The Making of Singaporean Dalits?

Veritas, a blogger, used to say that Singaporeans are on the road to become the Dalits in their own country. I thought it was amusing and an over exaggeration. It cannot be. How could smart Singaporeans be fixed by anyone to become Dalits, ie the untouchables in India? Veritas claimed they became what they are today by a systematic indoctrination and oppression programme introduced by the Aryans to make them stupid by first making them to think that they were stupid. Familiar? This was followed by not giving them good jobs. The programme went on for centuries, and today, the Dalits that used to be the elites in India, were highly intelligent beans, are now the lowest caste in India. The Americans did that to a few generations of Chinese, making them to think they were only good enough to be cooks and laundrymen in their Constitution.

Could the fate of the Dalits become the fate of present day Singaporeans? I attended a talk today, and the speaker was a young European guy in his early 30s. What he spoke on was nothing new, nothing extraordinary. What he could do, any Singaporean would also be able to do as well. The point is that this European guy would be better everyday by honing his skills, practicing his art, because he is given the opportunity to do so. And he would be someone bigger in the future, someone that could talk with some authority and be seen as an expert in the field. He could say he had done that. He was given the opportunity by our Govt. Why not the opportunity be given to a young Singaporean?

Distribute this guy to a spread of professions, eg IT, finance, medicine, law, lecturers etc etc. If young foreigners are given the chance to practice the trades and professions here, they will get better and betterer. On the other hand, if our young are not given the chance, made to work as temporary staff photcopying notes, making kopi, sharpening pencils, sorting out mails, what would they become in the future? Office clerks?

We have seen how the IT profession and banking have gone to the foreigners. We have seen how even the task of recruitment has gone to foreigners when Singaporeans looking for a job here have to sign up with recruitment agencies owned by foreigners to get a job here. We have seen even hawker centres and foodcourts have been taken over by foreigners. How silly and treacherous this can be?

Yes, if all the opportunities were given to foreigners under whatever stupid reasons, our young will degenerate when their talents are not used or challenged, when their mental capacities are under utilized. Give it a generation or two and the true blue Singaporeans and their children will become Dalits here. The process has already started with many silly assholes thinking that good jobs must be given to foreigners whom they think are smarter than Singaporeans, all because the foreigners have yet to take over their jobs.
This is stupidity is at the national level. Who is that stupid asshole that started this trend of making Singaporeans into Dalits? This is not hard headed policy. This is thick headed policy.

Just bring in foreigners as actors and actresses for MediaCorp. In two decades, you would not have a local good enough to act in any serials but as calafare at best. And all Singaporeans would be, at best, be backroom boys working in the banks, not even good enough to serve at the counters.

When would true blue Singaporeans become Dalits in their own country? This is a worse fate than becoming maids and cleaners if we stop giving good opportunities to our own citizens. The process has started. First they called you daft. Then they called the pariahs they brought in talents. Then they took your jobs and you become unemployed. Then you can’t find any good jobs.

You start to doubt about yourself. You start to think you are stupid, unworthy, even not good enough compare to fakes and people with poorer education and training. Then you believe you are NG. Then you resign to your fate. First become taxi drivers. Next, become collectors of tin cans. Then become Dalits with no resistance left. You believe you are no good, and Dalit is what you should be. You lose your job, your self respect, yourself. Then you lose your country.

Give the jobs to foreigners who are better than Singaporeans? Say that again! I say balls to you. The future generations of Singaporeans will curse you for it. Do not condemn the young of Singaporeans to become the Dalits of tomorrow. Yes, take away the university places and give them to foreigners. Tell them no need to go to universities. Go to ITEs, good enough.

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Anonymous said...

"When would true blue Singaporeans become Dalits in their own country?"

Not all lah. Only some. Maybe a minority lah, say 40% or less for these true blue Sinkies, even in worse times like in 2011.

And since 2011, things have improved for daft Sinkies, PAP has also improved, although still not good yet lah. But it will keep improving for sure.

Anonymous said...

U 100 piss cent korat

U r writing about yourself too

Fuck papigs ... hsienloong. Tuli humkarchan

Anonymous said...

PAP has also improved...
Anon 10:44 am

But Sinkie opposition no improve leh.

Hainan Ah Ko and the gay guy no more SDP.

Son of JBJ one-man-show party lost deposit in by election.

And Ah Ko form his one-too-many new party.

Nicole Seah no more NSP.

Ah Chiam party still only husband and wife party.

Strongest WP still not ready to be gvot.

So got improve or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

The first batch of Dalits are the PMEs turned taxi drivers. They have accepted their fate despite their high qualifications and work experience.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@RB -- questionable premises:

»»Yes, if all the opportunities were given to foreigners under whatever stupid reasons, our young will degenerate when their talents are not used or challenged, when their mental capacities are under utilized. ««

Here's how I look at it: I doubt you'll find many other places where the opportunities to try to be, to achieve, to prosper are as not only vast, but readily available are as ABUNDANT as they are in Singapore. This is one of the main reasons why young foreigners and other "seekers" flock in droves to Singapore. I'm not just talking about the "working" people. I'm highlighting the freedom to exercise one's entrepreneurial aspirations.

The usual caveat: You have to bring something OF VALUE to the table. If you expect the govt to provide whilst you sit on your ass and watch soap opera's on Channels 8 and 12, then nothing is going to happen -- regardless of how many anti-govt posts you write on the TRE.

Foreigners bring their motivation and competitive natures with them. So it is reasonable to expect them to "try harder" in the marketplace. Simple reason: when you are new in town, you cannot fuck around. You have limited resources and need to make whatever plans you WORK FOR YOU ASAP.

When looking at the stats or observations of "successful foreigners" be aware of cognitive biases -- especially confirmation bias -- the psychological priming which affects ALL of us due to holding pre-conceived beliefs when making observations.

The media, marketers, spin-doctors and the govt. conveniently herald the "success" of foreigners. Tis is PURE cherry-picking. They don't count the "unsuccessful" -- the ones who had to pack up and leave because they ran out of resources, were just unlucky or for a myriad of other reasons. i.e. the "supporters" of the govt open border policies only count the "hits" and ignore the "misses"

Singapore is a MERITOCRACY -- which means it is close to a zero sum game: you succeed, or fail, and that's just the nature of the beast whether you like it or not.

Since "failure" is the default outcome of new try-outs, I suspect that the number of unsuccessful foreigners who had no choice but to leave is GREATER than the biased, cherry-picked examples of the govt and their spin doctors.

Can anyone succeed in Singapore? Hell no! Opportunities may be there, but you have to work it and also you need "luck" (probabilistic outcomes which work in your favour).

One thing is for sure: like the rest of the planet, Singapore is changing, and probably rapidly. Like it or lump it, that is the REALITY. To stay "relevant" you need to ACT within specific contexts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, it would be good if you speak to some of the foreign recruiting agencies and get them to divulge the true practices from their theoretical recruitment methodology.

You will know that the truth is nothing near the truth. And if you could see the people they brought in to replace the Sinkies, unbelieveable.

Well educated Sinkies replaced by half baked villagers, some even fakes.

Of course this Dalit thing will not happened overnight and would not get too far before it is being scuttled. But the damage has been done to many, esp children not given university places and Sinkies losing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

"Well educated Sinkies replaced by half baked villagers, some even fakes."
RB 11:54 am

Whether they are fakes or talents is for their employers to decide, and to take action accordingly.

Just like whether PAP deserved to be the ruling party is for the 60% to decide, and to vote accordingly.

Tio bo, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

worse still. malaysian engineer with degree cert dont know how to use excel and don't know how to check what kind of ram inside a desktop. and where they spend their money? they buy everything in malaysia. cert also study in other country. but they earn the money here. time up take out all cpf. u say singapore cpf will have money? i dunno man.

Veritas said...

The most important condition for us citizen to acquire 21th century skill set is to force companies to hire fresh local graduates and train them. Today even GLCs and stat boards are taking in FTs like nobody.

Next, Singaporean must be presence in all level of hierarchy especially at the top.

Today there is a kind of gap. While there is Singaporeans presence in management in government agencies, the financial sectors are alarmingly void of Singaporeans.

One reason that even Singaporean managers hate Singaporeans and like foreigners is, hiring an experience foreigners eliminate the need for training. The lost of an employee trained by a company is quite large.

But Singaporean managers sucks big time. Very often promotion are base on sucking cock and not meritocracy. It is hard to retain employee in this circumstances.

I found Singaporean managers like to foment hatred among underlings. Now I am writing this email in a lab oversea, and I feel like heaven here.

Why Singaporean managers always do wicked things? The reason is manager power is too big, salary is too fat, responsibility is too small, no accountability.

After sometime in the management a manager get so lazy, conceit and wicked, that they lost their skill set and they must hang on to the job.

Also the top managers are too stupid, and they do not promote smart people, they promote even more stupid people. Or they promote a FT who apparent will not be a threat until after a longer period of time.

In such condition, the future of Singaporeans are bleak. We need to do our soul searching.

The best way to start is to reduce managers salary and increase those of executive. The silicon valley genius salary between engineers and managers are very narrow. The top engineers can even earn as good as the top managers.

Veritas said...

In another department of my company, the manager forever rant they "cannot" find engineer for their opening. This is just a diploma position.

You can imagine how pampered our employee is.

The headcount is empty for 4 months. The manager abuse the power by asking the other underlings to take over the job, without even saying thank you. There is an appalling entitlement mentality in the management of Singapore.

In SG, a lot jobs requires a an unrealistic perfect match. Else, FT will be bring in.

20-30 years ago, companies are willing to hire and train. This is how our managers got inside.

The FT policies have actually destroy not the our sons, but the entire engineering and corporate culture.

Anonymous said...

Your silly govt said let the best man get the job. No care about nationality. You vote them again lah. You deserve them.

Anonymous said...

How do you know is Singaporean or Malaysian, Verita?

Last time I also always thought why Singaporean will kill Singaporean.

When I resign, the HR director told me she is a malaysian. I was like huh? why do you need to tell me that? and I am like only 25 that time. first job. dreams totally vanish.

Do you know singapore a lot of malaysian? may i ask u to guess the prison officer that kill dinesh is singaporean or malaysian?

Veritas said...

Malaysian and Singaporean bosses all behave similarly and sucks big time, but Malaysian still protect Malaysian.

You want to see how Singaporean management behave at the most depravity, go look at MOE. Its a cesspool of eunuch and harem whore.

Kuan Yew used NWC as a lever to infuence wage level, where managers have disproportionally high salary. This sick mind indicate Kuan Yew is insecure and has a suck cock mentality. He want everyone to suck manager cock.

This thing work somehow in the past but will blow up terribly in 21th century jobs.

The silicon valley cowboys are famous for rebellion.

In SG all labs I have wen to are sucking cock and drinking cum.

In oversea lab, I feel free and I feel challenged. I feel I am working with very smart and honest people.

Anonymous said...

And I din know there is Malaysian in Singapore. Still very naive. Until that moment. So do you think Malaysians alot of EQ?

Amy Cheong Ntuc complain malay wedding. come from where?

Anonymous said...

Aiya, even ordinary Sinkie numbers also no enough, let alone talented Sinkies.

Therefore it is hard for PAP not to take in lots of ordinary foreigers, what more talented ones, to supplement Sinkies no enough in this circumstances.

Problem is PAP then went overboard and take too many lah, and in the process accidentally displaced Sinkie PMETs out of their jobs to come taxi drivers and secuirty guards.

Anonymous said...

How do you know it is Singaporean inside MOE or with malaysian background?

It not the same. check the facts.

Anonymous said...

....in the process accidentally displaced Sinkie PMETs out of their jobs to come taxi drivers and secuirty guards.
Anon 2:43 pm

Ya lor. That's why although many Sinkies may hate PAP, but they also very scared they may accidentally vote PAP out if they vote opposition because even the strongest opposition party is also not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, let me tell u, in case u don't know, there are now lots of new Sinkies. They may look and talk foreigner but actually they are Sinkies!

True blue and suffering Sinkies are becoming more and more like going the fate of dodo birds.

That's why to PAP, it may not matter even if they didn't vote PAP.

oldhorse42 said...

In Penang, the authority disallowed foreigners to become cooks in the foodstalls to retain the local taste and flavour of its food.

Here, the locals have been displaced from the food courts and eating places. The cooks and the servers are all foreigners. The table cleaners and toilet caretakers are possibly locals working for a meagre living in winter years of their lives.

Two young persons who dared to speak out will be silenced soon as a lesson to the rest of the daft and cowed people who called themselves true blue singaporean!

Anonymous said...

it good to have more foreigner. they will be hard to control. 80% of population will always be poor. how much can the govt feed the 80% people. imagine 70% of the 80% is foreigner. good luck investor. it okay singaporean suffer. life is all about suffering. dont compare singapore with other country. let compare singapore with singapore to retire as a singapore standard.

1st little india riot. next hong kong. singaporean will harm ppl and burn govt vehicles. let them have more foreigner in. see how much can they feed. i waiting to see another riot. why hhh and roy must fight. sit back relax. watch the show. let nature take it course.

b said...

thats the reason why I always tell the sinkies to migrate if they can. this place is for the naive, young and singles but bad for people with wisdom, families, retirees etc. this place runs like a corporation and not like a state. but one cannot blame the gahmen as the reason is due to the voters voting in a pack of greedy wolves into power again and again.

Anonymous said...

let me tell you....

if you want to survive in this
expensive and crowded city state
you cannot afford to be poor.....

in fact, many average families
are fast becoming poor.....

it is indeed very very scary to
be without money......

never follow the crowds and live
well within yr means....

this the only way going forward..


b said...

In a capitalistic world, employers will always want cheaper labour and will do whatever it takes (including bribing/threatening/controlling the ministers) to get it.

b said...

and democracy facilitates capitalism. that the sad part. the people will never have a happy ending.

The said...

New word in the Coxford Dictionary:
Dalitization (or Pariahitization?)

patriot said...

Me likes to say that Sinkies should take the Last 3 Comments from b seriously. Sin has gobe to the Hyenas for somtimes already, yet many are like Redbean and Company hoping and wishing to tirn the Tides.
Too bad, it is too late.

There shall be a day when New Sinkies will suffer liked Native Sinkies. But they will NOT bear like Sinkies, that will be the Day the Hyenas will be hunted by them(New Sinkies).


Virgo 49 said...

Retirees with abundant cash with single unmarried children best to start a new life out of sinkies land.

The natives would not accuse them of competing them for the jobs.

Un married singles can start anew but for families with little children, hard to just simply migrate.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB Speed. Singapore has gone down the same path as any other modern large cities. Like London or New York and any other cosmopolitan cities Singapore will become a place where the population compete in a rat race, Lots of people will survive and do well and many will be trampled and fall by the wayside. Singaporeans must learn from the foreign invaders to survive and must not feel that they deserve a head start, just because they belong to the land. Singaporeans must never have the entitled mentality just because they are true blue Singaporeans. Learn from these foreigners and beat them at their own game. Just my 2 cents worth.

Veritas said...

Today Singaporeans are increasingly believing they are stupid, lazy and they deserve to be shit -- thanks to PAP.

We deliver our jobs to FT, and we suck their cock. The Dravidians 3000 years ago believe the lies of Aryans that Dravidians commit sin in past life, and so Dravidians daughter must be prostitute and son must be shit collector.

If we continue to believe in PAP lies, we are soon be worst than Dalits.

On the contrary, the German elites if we look at the good side of racism, never tell their people how stupid or lazy German people are.

German elites always tell German that they are the best race, the master race and everyone else are stupid.

Similar the Jews tell their people that they are the chosen one and all others deserve hell.

The great race always tell their peasants they are the best.

Fuck up PAP tell us we are fuck up. If we don kick out PAP, we are going to eat shit soon.

Anonymous said...

New word in the Coxford Dictionary:
Dalitization (or Pariahitization?)
October 29, 2014 4:50 pm

how about "PAPig-dizing" instead of "Dalitization".
Yew elites should stop PAPig-dizing Singaporeans down to the lowest levels of society.

Matilah_Singapura said...


I look at Singapore as one big socio-political-cultural experiment. Thus is comes as NO SURPRISE to me that there'll be some operators of dubious character and questionable practices...hey man, the system is "chaotic".

But it is early days -- all this chaos will eventually evolve into some form of steady state, a the culture adapts, and norms of behaviour and conduct appear.

What is happening can be distilled into just human beings exercising their human nature -- which includes aspects of primitive animal behaviour, often violent and destructive for the sole purpose of self-preservation.

Add to that environmental stressors like sleep deprivation, poor health, family, relationship and professional pressures, depression or frequent states of anxiety and dread, negative self-talk...and the BIG ONE -- FEAR OF LOSING FACE...a person affected by such stressors will not have the capacities required to make good decisions. In fact, they'r apt to make many many poor choices. ;-)

So relac lah. Enjoy the entertainment, because it is only A Game. ;-)

Veritas said...

I have to agree to Matilla. Social Darwinism engendered by PAP, has not brought forth evolution in the positive way, but regress us back to jungle.

I am thinking if it is still worthwhile to stay here.

patriot said...

Sinkies have chosen the Rulers to Dalitize them.
Sinkies do not mind and are in fact
waiting to be Pariahs.

How many Sinkies are prepared to
kick out the Dalit Makers?
Why do Sinkies keep voting for the
Pariah creators?


Anonymous said...

It is economic ethnic cleansing by the India Indians and the ang mohs, aided and abbetted by the Elites