesn't have a conglomeration of artists and creative people, it has. But their works are not what defines Singapore, as an identity. Singapore is known for its material success and a great place to do business, that's about it.

As far as "climbing Abraham Maslow's ladder", Singapore is still only just cleared the bottom rungs---those dealing with fulfilment of material needs and security. The "higher order" stuff, well...let's just say it only has a minority of followers.

LKY is dead. Time for new ideas---and improvement on the old ones.

KSA folks, Keep Singapore Awesome!

Anonymous said...

You mean our fake garden is not a state of art and creativity? Then wait for the jewel to come on line.

Veritas said...

The Ah Pui miki best luck in his life is the he got a student by the name Veritas, even though I am diametrically opposite to his worldview, and has surpass him in my opus of books read.

And what is sickening is ALL fucking NTU professors are like this chap. 60% in Computer Engineering fail like crazy and keep repeating.

Lecturer than brag they fail their students so that they can be more motivated.

Then they say our students too stupid and a lot of them recruit 100% FT as their post-graduate students.

Not a bunch of teachers despise and sabotage their students so much as those fuckers in NTU.

Meanwhile we see our Normal Tech friends who go Australia get 1st class and PHD.

b said...

Democracy is evolving into kleptocracy everwhere, not only in sg. Cannot beat them, can only join them.

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...
KSA folks, Keep Singapore Awesome! ///

Matilah, I think the auto-correct is playing havoc with your spiel. You mean Keep Singapore Awful?

Ya, dia sudah matilah.