The Poll now stands at 42 support, 19 despise and 46 condemn. Total 107

The Poll now stands at 42 support, 19 despise and 46 condemn. Total 107

42 people have voted in support of  what 'Sneaky Raymond and his despicable masters' are doing here, to hide under anonymity to engage in personal attacks. 19 have voted to despise them and 46 condemn what they are doing. So far we have about 40% of people thinking that such acts are fair and worthy of support.

5 more days to go to show the values and thinking of Singaporeans on such vile acts.


Raymond said...

Thank you for the support. But I reject the label. There is nothing "sneaky" about the way I criticize your one-sided, bigoted blog.

Anonymous said...

Yo Raymond, why don't you come clean? If you are proud of what you are doing, why need to sneak around under anonymity? Be proud of what you are doing and identify yourself to prove your point asshole.

By hiding behind a mask, it only shows that you too disapprove of what you are doing and are ashamed to show yourself.

Don't kid yourself that what you are doing is honourable, not sneaky. Hiding behind a mask to attack people is only for whims and despicables.

You mean not? It is honourable to do such things? You are deranged. A crook is a crook.

Anonymous said...

Aaarrgghhhhh, laugh until peng. You thanking yourself and your IBs for supporting yourself?


Who are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

spring in the city: posted this in the thread 'No, Ho Kwon Ping, PAP may fall faster than expected' in TRE

October 28, 2014 at 9:08 am spring in the city(Quote)
We shall celebrate with Frank Sinatra’s song.

And now the end is near
As they face the final curtain
My friends, we said it clear
We state our case of which we are certain

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Latest Poll. 54 support, 18 despise, 48 condemn. Total 120.

Notice that despise has come down from 19 to 18. How so?

Anonymous said...

Readers love Raymond as much as Raymond likes Rb.

Virgo49 said...

Please lah! Raymond here!

Got replaced by a foreign talent and now jobless.

No choice, got to earn a living with six mouths to feed. Tang chiak tang chiak only.

Have to obey Masters and attack Red Bean as elections drawing near and everyday hurting as these online buggers kept calling us names and scolding our mothers and fathers.

Wah Piang, earned millions also four generations suay!!!

Great grandchildren and grandchildren born without koko for males and backsides for females.

So got to give Ratmond San S$0.50cts for every hits at RedBean and other bloggers.

Boh piang, people also cursed me and called me traitors or "hanjians"

Hope my next generation do not born out without koko or backsides.

Anyway, Masters also "hanjians" working for the Imperialist Japan's previously.

Luckily, I not those with masked hoods and pointed out fellow men and women to the Japs for fire squads.

Will definitely go to HELL.

Anonymous said...

Yo Sneaky Raymond, you working real real hard. Now supporting you hits 50% oredy. Good man.

agongkia said...

Very confusing lah.
Support mean support who?you or him?
Despise and condemn should be together
so its either support or condemn.
Like choosing mei mei easier to choose between 2 instead of 3.
I have not vote,blur like sotong.

Anonymous said...

Raymond good on you. Though I don't agree with every thing you said but I defend your right to say it. It's democracy.

Anonymous said...

12.07 pm I agreed that is why I voted for him not because I agreed with his view but his right for free expression. I recently found that RB is becoming like tkl the way he reacted in his blog whereby all comments he does not like is deleted and his blog is basically dead.

Anonymous said...

I may not agree with everything Raymond says but I support his right to say it.

I also think calling him sneaky is not nice and unfair given that many readers/commenters here also hide behind anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Hi IBs, what did Sneaky call RB?

Anonymous said...

Yo Sneaky Raymond, you winning liao. See you can hit 90% or not. Those condemn and despise you no strength oredy. No more support for RB liao.

Your IB very powderful one. So many in this blog today.

Anonymous said...

The IBs in TRE are calling for help. They have been outnumbered and bashed till their tails are in between their legs and fleeing.

Quick, they are smashed into mashed potatoes.

agongkia said...

no wonder my comment to support to uncle went missing

Anonymous said...

RB, they messed around with your counter to make themselves looked good. I and my fren just voted for you but nothing happened.

See no evil.

The said...


Anonymous said...

No problem lah.

Rb indicated he had Raymond
liked a spider kept in a match box.

Anonymous said...

Raymond who? I have always wondered.

RB thinks RM is PAP IB member.
I dunno.
If RM is indeed PAP, he is really giving the PAP the worst example of an unintelligent, prejudiced, childish and a really, really bad debater.

RM had NEVER contributed any mature, well-argued and logical position on any issue. He only picks on other, especially RB. Never mind that RB not only writes what he thought, RB also expressed them coherently. I dun agree with a lot of what RB wrote about, but I must say that's the kind of alternate views we want in a mature democracy and adult discussions.

RM should grow up or butt out.
There should be a children section somewhere in cyberspace where cyberNEWBIES can literally suck the milk of political discussions.

RM is a disgrace to PAP, seriously. I expect more mature opponents and debaters arguing the Govt case on several great PAP policies; including CPF, yes! Personal attacks are no-brainers ... NOT characteristics of the distinguished MIW.

Virgo 49 said...

19,42,46 Mr RB, toto out these three numbers.