The silence of the sheep

The barrage of attacks against Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui for heckling Special Needs Children is followed by a police investigation for unlawful assembly at Hong Lim Park. Several protesters had been called up by the Police to assist in the investigation. Han Hui Hui had been called up too and so was Roy, but he was overseas.

Social media is on fire with what they see as victimisation against the two youngsters. Many netizens have stood up in their defence, to dismiss the accusations against them as senseless and baseless. Many have been working overtime digging out facts and even the constitution to prove their innocence. Other than the social media and netizens, who could the two youngsters and the protesters depend on to speak out for them? The Police are investigating a complaint against them and are unlikely to be on their side.

Could Roy and Hui Hui fall back on the politicians? Funny, this island got politicians or not? Why not a sound heard from any politician on this case? Maybe this is not a political issue and no politicians want to get involved. Politicians only want to serve the people but don’t like this kind of things. No wonder there is an eerie silence from the politicians of all stripes and colours. Hey, would the new Singaporean First Party seize the moment?

It looks like there in only one man, other than Leong Sze Hian, that the two can rely on to defend their innocence, and in the courts of law. Yes, this is a rule of law country and the only redress is in the courts of law.

Another crowd funding coming up? This is probably the last avenue for citizens like Roy and Hui Hui that are on the wrong side of things. They have no one else to seek redress and support except the people. Isn’t it pathetic?

The politicians are so quiet. It is none of their business. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing is the best. We are a first world country with first world politicians that are always ready to help and serve the people, but not one stepping forward to help Roy and Hui Hui.

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Anonymous said...

"The politicians are so quiet. It is none of their business."

This is understandable, whether it is PAP or opposition politicians. It is just a symptom of the disease.

And the disease is that Sinkies have voted for an opposition party to be the strongest but not ready to be govt.

And as regards PAP, even more understandable why things happened the way they did.

Anonymous said...

But what I don't understand is why a young PRC talent could even cheat a PAP MP, MP grassroots, the ICA, the OPG and MOM?

Can u?

Anonymous said...

"Hey, would the new Singaporean First Party seize the moment? "

Who are they and why should they? Are they the strongest opposition party? What credentials do they have to seize the moment, when even the strongest opposition party did not?

Anonymous said...

"Talk Country Do Local"

In my opinion, the oppositions
did not come out in the battle
front because they did not want
the HLP issues to distract them
from continuing their "Talk
Country Do Local" strategy.

They will talk about national
issues in parliament but quietly
do good jobs locally in their
respective wards.

What say U?

Anonymous said...

Y, the sage said?

"Snakes, rats one nest" ... literally translated


Real life... they natural enemies

Y.... y.....y

Anonymous said...


Alamak .... getting old, very chaim

No PGP, no social helps, no handouts

AND NO millions dollars pensions

Anonymous said...

Like Rb to know that
Nations failed bcos of
Tyranny or bcos of lousy
People making up the

The End is near for we have
Both in Sin.

agongkia said...

My teochew neighbor always tell me ...Mai cha .narng chit kai guek Charp luck choi.Soon soon ho kway kia choon.mai bo shi chuey shi.

Cpf is not everyone business.You think sinkies deserve to get their cpf?
I hope they cheongkong it including mine.

Raymond said...

Haven't you heard? The politicians on both sides have already spoken. They are unanimously against the actions of you protesters.

The impetuous duo dug their own grave and deserve every bit of justice coming to them.

Anonymous said...

After your mother being fucked by me and you are coming back for more. Nice, glad she enjoyed it, and you as well. Good boy Raymond.

Shiok right? Aren't you going to say thank you?

Anonymous said...

Wa say, Sneaky Raymond, you really come back for more. I should have no doubts about you. Your mum said she thoroughly enjoyed it, every moment of it.

Did she ask you to come back for more?

Anonymous said...

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” – Plato
yo Sneaky Raymond, this is for you.

Anonymous said...

what saddens me is not so much the politicians (wp included) dislike of Roy and HH.
There is a bigger issue at hand. Even if roy and HH were in the wrong, the bigger issue is that the Rule of Law is fundamentally not followed. As a good politician I am extremely fedup with the Workers Party for not making a comment at least on the procedure by which police can haul up citizens post-event and pull the rules beneath carpet. Regardless whetehr roy was right or wrong, it is Illegal to charge the duo of unlawful assembly because the revoking of permit DID NOT FOLLOW PROCEDURES as at Saturday Afternoon. The Police Force's blatant disregard of the law, the police harassment and bullying of citizen is something which Workers Party or any other party can make comment on without actually taking sides. Low Thia Khiang is totally hopeless. This is a macro issue, for heavens sake forget about your hatred of Roy and HHH, the issue here is a matter of procedure and Low Thia Khiang promised to slap the drivers seat in 2011 yet the WP is now completely fast asleep and enjoying their power with no responsibility to ensure that the Law is well respected in Singapore by Police as well as Citizens.
WP go to hell. Burn as the PAP burns. stupid!

oldhorse42 said...

It looks like there in only one man, other than Leong Sze Hian, that the two can rely on to defend their innocence,....Chua Chin Leng aka RB

I wonder who is the man other than uncle Leong that the two young heroes could rely on to defend their innocence. RB did not say. May be it was RB himself defending the two youngster with the might of his fingers on the key board.

Anonymous said...

Hi oldhorse, who do you think can defend them in court? It's none other than the great M Ravi.

Anonymous said...

What's with old people and that skinny waif activist Hui Hui? This isn't the only old man who has taken a liking to her... Very curious indeed.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:35;

I fully concur with Your Comment.
Despite having Parliamentary Immunity and Privilege, the Workers Party Representatives in Parliament were liked a bunch of dumbs.

I like to say again, without the Activists and Socio Political Bloggers, the Alternative Parties are as good as impotent.


Anonymous said...

Rb aka Mr Chua Chin Leng has been doing his part by blogging on matters for nation building as well as for the Wellbeing of the People.

He had presented himself frequently at Hong Lim Park to see first hand at the Events.
Me had met him and saw that he spoke sparingly and much in deference to others around him. Mr Chua Chin Leng is a most respectable senior citizen. Straightforward with no pretension.
I can sense that he has a natural tendency to 路见不平, 拔刀相助, seek justice for JUSTICE SAKE. He is not liking or disliking anyone because of personality or status.

Mr Chua is one very patriotic Singaporean.

Pardon me for getting personal today.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am embarrassed, Patriot.

b said...

So long as the sheeps cannot unite and vote intelligently, they will always be bullied by the pigs. Moreover, majority of the sheeps voted for the pigs again and again. However, things can also be worse off if sheeps voted wolves. Your vote is a gamble.

Anonymous said...

Heard that a Town Council removes stone tables at HDB void decks just to "stop" illegal gambling.


Epic research said...

Whatever we write doesn't mean everyone will read that, the people will read what they want to read and see and will want to form their own opinions of things.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Epic research, exactly. People will read, see and interpret things in their own ways and thru their own lenses.

Anonymous said...

'Heard that a Town Council removes stone tables at HDB void decks just to "stop" illegal gambling.'

Isn't this ingenious and downright effective? If the gamblers were to gambler on the corridors of Parliament House, they may even pull down the whole House.

Anonymous said...

RWS and Sands will invite You with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Anyone wants to remove the 3 tablets at Marina Bay?

Anonymous said...

All the politicians are deserting Roy and Hui Hui. And they claimed to want to serve the people. When the people are in trouble, you can't find any politician standing up for them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice point by RB. At this point, opposition parties need to do all they can to score points with the people.

When they don't even bother to use your case as political fodder to win support from the masses, when they remain totally silent on you as an issue, you know you are kind of getting irrelevant.

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