What is going to happen to community events and community living?

Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui will be charged in court for the following:

The Police is charging the six of them for “disrupt(ing) the YMCA event and caused annoyance to the public” and having committed the following acts:

1. marching around the general vicinity of the YMCA event
2. shouting loudly
3. chanting slogans
4. waving flags
5. holding placards
6. blowing whistles loudly
7. beating drums

If these charges are upheld, would it mean that all the community events held at void decks or public areas would become an issue? What is going to happen to weddings, funeral wakes, pasar malams, charity events, etc etc?

Would everyone feeling a bit annoyed or unhappy be rushing down to the neighbourhood police to make a nuisance report, to complain about the neighbours? And would the police be hauling up everyone to court to answer such complaints?

In a multi cultural and multi religious society like ours that is closely packed in our housing estates, when intolerance is encouraged and promoted, when people are encouraged to complain about others engaging in their activities, living together is going to be a very unfriendly and unbearable thing.

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Raymond said...

Those events are not protests/demonstrations.

Who/what are you protesting in a funeral? A wedding?

Even Chingay can be considered a "march". But that's fine. Why? Because it is a celebratory parade. Not a protest.

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh .... lidat hah

Hsienloong ... u fucking bastard, duli humkar chan .

Y lidat .. old fart karma u cunt not c ...

lust for love said...

Such charging of critics isn't going to address the public concern over their CPF.

As citizens, we have the right to be concerned. Just feel our country's savings is not proper managed and seemed to be used for doing someone's favor. Around 8 years ago, the country's money was used to bail out ex-Thai PM Thaksin's assets and in the end this was all gone after he was deposed.

Few months ago, the country's savings was again used to bail out HK tycoon Li Ka-Shing's HK assets.

There is no transparency and accountably over how the country's money is being managed.

To make it worse, the government makes it progressively difficult to get hold on our CPF as it keeps raising the minimum amount to be remained in the CPF after retirement, every few years.

We have the right to get very worried over the safety of our CPF under such circumstances.

Anonymous said...

The best is the fund manager. Play with your money, lose you pay, but win he pays himself big bonuses. Playing with OPM is the best.

Virgo49 said...

Noise nuisances only can reported to SPF after 10.30pm (2230 hours)

So actually, HHH and RN loud noises in the afternoon so M.Ravi can bring matter up to court.

All bullshit- depending on whether which constituency is held by PAP or Opposition.

If Opposition, Police Tactical squads, Red Vans/Lorries and patrol cars will respond immediate and round up the whole lot.

If PAP, ok lah, bear with it, these are the everyday noises in HDB, Sinkie living.

Now with CCtvs in estates, they just looked thru TVs and no quarrels, fighting- ok lah do not waste our time. Too tired to get up.

Anonymous said...

Good, good, now can cow peh cow bu about weddings making too much noise, funeral wakes making too much noise, k'OK making too much noise...etc.

b said...

Every country in this world has two systems - one for the elites and one for folks like you and me. In a world where you 'die die' must vote for a mafia to control you, there is no true justice.

Anonymous said...

Relax RB. The punishment is only for committing the acts you mentioned against the PAP regime and meted out to people who oppose the PAP.

If you are not PAP anointed, but only an elected MP, planting a sapling also cannot. Orgainising a cycling event also cannot. Organising a pasar malam also cannot.

What can I say? Wait for 2016 to say your piece lah!