The reason for setting up this Poll

The main reason why I set up this Poll is to lure Sneaky Raymond to reveal himself that he is an IB. And he fell into the trap immediately. He could not stand the votes going against him and called up all his IBs to help him chalk up his scores. He did not only do that, he also showed a lot of things that he and his gang can do, like rigging the votes. More of this later.

So, anyone still has any doubt that this Sneaky Raymond is just another innocent blogger with just a different opinion, a loner? He has clearly demonstrated that he can call upon his teams of IBs to do what he wanted. And he confirmed without any more doubts that the IBs are there and very active and could do a lot of damage in social media. And you have not seen anything yet. He only revealed a small section of the whole IB team. It is an army out there.

What about this rigging of votes? Yes your votes can be tempered with. I mean the electronic votes here and not the votes in a General Election. Don’t get wild ideas. In the two Polls that I conducted, you can see that they can do vote stuffing. They could increase their votes at will, either by stuffing or by transferring your votes to become theirs. They can also deprive you of your votes, the votes going to you do not count. In short, they could guarantee that the counting will be to their favour, that they will win.

The other thing that this exercise revealed is the simplicity of their thinking, a bunch of kids. You could easily lure them out, poke them here and there and they will all fall into a trap laid out for them. That is the level of intelligence they are showing. Someone said they stuffed a vacuum in between their ears to ensure there is absolutely nothing inside their heads.

Well done Sneaky Raymond and gang, for showing us who you really are and what you are and how clever you are. And for confirming to those who still have doubts of the presence of silly boys and girls doubling up as IBs to heckle and harass netizens.

Thank you. Exercise over. I thoroughly enjoyed making Sneaky Raymond running about frantically and calling up reinforcement like he was being ambushed, and to see all his merry IBs scurrying here like bull arse flies. Dumb kids.

PS. The best part, now I have a list of the IP addresses of the IBs and know how many are out there.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you are wrong about IP Addresses.
The list of ip address you have is useless , unless you are the Telco.
Because, IP addresses of indivduals are refreshed periodically. Unlike phonenumbers which stay with you your whole life unless you ask to change.
If you like a permanent ip address, then you have to pay for it and usually private corporations and companies do have fixed ip.
The reason why ip addresses are changed periodically I believe is because of dynamic nature of internet and it is better resource allocation if ip addresses are pooled and released in real time depending on demand. If not, there will be shortage of ip numbers to allocate due to hogging of ip numbers by people who don't even use them.

|However if you are a Telco, you have the lookup table who is holding the ip address at what time and date. That is the only way you can trace.


Anonymous said...

The perplexing thing on here and TRE is that many deride those supposed IB as not worth effort but yet spend a lot of time engaging them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi rex, thanks for your comment. It still give some ideas where they are coming from. But they can be really useful if you put them into a specialist who knows what to do with them.

As for anon 9:00, no one wants to bother with them. But if they become a pest, then it is good to spray some insecticides now and then. You can imagine how busy that shameless Raymond was the last couple of days calling up all his IBs to come here and how busy the IBs were coming here to searching to vote.

And we just enjoy what we are doing without being bothered. Let them run around and be busy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ignore and don't respond to IBs. Also, if RB accepts comments without IDs, consider introducing some simple rules or protocol failing which the comment could be deleted, e.g. no blasphamy or inane taunting/name-calling, spiteful opinion without accompanying rationale or substantiation,...

Anonymous said...

RB, DO NOT let Raymond distract you from your usual serious Singapore News.

If Raymond indeed represented PAP, than, it is INDEED time to change the PAP Government.
BUT, I DO NOT BELIEVE RAYMOND is PAPi. He is just giving PAP a really, really BAD name.

Leave him alone, RB.

Anonymous said...

Dun like that lah

I worst than raymond

I xposed your daily activities .....

Okay... enuff tooday

Raymond said...

You're one seriously paranoid old man with a severe case of persecution complex.

You remind me of Robert Ho. Remember that guy? Thinks everyone is after him, watching him, etc.

Robert Ho eventually went mental and ended up in IMH. Sure looks like you're going that way as well. :)

As for who I am, don't worry. We'll meet some day--at your funeral. :) Please make sure your obituary includes a mugshot of your ugly face. :)

Anonymous said...

Yo Raymond, you sneaked out from IMH so late ah? Your masters very angry you let out so many secrets don't let you come out now you have to sneak out when they no see?

Anonymous said...

This guy so conceited and how lian. Try to show off how much power he has. Now lobang pitcha. His boss going to go after him now. Go lah, go and tell people how many IBs you got lah? Now everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

Rb should thank Raymond for bringing readers and commentaters to his blogs.

However, Raymond need not curse Rb and wants to meet him at his funeral. Who goes first has yet to happen.
It is not very nice of You to curse Rb
So girly and childish.

Anonymous said...

This Raymond guy has acted rashly. In the heat of the moment he has foolishly dragged in many people and exposed their IPs. If RB were to get them checked and some big names or organisations surfaced, and if these were listed in this blog or a report made to the police, and if the list got onto the media, there will be a lot of red faces. Too late to explain.

This guy must be smart enough to quickly get those people exposed to change their IPs, if it is still in time to do damage control, before these people got embarrassed publicly.

Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

'As for who I am, don't worry. We'll meet some day--at your funeral. :) Please make sure your obituary includes a mugshot of your ugly face. :)'

I suggest RB make a police report for a threat against his life or personal safety.

Anonymous said...

This is a very dangerous statement against the life of a person.

I also think RB should make a police report.