The Hong Lim Affair – More than Uniquely Singapore

Let me put a positive spin to this sordid affair and turn it into a splendid affair. Too many negative views had been expressed in the media and it is timely that we look at in from a different angle. The two events staged at Hong Lim were incompatible in many ways and no responsible person in his right mind would put the two together. It was like oil and fire, a potent combination for an explosive incident to happen. The beautiful thing about this affair is that all ends well.

Mind you, the little annoyance and the very sensitive nature of the special needs children, and only one needed comforting can be considered a very successful story. Just ignore the noises generated by those with vested interests to say the things that needed to be said, the YMCA event went off almost without a hitch other than the 5 min interruption when the minister arrived at the scene. Even then, there was not pushing and shuffling or any threats of physical violence to anyone. No one feel unsafe or that they were exposed to any danger. The guests of YMCA were children and senior citizens, hundreds of them. And at and around the stage, there were hundreds of eager and excited parents and their little ones participating in putting up dance items and performances.

At the other corner, the protestors were screaming at the top of their voices to get themselves heard as they competed against the sounds from the YMCA event. Many did not notice that at times both parties waited and took turns to speak, alternating, without anyone coordinating and guiding them. There were some sorts of courtesy and sharing of time between them. You could not have a better arrangement anywhere among competitors.

And the uncles and aunties were taking shelters from the blazing sun under the big tents of YMCA. They treaded carefully and avoided disturbing the guests of YMCA in their tents. And YMCA staff accommodated them without chasing them away, out into the hot sun.

The participants of the two events blended together as one, in the same limited space, and no one could tell which event they were attending. With a few thousands of them there, fighting for space under the afternoon heat, no tempers were flared. Come, come, think about it, think about how two unrelated groups could co exist together in such a situation without any trouble?

And when the protestors were marching around the big tent housing the YMCA guests, they did not brush or knock onto them as they went past each other. And some of the children joined the fun marching with them.

Credit must go to the participants of the two events. There was a lot of self discipline and mindfulness with both sides accommodating each other and not to offend the other party. The protestors were noisy and loud as what a protest should be, but absolutely no violence or brashness. The YMCA event was louder but like what a children party should be.

Singaporeans must stand up and salute them for having a party with different agenda together, and both did what they wanted to do and successfully completed their missions. This is the most exemplary act of living in a squeezed city, living in peace and harmony with your neighbours.

Now, why is everyone kpkb about? They better thank their lucky stars that nothing really bad happened in such a circumstance. So many things could have gone wrong and there were so many vulnerable children and senior citizens present. And why? Because no one was there to cause disharmony, annoyance or trouble to anyone. There was no bad intention, no malice.

And because Singaporeans are not violent by nature, Singaporeans are peace loving people, If I am not wrong, the majority of the people there were true blue Singaporeans. That is the Spirit of being Singaporeans.

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Anonymous said...

there are more important issues
facing us .....

let the matter rest, take it as a
lesson to all, be more forgiving
and just move on....

always remember....love yourself
and be kind to others....


Anonymous said...

Singapore not many exciting spots. HLP just another tourist attraction lah ... shows westerners esp US we also have democracy eh. Stupid sporeans beating up each other for tourist entertainment! RB wrong that HL affair is "uniquely" Singapore. It is NOT sporean ... it is just hooliganism. In the 50s, will have gangsters fighting and killing each other. Now, we just say "pls allow me to say silly stuff".

Raymond said...

LOL, you're grasping at straws, old man. :)

How about I come SHOUT around your kids/niece/nephew with megaphones during, say their graduation ceremony, then ask you "what's the problem, most of their day is OK and all ended well"?

Not so "splendid" when it's personal, isn't it?

Say, have you apologized to the children you heckled yet???

Anonymous said...

Those using these kids to gain political mileage are fucking scum,

These are merely dogs n pony shows to advance hidden agenda

Anonymous said...

RB, this pariah IB Raymond is here again. I fuck him so many times and he is coming back for more.

Let me have the pleasure to fuck him again.

Fuck you Raymond. Fuck your mother too.

I know you will be back for more.

Anonymous said...

Seriously RB? Why are you aligning yourself with the new citizen Han Hui Hui? She clearly has intention to disrupt the YMCA event. She knows there were children present. She didn't care. She marched her protesters right through the carnival. That's just bad form, immature, and insensitive. Are you seriously calling this "a lot of self discipline and mindfulness"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.16am why dun you do it to your mother, either than vugarities, do you know any other words.

Raymond nail it exactly, when your children is one of them, would you still be f....ing, too blind to see or just plain ignorant.

Anonymous said...

come on, Raymond. Kids not stupid, man ... they learn all the time adults shout at each other for no good reasons; many see that in parents, on buses/mrt and public parks (hic). HLP will not give them PTSD lah. They also too young to understand what apologies mean. word too long to pronounce or spell. Leave the children alone, adults. Get back to our silly quarrels and disagreements ... sorry, over what again?

Anonymous said...

someone tell me: is Tan Hui2 Roy's latest girl friend? if not, I wanna chase ... her, not Roy. u know wat I mean.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Red Bean, where do you stand exactly?

Anonymous said...

Like the first comment said, please let the matter rest already.

The more you brushstroke it, the bigger the black stain is going to be...

Mistakes had been made. But it's time to move on...

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, two jobless kids leading a protest about CPF makes no sense. Kind of like the blind leading the blind.

Anonymous said...

I saw one special needs child taking selfies. He did not look very alarmed by the heckling "We love our CPF" by the PAP supporters.

Anonymous said...

Moving on is a must but the throwing of vugarities and insults is senseless, does anon 9.16 am even know why we are demading for the return of our money and anon 9.29 am, say it for youself.....two wrongs do not not give you a right.

Anonymous said...

Typical brainwashed opposition bullshit.

Other people cross you cannot, but you cross others can.


Anonymous said...

If you think about it, two jobless kids leading a protest about CPF makes no sense. Kind of like the blind leading the blind.
October 01, 2014 9:38 am

The Singaporean brains are all on government scholarships. How to risk their privilege rice bowls to fight for oldies trying to get back their money?
No dignity in doing such things right?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am not a party to any group. I went there to cover the event and write what I saw from my personal perspective.

Please do not insult the uncles and aunties as hooligans that would heckle the children, special needs or normal. Nobody heckle the children. If any, they will be arrested on the spot.

The YMCA events went on smoothly and ended on time. I was able to enjoy the children's performance and took a lot of photos of them. And tell you this, I avoided taking pictures of the special needs children for good reasons.

Please stop your heckling nonsense. Please stop making use of the special needs children for your private agenda. The children were very well. With my own eyes, I never see anyone one of them looking upset or frighened.

Anyone of you there and see things that are different from me?

I am not on any party's side. I am on the side of truth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I challenge anyone here to identify himself and tell me that he was there and saw it with his own eyes. If you are making things up or trying to peddle a concocted truth, I am ashame of you.

If only I have a chance to talk to your father or mother. They will be very ashamed of what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Parents of the special children would strongly disagree with you. You would too if you are one of them.

Virgo 49 said...

Wah lao eh??

You think Singapore belongs only to the YMCA, you fool and the PAPies.

Come to your place and shouted at your whims and fancies.

In Thailand, chopped and feed to the dogs.

In Indonesia, chopped and burned to ashes.

In Matland, chopped and dump into sea.

In Syria,blindfolded and chopped head.

Only in Sinkie Land, we behaved and looked down as sick cats by the foreign trashes who bashes us and our beloved protectors protect them.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.40am.
That special needs child taking selfies. Was he wearing a yellow T-shirt?

Anonymous said...

RB, the video evidence clearly shows heckling. I don't see how you can weasel out on that point...

Anonymous said...

That one is not a special needs child lah you fuckhead. That one is our Minister.

Anonymous said...

RB, the video evidence clearly shows heckling. I don't see how you can weasel out on that point...
October 01, 2014 10:02 am

I was there. I saw a lot of heckling by people shouting "We love our CPF". They really scared the children.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:02, are you saying Minister Teo is a liar? He posted in his facebook that the protestors were after him, not the children. The protestors were shielded by another group of YMCA guests and the minister's entourage, and they were on an elevated stage at least 20m away.

You watch a selected few minutes of video, I was there seeing the real thing, seeing the whole picture.

Why do you think I changed my mind to be there? I wanted to see it with my own eyes and not the slanted truths by people with an agenda.

Anonymous said...


If I slap your face then tell you you are not my intended target. Did I slap your face or no?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:30, please do not use distorted argument like I slap your face. Wait till I slap your face then we can talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:30, If you see two people are fighting on the street and you are nearby, you want to accuse them of threatening your safety or disturbing your peace?

You are inconsequential, not their target. Nuts.

Anonymous said...

@anon10:35am. Yes. I would consider their actions disruptive to the peace. Collateral damage is not inconsequential.

Anonymous said...

@Chua, well that's your argument, not mine. It's OK to slap your face so long as there's no intent. That basically what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

Some people have short memory. They conveniently forgot the karmic retribution of the 'sorry also must explain'. It came back swift and fast.

So was the retribution of laughing at Yaw Shin Leong and making him a joke.

In this case a simple sincere apology would do but people are drumming it up and making it out like someone was seriously injured or killed in the process.

Remember, evil doers would be struck by their own karma. There is no escape from natural justice.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please lah anon 10:41. The children were far away and at most were disturbed by the noise but none the worse.

Only jokers could imputed that the children were heckled. Yes, the protestors did caused a stir but the children were doing what they were doing on stage.

Why don't you complain for the grass that were trampled by the feet of the protestors? I also feel sorry for the grass and I also want to demand that the protestors apologise to the grassroots.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

And please come and try slap my face intent or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"Collateral damage" @ October 01, 2014 10:39 am
Please lah.
Small little crowd make a little bit of noise at Hong Lim Park.
You PAP people are champion complainers.

Look at Hong Kong protests.
This is what a big crowd looks like.


I suppose you will want to give a pay rise to PAP Ministers because Singaporeans are so difficult to manage?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Uncle Chua or I shall address you as Mr Chua as we are both in the same age category.

In HLP protest rallies, mostly old uncles, aunties like us attended and in rain and shine to show our unhappiness and hope for changes that will benefit the younger generations to come.

With the White Paper of 6.9 to 10 Millions in 2030, most of us are in six feet underground or in urns or our ashes are been scattered elsewhere in the land or sea.

So, think pointless to crack your heads and keeps harping the issues of the PAP injustices that will impact the younger generations.

Where are the younger people like the Hong Kongers who are mature and care for their future that even secondary school pupils took part in the protests endangering themselves.

The younger sinkies came and talk down to you and famous quote of Let's move on thus letting the PAPies think we are just nuisance noises and do not take us seriously.

So, just post more interesting international articles rather than on the sinkie land woes and let's leave them to the younger generation to carry their burdens in the future.

Afterall, let's be frank that we oldies are the least affected by the insensible government policies.

We took out practically all our CPF monies leaving a bare minimum sum only in our Retirement account.

We also brought all our apartments/houses/condos cheap and are now even worth 100 times the value.

We even have overseas properties and holidays more than the younger people.

So, just leave them to sort their own destinies.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Virgo, call me whatever you like, redbean also can.

The HLP affair is now a political football for scoring political goals.

Anonymous said...

@Chua. If you really want me to slap you please post your address. I can easily take on an old man like you.

And after I've slapped you you can tell the world how wonderful the rest of your day is.

But please be aware that every one of my slap is not targeted at your face but the "air" around you.

If you get hit, that's your problem, not mine. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your last paragraph. We are Singaporeans. We are kind and well behaved in nature.

lust for love said...

in HK, people block away streets also not much negative comments, here, some uncles and aunties like us, just ask for some basic human rights - we want our CPF money back - you see so many negative comments !

This is very uniquely Singaporean indeed ! Should we be proud of this?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 11:30, you know where I work, please feel free to hit me if you can. Just don't complain if you got hit instead.

Anonymous said...

/// If you get hit, that's your problem, not mine. :) ///
October 01, 2014 11:30 am

Typical PAP supporter.
Always want something for free.
High pay with no responsibilities.
Power but do nothing good with it.
Always blaming Singaporeans.
That's what Yew are.

Anonymous said...

@Chua. Don't make me laugh lah. You think you can beat me? You and your frail old feeble self? Hahha.. old people are so funny.. :)

Anonymous said...

@Anon11:48am, keep up with the discussion lah.

The "collateral damage doesn't matter" logic is Chua's argument. I'm just applying it to another situation...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 12:04, when yew come, don't forget your knuckle duster : )

Anonymous said...

Did YMCA break one of the term & condition for HL usage ? For amplification equipments only hand held self charging loudhailer can be used but YMCA is using state-of-the-art amplification equipments that are not self charge.

Virgo49 said...

Wah RB, this anon@ 12.04 really wants to beat you up ah???

Wah piang really scared you know.

Wah, must be a real RAMBO or Young Cow do not know Tiger??

Oldies, frail and feeble??

Young Punt have not meet any oldie Kung Fu/Karate/TaeKwon Do or Tai Chi Master yet.

Will regret been born when he meets one.

Hey Anon @12.04, let's meet at HLP when we have the next Protest Rally and let's us how RAMBO you are?? OK???

We oldies are more resilient than you young punks can imagine.

With two of my hands tied behind, I can demolish you easily with just my two legs. Not wide open like the PAPies offered to the trashes.

So, let's have one good one when we meet at nest HLP's rally.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahaha, Virgo, you don't frighten him lah. Young people are like that one.

Anonymous said...

Have you any sense of proportion or sensibility??
HHH applied and got the Approval to hold her Event.
Then someone came in for a show of strength by arranging his/her YMCA Event at the Same time. The YMCA Event was originally to have started earlier.
It only went to show that YMCA might have wanted to show how good it was compared to other events.
Anyway, nothing untowards did happen and every participants enjoyed their day and went in in one piece.
They had a good sound sleep and are back to work and sturdy.
Please do not read too much and be alarmed for nothing.

Redbean and ma y others here were there, they knew first hand.

Anonymous said...



Yeo said...

I was there. Red T-shirt one. I followed the crowrd into the YMCA side. I went in with a heavy heart. But you need to be there to I understand the circumstances. Everyone was fired up. It was quite emotional. But nobody thought we were doing anything wrong. We were chanting and shouting. We heard the stage emcee shouted something. We then shout louder. It was like a game. And the weather was bloody hot. Then it was all over and we marched away. Everything happened so fast.

When I later watched the YouTube video it was like watching something else. It looks different from memory. It sounds different. I can understand why people say we heckled and frightened YMCA children. I can honestly say it was never anybody's intention.

But what's done is done. I don't think the children were aware of what's happening. Their music and loudspeakers were very loud anyway. But I think the parents do and are angered by us. I can see some of them staring at us. Some looked shocked. Some held on to their kids.

To those parents, I apologize. I don't know what else can make up for what we did. Maybe support YMCA events in the future.

To the #ReturnMyCPF supporters, I also apologize. I think with this fiasco we are back to square one. But I hope someday we can get back to the CPF issue.

To those asking for apology, there, I apologize. I don't have a blog so I can only do it here.

We all hate PAP for not admitting their mistakes. We must not be the same as them.

That's all I can say.

Anonymous said...

CDC Confirms First Ebola Case Diagnosed In The US, In Dallas Hospital


Hey PAPigs.
What is the fucking PAP governemnt's plan for an Ebola infection here in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

I am a PAP voter. I also was there at Hong Lim Park. I want to apologize to all the parents for scaring their children with my stupid chanting of "We love our CPF".

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke or is RB trying to justify his involvement in shouting at the old folks and young kids. This is ridiculous. If HHH and gang had any self control and common sense, they wouldn't anywhere near the YMCA tent

Anonymous said...

RB cannot bring himself to say anything bad about RN & HHH one lah. That's why if you track his articles, he tried to ignore the issue totally. Then now, in the face of growing social media (not main media) backlash, he no choice, try to make a positive spin on things.

RB might think RN & HHH do many things right. But surely, he can also acknowledge that this one time, they did something wrong. But there he is trying to say "positive spirit, spirit of being Singaporean."

Personally, I am proud to be Singaporean the past few days. We are not hoodwinked by the main media. You see all the videos uploaded onto facebook, and alternative sites like TOC. From there, you see how Singaporeans do in fact, know what is right, and know how to speak up on it.

This is in fact the biggest protest of all. The protest, by ordinary Singaporeans, against RN & HHH.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr Yeo.

Kudos to you. It takes courage to speak up the way you did.

Oh course, on this blog, your honest words will be said to be posted by an IB.

Yawn, IB here, IB there, IB everywhere. PAP really got so many IB to help them, that it is the only solution that these loonies can come up with. To call people IB.

Anonymous said...

I am also a PAP voter. I apologize to all Singaporeans for voting in a 3rd world government of tin pot generals.

Anonymous said...

PAP and Singaporeans are just a bunch of champion complainers. What you see in Hong Lim Park is democracy at work. It's noisy and confusing. That's what freedom looks like. If Yew don't like it, then Yew should go to China and die.

Anonymous said...

17 minutes of uninterrupted video of Hong Lim Park. Including 2 minutes footage of Teo Ser Luck.


Anonymous said...

The people that need to apologise are those that brought the children there to face a protest rally. It is totally irresponsible.

And couldn't believe it, they turnaround and point a finger at the protesters. This is black/white overturned.

The protesters disturbed the children. What is so big deal compares to jeopardising the safety of the children by bringing them there?

Anonymous said...

Should conduct an independent COI.

Anonymous said...

Why are the mad dogs here demanding RB to apologise? Seow ah? RB was a spectator also must apologise?

Fuckers all from IMH.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.25pm: "PAP and Singaporeans are just a bunch of champion complainers". Seriously?
And I hv the impression that the MIW provided so good jobs and security so that we hv the luxury of HLP (who set up this?) and cyber-blogs where idiots and morons can say whatever nonsense they wish. RB shd be praised for the truthful eye-witness account. he no IB or am I. Raymond maybe.
Let's move to really serious issues like who gonna win the next world cup or F1 race, people.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro , no need waste taxpayers monies and time for COI.

NP Director just simply RESIGNED.

See the Secret Service chief of Obama resigned after the hoo ha at the White House.

Here, in Singapore, civil servants, Ministers, MPs committed blunders and put the blame on others.

Pui !!! mo lan youg

Anonymous said...

The GREATEST REVELATION of this whole SAGA is not YMCA, RN, HHH, RB, Special needs children being ferried there and put them at risk, CPF etc etc

It is about 2 fellas who jumped in and blasted the protesters right away before any careful look at the details or even being there.

They are publicly touted as potential future PM and successors to current top political leadership in a couple of years time.

Their hasty and almost immediate and instantaneous pounce on the issue without careful examination of the details, circumstances, facts, evidences etc speak VOLUMES of their characters, personalities, etc etc.

Are such characters, personalities what the people want for this little red dot's future top political leadership?

Do we not need leadership that can hold a relatively young nation together and unite its people than those who are likely to drive and create division and disunity and unwittingly tear the social fabric and social glue apart?

Do we not need level headed and steady hands leadership than rash, careless, presumptuous characters to steer a tiny, relatively young nation in potentially turbulent seas ahead?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You guys be kinder to Raymond. He is paid to be here to heckle me. Even if you scold his father, mother, wife, daughters, he will still come and let you scold him.

It is tough and demeaning to get paid from scolding by people for intruding into other people's business, all for a few dollars. And he would not dare tell his fathers and mothers or wife about the job he is doing.

Let's be kinder and more understanding to him for earning money and losing his self respect as a human bean.

Anonymous said...

Buy "untested" antidote from americunt for about one billion usd

Just like buying tamiflu to treat bird flu

Anonymous said...

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After that we request to visit old fart inside

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Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura is like Raymond. Like to come here to get fuck and keeps coming back for more. Another IB that has been exposed is no longer here.