Uniquely Singapore – A summary of the recent strange happenings

Many strange things or uniquely happenings are occurring in this island over the last few weeks. Let me just jot them down here for a good laugh or a good reflection of how unique Singapore has become.

1. Protesters protesting and jeering at a minister became of case of heckling Special Needs Children a distance away. Evidence, the Special Needs Children missed a beat in their performance. Wondering what that meant.
2. Protesters protesting against govt policies in a park(Speakers’ Corner like Hyde Park) designated specially for freedom of expression and assembly for such purposes are investigated for illegal assembly.
3. Elected Members of Parliament wanting to hold a community event to sell festival goodies to the residents need to get approval from grassroot leader that is a volunteer community leader.
4. Law Society confirmed that a lawyer charging a client $1.3m dollars for legal fee but reduced by the court after client appealed, is not overcharging.
5. Further to this, when a lawyer sent a bill to a client, client can appeal to a court and the judge will decide the correct amount to be paid. This is the right thing to do between a lawyer and the client on what is the final fee to pay.
6. A young foreigner, stranger with no relationship, could obtain a Lasting Power of Attorney to manage the assets of a very rich widow without raising any eyebrow. And the procedures to obtaining such LPA is claimed to be effective and nothing wrong that needs changes.

There are of course quite a number of others that are circulating in the social media. Anyone wants to add more to the list?

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Anonymous said...

Latest news
Virgin Australia buys out Tiger Airways for A$1

The said...

Facts are stranger than fictions.

Hard truths.

Half truths.

Heart truths.

Heart hurts.

Raymond said...

Useless old man whole day spouting anti-government rubbish on the internet and begging for alms to buy "kopi".

Stranger than fiction?

b said...

These are not strange lah. Even a mighty tribe like Han chinese can be ruled by tiny tribes such as manchurians or mongolians.

jjgg said...

Rb..the stock market must be super slow eh..not really sure whether the positios of grass roots leaders is enshrined in our Constitution but I daresay that elected representatives is... their rights n duties would be..otherwise why go through all this oath taking etc etc so uniquely Singapore would have statutory bodies and elected representatives taking instructions from volunteers who may be your local butcher, local 4d collector n local mak Kay poh and your ocassional international fraudster..hehe..case of the overcharging lawyer more confusing..lawyer charges SMC for million dollar plus..SMC passes bill to Susan who demanded recount and got it..so.. SMC still need to pay balance of bill to their lawyer..but why should SMC pay an overpriced amount..how would the members of SMC feel if they have to pay this amount..the mind boggles..don't think we've heard the end of this saga yet..

Anonymous said...

Sneaky Raymond KNNBCCB. She must be very happy with what I did to her and keep asking you to come here to ask for more.

Your wife also interested? I will sure make here very happy.

Anonymous said...

Singapore got no crime. The biggest crime is to hold a minifair in a housing estate without approval from CCC Chairman and NEA.

The second biggest crime is to assemble in a Speakers Corner specially for such assembly and be investigated for illegal assembly.

agongkia said...

All the above are not strange to me.Only strange thing to me is that in the past my betting slip will go into dustbin if I strike 3 number for my toto but now I can exchange it for 40 dollar.And every draw can use 3.50 to exchange 40 dollar.Huat ah.

Anonymous said...

The systems that were built up by PAP all these years are meant to serve the interest of one party only. Citizens last.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed. Why is this Raymond attacking you on almost every post? Do you know who he is? Have you accidentally stepped on someone's toes? Be careful what you write. Raymond seems to be out to get you. Who know what he or she is capable of. You might one day get a visit by Sue. It would be a shame if you are gagged and cannot write. Although I am so far away, reading what goes on in Singapore often brightens my day.

Anonymous said...

Most unique..

Stinkapore males born with balls BUT have no BALLS.

ARSEHOLES ... make up 99.9% of the cuntry political leaders

Natives are drafts, foreigners welcum,

A republic but the president, prime minister n many statesmen cum many others ... cum from related bloodline

Hsienloong... knnccb

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, this Raymond is just an asshole. Very likely an IB assigned to my blog. I just ignore him, but I will want to meet up with him one day.

I let the bloggers here to do the necessary. He is not here to contribute but to heckle.

By the way I am making copies of all his comments here and they may come in handy one day.


Anonymous said...

Perversion and of course perverts are everywhere in living.
In Sin is no different.

Anonymous said...

This Sneaky bastard thinks he can come here just to attack people. When he does that he must be prepared to be whacked till his shit flows out uncontrollably, just like the Stupid Old Dog in TRE.

Nobody can be hurt by a difference of views or opinions. That is only fair. Disagree by all means. But when one gets personal, other people will also get personal.

It is fair game. Be nice and proper, people will respect you and be nice and proper towards you.

If you want to be a shameful and sneaky bastard, we are all ready for you. Come on Sneaky Raymond, give us all you got.

Anonymous said...

If this guy has something personal with RB he should meet up with RB and sort it out. I am sure RB will be most willing to me him face to face.

But don't bet on that. This creep is a wimp and would only blow hot and cold behind anonymity thinking that he would not be found out.

He better pray very hard that he could not be found out. For when that day comes, he is going get it real bad and won't know where to hide his ugly face.

agongkia said...

Think positive.Dun always think its IB and got disturb by this geh angmo or angmo.
Maybe its another bad neighbor of RB.
In fact this only shows that RB is a gentleman for not deleting his comment.
I believe RB should be able to delete contributer's comment but chose not to do so.
Other blog will moderate and delete comment that appear to support cheng hoo, towkay, prc.. or something they dun wish to hear.
RB got very big heart.

oldhorse42 said...

I agree with agonkia that RB aka Chua Chin Leng is a gentleman and a fair man. He does not delete post that attack and ridicule him however distasteful it may be.

He let the offending posts be published and read by all and let us be the judge.

Most of the time, he does not stoop to the level of 'he who disagree with him ' and call him name.

Keep it up RB aka Chua Chin Leng, we are with you!

Anonymous said...

Rb, we will take this Sneaky Raymond out for you. You stay out and let us screw his arsehole.

Yo Raymond, be a man or be a sissy hiding behind a nick? Maybe there is nothing in between the legs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Folks, it's just ENTERTAINMENT lah in the Theatre Of Human Behaviour.

Relac lah brudder and enjoy! Open a Tiger and order some sotong kia, and light up that $50 Cohiba.

...then laugh your balls off!

agongkia said...

Sorry .Wrong info on my above posting.Toto system 7 should be 7 dollar not 3.50 now.