Two controversial books/films eyeing for attention

The main media is showering praises to the book ‘Battle for Merger’ daily and everywhere. Another book or film, ‘To Singapore With Love’, on the same period of our history has been banned for factual errors. One can safely conclude that the first book, more like a compulsory reading for all Singaporeans and locals, is free from factual errors. And it will be turned into a film too. It may become our official history book in schools in time to come.

Now take a look at the title of the banned film that sounds more like a romantic fiction. Were the errors that made the govt saw red errors of history or errors of personal CVs that have little or insignificant impact on the course of our history? Or would such errors change the course or perception of our official history? No, not that serious. But they would have serious implications on our national security. My God, this must be very powerful material that could be of the same realm as religious scriptures or terrorist literature on DIY bomb making or how to bring down a govt! Otherwise how could this book/film be so dangerous to our national security?

Assuming that the film contains hypnotic doctrines that could inspire or hallucinate readers to bring down our govt, it would still take a certain kind of readers to believe in it and to be converted. Would the film be powerful enough to convert readers like those marching to Syria to join ISIS? Do we have any faith in the intelligence of our people to discriminate truth from falsehood, good from evil, what is good for the nation and people? Or is the assumption that Sinkies are really daft and could become dangerous after viewing the film be real?

According to Han Fook Kwang, it is not like that. To him this book is anything but dangerous. For in his Sunday Times article he advocated that the people be allowed to view both and make sense out of our history. It is good for the people to know both sides of the story to form an educated and informed opinion and to learn from our past. A good example is the recent fiasco at Hong Lim Park. Without the social media, what kind of impression would readers have by just reading the main media? They could even stone or lynch Roy and Hui Hui for heckling the Special Needs Children, for being irresponsible, inconsiderate and even behaving like hooligans.

In today’s electronic world of social media, no govt can stop the people from reading what they want to read. No one can shut their minds, blindfold them and hold their hands like little children to the ice cream stall. The people will read what they want to read/see and will want to form their own opinions of things. They would not be gagged, be blinded and be told what they can read or what they cannot read. Only those living in the Stone Age will think they can do that to a city of modern and well educated population.

If the film ‘To Singapore With Love’ is dangerous and untouchable, then Han Fook Kwang is advocating something very dangerous. Cannot be lah. He cannot be so stupid to do such a thing. He does not have an Imperial Medal that would spare his life from persecution. He is simply telling a simple truth, that it is better for the people to find out their own truth normally than to keep them from a different truth and getting irritated by the process of banning them from seeing the other truth.

The citizens are not daft, not little unthinking children anymore. The children have grown up.

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Anonymous said...

"Would the film be powerful enough to convert readers like those marching to Syria to join ISIS?"

Long before that can happen, the Sinkie opposition would have been ready to be govt.

There must be good reasons why ISIS can have so many ready to fight, ready to kill and to die fighters winning the war even against American warplanes and military power.

On the other extreme, there must also be good reasons why there are not even enough Sinkies joining the opposition to make it ready to be govt.

Hence ban or not ban the Sinkie film ‘To Singapore With Love’, is beside the point. So if it is banned, it is just double kill only lah.

Anonymous said...

Your conclusion sums it all.....

"the citizens are not daft.....
not little unthinking children anymore.....
the children have grown up....."


Anonymous said...

There are not even enough Sinkies doing the easiest thing to mark the right box to vote PAP out, let alone marching to Syria to join ISIS.

Of course there are exceptions, but it applies only to a few new Sinkies. And perhaps for that, they have even nothing to do with not being happy with PAP.

Virgo49 said...

Why they keep harping on the "MERGER"????

To me it is the dumbest most stupid blunder made by LKY.

See the Old Sultan of Brunei. So pandai (very the smart) do not even want to join.

Also, stupid Sabah and Sarawak now also been skinned by the Federal Government.

Till today, what headache, baggage, enemies they have???

Tiok bo???

LYK thought he wants to be champion for the Malaysian Chinese. Loves them so much that now we have so many of them in our House and we are been kicked out in our own house.

After failure to show the Bumis that they must treat the Malaysian Chinese as equals, now he took a step further and adopted all nationalities from the Third World to come to our island after we built it for him.

Abandoned own citizens to allow these refugees in and screwed his own people who created the wealth for him.

Lost two SMCs and one GRC, wah piang make sure I stuck the spurs onto your hides.

Ho Ho do not want to listen to ni lar pa!! Make sure you all regret your defiance to me.

Son Ah, you know what to do RIGHT???

Whip them properly.

Raymond said...

One book based on truth, the other based on lies. Only an idiot can't see that.

Anonymous said...

Singapore can survive alone?

See how long Sin last ok!

Virgo49 said...

No worry, IMF and our Mr Botak already forecast World Economy challenging at sub-par!!

We can withstand the increase of the FED rate??

France got NEGATIVE rating and USA cannot go on printing more currencies.

Whole of Europe roaming into recession.

ISIS conquering the ME. North and South Korea exchanged fires.

Looming recession and depression on the way.

See how many foreign trashes they can still allowed in???

See how many these trashes or Sinkies out of jobs!!!

The longer they held back the GE to celebrate the 50th year, the more seats or the Change pf government will occur.


Anonymous said...

Everyone has a right to sell his, her product and advertise their product as they see fit.

The Problem is, in this instance, one product is deemed dangerous by some in Authority while the Masses are neutral.

Somehow, the Understanding has caused the Matter to become a National Issue.

The People should have been given the Respect and Freedom to decide or form their conclusion of Both Publications, but it was denied. A controversy becomes more complex and further divides the People from the Authority.

Sad isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Singapore left Malaysia to be on its own. If the cabinet is eventually filled with Malaysians, would Singapore be back in Malaysia in a different way?

b said...


Singapore was kicked out by msia. Singapore is the only state in this world that was made independent without even asking for it. At that time, the sheeps and the pigs united and created a better environment and systems. But things are changing. The pigs paid themselves too much and the sheeps are not very happy.

b said...

If sheeps merged with the moles, there will be - no compulsory ns, no water dispute, cheaper housing, no coe etc. It may not be a bad idea.