The Hong Lim Affair – What’s it all about?

Many have rightly pointed out that this Hong Lim Affair has distracted many people from the real issues of CPF, influx of foreigners, PME jobs, Yang Yin, lawyers over charging clients by the millions, and many other major issues that were really hot with the people. Now everyone is engrossed first with the heckling of children and now with unlawful assembly, and the two main charactors of the Hong Lim Affair were kept very busy trying to shake themselves loose. Ariffin Sha is taking a long leave with no intention of coming back after being invited for kopi.

What is happening now is that Roy and Hui Hui would be so disturbed, troubled and preoccupied by the pressure mounting on them by the investigation. They would be kept very busy trying to ward off all the unnecessary attention and demands on their time. In a way they are now under attack instead of preparing their attacks on the CPF issues in the next rally on 25 Oct.

Tactically this whole drama is a good move, from defence to offence. Never mind if the charges or investigations would not come up with naught. And it has been quite successful with the netizens too being involved in trying to block all the attacks and throw back everything thrown at Roy or Hui Hui. They too did not have time to concentrate on the real issues at hand.

It is now a different agenda not set by Roy or Hui Hui.  Would they be able to circumvent this new battle field, seize back the initiative and return to their own battle field unscathed, and in the right frame of mind to do battle again? It is a test of their resolute and resilience and how they face off with the authority. If they could survive the drama they would come out very much tougher and stronger to face more challenges and gruelling charges and arrows coming their way.

Could Roy and Hui Hui call upon more resources and supporters to their side? They need everyone to shield them from the assault. Would the people form a barricade around them? At the moment only the netizens and social media are taking up the challenge to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. It would be good if some of the political parties would speak out and join battle together. The job is cut out for the opposition parties to come forward and stand on the side of the people, to be seen to be doing something. Would they?

The last thing to happen is for the people to desert Roy and Hui Hui and leave them on the lurch when they needed their support badly.  Could these two youngsters stand bravely against GPMGs, tanks, bazookas, sniper bullets, mortars, rockets, artillery and bombs raining on them from the air and everywhere and survive?

Would there be a bigger turnout on 25 Oct at Hong Lim? Or would the rally on 25 Oct not even take place? Would the two be able to stick to their agenda and pursue the CPF cause tenaciously to the end and not be driven by other people’s agenda?

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

The opposition WP has their hands full with the CNY mini event lah. Netizens need to be informed and updated of the incidents for them to understand the actual happenings. We can't rely on 154th ranking shitty times.

Raymond said...

Roy and Hui Hui are clearly losers. The majority of Singaporeans are against them. Any individual or group who supports them will automatically be tainted.

Yet, I do hope some opposition politician, preferably WP, will openly support them. This is easy election rally fodder, like lambs to the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Harmless smoke bombs to divert attention & cover an escape route!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If Hong Lim ceased to exist, except for a few "talk-no-action" types, no one else would care.

So far, in all of the protests at HL, NO ACTION has resulted in an measurable cultural or societal change -- neither for the worse or the better.

There are many other interesting ways of enjoying wonderful Chinatown without wasting time and energy on worthless "campaigns" at HLP. For e.g., you can venture to People's Park, pick up a PRC babe and go bang your brains out at one of the nearby 81 Hotels ;-)

You get a very sexy blowjob. After you've come all over her China-doll face, you're feeling overwhelmed by the sense of "achievement" -- like you accomplished something wonderful...something existentially awesome and uplifting...and in a moment or two you're ready for round two...or three.

Contrast that to an absolute waste of time, energy, glucose and oxygen at a HLP rally. All you'll get are incessant complaints amplified thru a PA system...and come Monday, everything is forgotten. No feeling of existential accomplishment, nothing's changed...all back to the same-o same-o Singapore.

Best of luck. Greetings from Hotel 81 ;-)

Anonymous said...

No wonder people said you got no brain. Everyday banging it out.

Anonymous said...

A majority of 1 Sneaky Raymond!

Anonymous said...

But daft like me not conned ..

Sama opinion...

Hsienloong .. knn chao hojinx ccb

b said...

"What is happening now is that Roy and Hui Hui would be so disturbed, troubled and preoccupied by the pressure mounting on them by the investigation."

- they should have anticipated that when they went against the elected government. the very sheeps that they cared for will go against and betray them by voting for the pigs once more comes election time. the world is never fair. the earlier they understand that, the sooner they get wiser.

Anonymous said...

The whole point is that Hong Lim was created for wayangs to be staged and is still for staging modern day wayangs orchestrated by the PAP, just like the NMPs in Parliament, to fool the believers that while UK have Hyde Park, we have Hong Lim just to prove how democratic Singapore is!