The drumming continues

Roll out the big drums and keep drumming.
Stoke the amber and fan it into a fire.
Now who is beating the drums and fanning the fire?
Who is doing the heckling and who is being heckled?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

To heckle, overwhelm and take down opponents are as natural as taking meals everyday.
Me must say that Sinkies are quite lucky that this packed tiny rock has less political turmoil than most other countries.
But, not celebrating the Good Times as it is quite obvious that things are getting bad and all the Good in the Past can be erased and be gone.

The Rulers got to be mindful of their deeds.

Anonymous said...

PAP are just champion complainers.
A few oldies protesting at Hong Lim Park did not break any Singapore laws that I know of.
And still you hear the PAPigs kpkb all over the social media and Straits Times.
What is the CPF protest compared with the protest in Hong Kong?

How much are the government officials in Hong Kong paid?
How much are the PAP government officials paid?
And still we hear the PAP complain.
Bloody champion complainers.

Anonymous said...

"What is the CPF protest compared with the protest in Hong Kong?"
Anon 12:33 pm

Of course cannot compare lah. Being Sinkies, what do u expect?

If can compare, the strongest Sinkie opposition would also have been ready to be govt. And no need Roy and those looney fringe Sinkies to protest at Hong Lim Park.

Anonymous said...

One heckled during the HLP gathering. The other heckled chaos and anarchy long after the action has ceased. The latest was that whether heckling did or did not occur...? No more chaos and anarchy.