The pictures that tell the mood at HLP


Anonymous said...

Like I said.
PAPigs are champion complainers.
Only PAPigs will complain that the Singaporeans at Hong Lim Park are dangerous.
I guess we will have to increase the pay of our PAP Millionaires again.

Raymond said...

I see you still want to weasel out of culpability.

Your pictures only confirm how inappropriate your protest is, in the midst of a children's event.

Those poor innocent kids!

Only someone with a blackened heart would raise such a ruckus around them.

Once again, shame on you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The blog idiot is here again. Yo Raymond, come, wag your tail. Here is a bone for you.

Gettting ready to be f....

Anonymous said...

"Would these people heckle the children?"

If PAP said these people heckle, it means they heckle lah.

It's how powerful u are that really matters, not the pics that u show, the blog that u write, the protests u lead, the heckling u created, or even the movie that u can produce.

Be the leader of a political party, show and tell that u are ready to be govt, and 60% will give u the power to be govt.

It's that simple. And applicable only in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Vote papigs ... uneven

They r bastard

Fuck ... read on,

I forsaken papigs oredi

Vote papigs, hsienloong n bastard OUT

Okay .... cheeby, dun halo style.

Anonymous said...

This sneaky Raymond so early already come here to ask to be fucked.

So pitiful to be a shameless IB.

Anonymous said...

Roy & HHH chants of 'Return our CPF"
- This one can frighten children
- this is heckling

PAP supporters chants of "We Love Our CPF"
- This cannot frighten children meh?
- this is not heckling meh?

One law for slaves?
Another law for PAPigs?

Did Teo Ser Luck stand up on stage to tell everybody "Please be quiet. You are ALL scaring the children"
This also cannot do.
Do you think Teo Ser Luck can protect our CPF money from a rogue government?

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled.
YMCA could have held its carnival anywhere in Singapore.
So why choose Hong Lim Park.
A government gazetted area for protest rallies.

Anonymous said...

Where was the most powerful man at Hong Lim Park?
Teo Ser Luck.
Why didn't he stand up to protect the children from the two skinny kids (Roy & HHH) and their CPF seeking brigade of grandmas & grandpas

Anonymous said...

Does anybody here seriously think PAP is on the side of "special needs children"?
- No!
- If PAP government really want to help, then why force the parents of such children to contribute to CPF?

CPF is for a rainy day.
When you are a parent of a special needs child in Singapore, your rainy day has arrived.
- no need to wait for 65 years old anymore

Singapore Reserves is for a rainy day
- so when is this "rainy day"?
- the rainy day arrives when you have a medical emergency and hospital bills to pay
- and how does the PAP government help you?
- by making you pay GST on your hospital bill
- by forcing you to continue with CPF contribution even as you try to pay off your hospital bill

b said...

Heckle or no heckle, cpf will not be returned for sinkies. The purpose of having ymca event in hl park is to pick a fight and/or create a wayang and/or accuse the protestors. Nothing more complicated than that.

Anonymous said...

stop beating a dead horse, idiots!
CPF a non issue created by Roy's wrong statistics, bad arguments and stupid logic. U must be really stupid to keep following his cpf beef, just like the stupid honkies complaining about direct elections which they are already promised for 2017..

Anonymous said...

seriously, can someone explain again why cancel the cpf when cpf is used by govt as cheap funding for national development for our children and their grandchildren? No cpf means govt must borrow for private banks and world bank. who we borrow from will intervene with our policies, and squeeze our bXXXs during hard times! U really want foreigners to control us and out future?? wake up, man! 1011

Anonymous said...

"... why cancel the cpf when cpf is used by govt as cheap funding for national development for our children and their grandchildren? "

Dear PAPig
1. cpf is used to benefit aliens not Singaporeans.

2. Using CPF to benefit Singaporeans.
What evidence do Yew offer that the PAP makes better decisions than individual Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Wah lau eh.
Can you please take a look at this video.

Just to "take care" of Roy & HHH.
We have;
a) a Director of NParks
b) maybe six policeman (out of uniform) ... including one ASP
c) an accompanying cameraman on the side of the "authorities"
d) I suppose these group of people just spontaneously turn up together at Hong Lim Park? It was an unplanned & spontaneous gathering of "authorities"?

If they can do this to two young Singaporeans.
What will they do to us and our children?

Do Yew think Roy and HHH are dangerous?

Anonymous said...

PAP government should be grateful and thankful.
Singaporean protesters are so obedient compared to Hong Kong protestors.
Yew are overpaid a million dollar salary to govern such a docile & daft bunch of citizens.
Easy job.
Easy money.

Anonymous said...

PAP's Chan Chun Sing:
“We must not concede the space - physical or cyber. We will have to learn from the 1960 generation of PAP pioneers - to fight to get our message across at every corner - every street corner, every cyberspace corner, be it in the mass media or social media. We will have to do battle everywhere as necessary."

Why Chan Chun Sing never say;
"We must listen in the physical and the cyber space.
We will listen in every street corner.
We will listen in every cyberspace corner, be it mass media or social media."

Who has already declared he wants to fight?
Who has already declared war on Singaporeans?
Who is the potential trouble-maker in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Must be those 40% or less at Hong Lim Park lah.

60% have better places to be, and better things to do.

Anonymous said...

"Must be those 40% or less at Hong Lim Park lah."
Anon 6:06 pm

Tiok. And this one mai hum(no cockles) also knows.

If not, why he dare to sue Lor Ngerng(braised egg), u tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

They will send in the Military.

Anonymous said...

Chan chun seng..

U know who your REAL father is? DNA will help u, l interested to know, it's a matter of public interest

If rumour are koret, u might be stinkapore future presileent.

Piss leave nonok stones unturn

Otherwise.... like pioneer peoples say or u Kia.

Anonymous said...

I also have special needs.
I need a million dollar salary.
Otherwise, I fear I may not be honest while performing my job.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Teo Ser Luck stand up for the defenceless children?
As a Minister, his job is to protect defenceless Singaporeans.
Was he too scared to tell Roy and Han Hui Hui to please stop scaring the children?

Is he afraid to stand up to Roy in person.
But no longer afraid once he is in the safety of his PAP office, seated in front of his computer.
Is he a keyboard warrior?

Anonymous said...

Would Sinkies allow these two young man and woman to be burnt at the stake for standing up for our CPF?

CPF not important? Fuck you, asshole. CPF will affect every Sinkie, including asshole like you.

Anonymous said...

Y lidat

I everlee happee looking at my balance everlee day on chee bay f website, u know?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Redbean, for these photos.

It just goes to show that mainstream reports are all lies. There were no heckling, the children were not distressed.

Thanks to this turn of events, we now know how the ruling authorities are now not only fixing the oppositions but also fixing any citizen protesters.

Anonymous said...

morons, let me describe the journey downwards to pariah status:
no cpf, no cheap fund for development, higher external debts, higher cost of debt servicing, less govt spending on investments, less job creation, less jobs, less income, no hdb so must get more expensive pte housing, less savings, less to spend on children, no money to get married, get poorer and poorer .. then really kissing the concrete longkang one day. There u are - U have ARRIVED at the bottom of your FREE..FALL. Just common sense, idiots, NO politics.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:21, you are so clever.