Tony Abbott – Is Australia having a mad man as PM?

Tony Abbott first came on to the international limelight when he jumped the gun by telling Najib that he knew where MH370 had crashed. Today he is still telling the interested parties that the knew where the aircraft had sunk, into the Antarctic Ocean. Today he is still leading the search. Of course nothing was found and it may take another decade for him to tell the Chinese and Malaysians where the aircraft is.

In the Today paper yesterday, 14 Oct, Abbott is warning Putin that he would pull him by his shirt to give him a good shake up. This was what was reported, ‘Look, I’m goint to shirtfront Mr Putin, you bet I am….I’m going to be saying to Mr Putin, Australians were murdered and they were murdered by Russian backed rebels using Russian supplied equipment….we now demand that you fully cooperate with the criminal investigation.’

Anyone thinking that George Bush Jr was mad, think Abbott. He even threatened to ban Putin from entering Australia to attend the G20 summit. Is this a statesman or a gangster?

Wondering what Putin will do if Abbott really did what he said? Would Putin pull his ears and ask him to kneel? Or would Putin carry a cane and give him a couple of whacks?

Australians, what is happening to Tony Abbott? Sure he is alright?

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Anonymous said...

Think he will give Abbot a slap on the backside. That's what Abbot is hopping for.

Anonymous said...

Decendants of British convicts will always inherit their gangster habits and this guy is one perfect example.

Who massacred the Australian aborigines into near extinction and claimed that they discovered that country?

Anonymous said...

I think being ex KGB he may just pull out his gun and shoot him. Lol

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprising.

This world is full of "MAD" people.

Welcome to the Mad Mad World!

The said...

Tony Abbott is just strutting about - he won't last a bout.

Putin will put him in place.

Anonymous said...

Is he an Italian mafia or from the KKK?

Anonymous said...

"Australians, what is happening to Tony Abbott? Sure he is alright?"

This is nothing as compared to the most powerful Sinkie opposition leader not only not ready but also has no ambition to be PM. As if that is not bad enough, he even praised the ruling party as being competent.

But I won't say Tony is mad but rather a joker. But that is nothing as compared to Sinkie jokers of his kind, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Sinkie politicians are jokers, never mind.

What is terrible is that they also make daft Sinkies suffer. And end up Sinkies becoming a joke.

Anonymous said...

Abbot is everything except a stateman.

He looks more woody than the Woody Pecker in Sin.

Anonymous said...

He is still telling China and Malaysia that MH370 is in the Antarctic Ocean. Bloody clown.

Anonymous said...

Putin is a black belted judoka.
Abbott had better know what a break fall is.

Anonymous said...

Abbot is an Ah Kwa. Don't mess with him OK?

b said...

All along he is suffering from attention deficit. He is also not wise to drag oz into the mess created by usofa. He should learn from canada by staying out. A cold war is arising - between USnEU and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

He is so happy playing the sheriff for the Americans. He thinks Oz is a military power. One day Indonesia my take over Oz and drives them out of Oz.

Anonymous said...

And now the Maverick is claiming that using solar and wind powers by humans will cause disasters.
Woody Abbot is queer and interesting.


Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean pondered:

>>Australians, what is happening to Tony Abbott?

No one knows. Not even Tony. He was a Rhodes Scholar, ex-boxer and was training to be a Jesuit priest (abbot = priest ==> irony?). He is probably the fittest member of parliament; an avid bike rider and loves a morning dip in the cold surf.

He's probably as fit as Putin, but Putin has special forces training -- i.e. posses lethal skills which Tony doesn't have.

However, I would pay money to see them throw down in a cage - mano a mano.

In order to settle their differences, I think world leaders should fight it out with one another until only 1 is left standing. This will cut down on unnecessary military spending, war, conflicts, collateral damage and a waste of lives of military personnel.

>>Sure he is alright?

Of course not. He's Catholic...so how can he possibly be 'alright'?

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Australia having a mad man as PM?

One FANTASTIC thing about Arse-trailer is that we have, within our shore, many many fucking bat shit insane people. This of course contributes to the 'charm' of the mother-cuntry, which makes it one of the most delightful places to live -- everyone is at least a little bit NUTZ!

That being said, Arse-trailer have NEVER HAD a "sane" Prime Minister. We treat our PM as "one of us" -- so special airs and graces when you address them or talk to them. If they are doing something you don't like, you can (and as a "good Arse-trailian") expected to call them out and tell them TO THEIR FACE what it is you don't approve of.

In Australian democracy, the political process is a joke, and one must "let go" of all preconceptions of political theory to truly ENJOY THE SHOW.

If you're paying attention, you will notice that Australians consistently elect The Biggest Cunt at the time, in the political theatre to be their PM. No self-respecting fat-arsed Aussie (Australia: world's fattest cuntry) will EVER refer to the PM as "The Leader", as being anti authoritarianis the foremost CULTURAL NORM, and the term "cuntry's leader" is reserved for collectivist-automaton societies like North Korea, for example.

Hope that clarifies the situation for most of the readers here who still believe that electing "the correct leader" is going to do your motherfucking cuntry any good. No, it won't :-)

...but please, be free to keep on dreaming, you sad, sad cum-guzzlers.