The damn solutions

It has been recognised and acknowledged as a natural truth that today’s solution is tomorrow’s problem. And we have many examples of our great solutions that have turned bad, turning into big problems and liabilities. The most commonly quoted solution of the past that has created many deep seated problems today must be the Stop At Two policy. We are now suffering from its consequences today, some 40 odd years later. When it was introduced, the problems it was trying to solve was serious, a growing jobless population and an economy that could not create the jobs to meet the demand. And further harsh and ruthless followup measures and policies were added to reinforced the Stop At Two policy, like no priority for school places for the third child, ligation, abortion, fines etc etc. Some of the victims of these policies are still feeling very angry with what they had to go through.

We have in the course of the last 40 years introduced many policies that were good in the beginning but starting to turn foul or becoming a problem today. The CPF schemes and its related schemes, housing allocation policy, pricing and asset enhancement policies, are now hounding down on the govt.

High economic growth, high inflation and high ministerial salaries are now a burden to the govt. And of course the high population and high influx of foreigners, high prices of car ownership policies, high medical costs and a long list of other policies that are causing the govt to have ‘one head and growing twice as big’.

And we are still pushing for high economic growth and high population growth. This is very troubling. The problems of yesterday’s solutions are being repeated with the same zeal to implement new policies and solutions. They only think about how good the solution is without bothering to look at how bad it can become. If they have the foresight, to think ahead a little more, many of today’s problems would have not happened or would be lesser and not so severe.

Yes, economic growth is important and growing a bigger population is a must for economic growth. If only economic policy is so simple. Again they are not looking at the consequences and problems from these solutions. Did they know, did they bother, did they think about them, talk about them, or they simply do not want to talk about them and do not want to think about them. Tomorrow’s problems are best left to tomorrow’s leaders to deal with, and tomorrow’s people to live with.

Just announced a few day’s ago that they have a new logo for the Army Volunteer’s Corp. Another nice creation. Did they think about the problems and consequences? Every solution and policy is a double edged sword. The frightening thing it seems, they are only interested in hearing the good stuff. No one wants to know about the bad stuff or want to tell the people about the bad stuff. They are OPP, Other People’s Problems.

Is this the way to go? You want economic growth you must want big population? You want a strong defence force, you must want volunteers to carry arms. They are inseparable, just as inseparable as every solution comes with its associated problems. You cannot have your cake and eat it. The govt has to be seriously looking at the problems that can come about with their solutions. They cannot runaway from them.  The Volunteer’s Corp is a very dangerous animal that is being created if any jokers, citizens or not, can join. It can turn into an enemy of the people. Would the terrorists be eyeing it as their training ground?

Where is the solution should the Volunteers Corp turns bad? Where are the solutions to problems caused by high economic growth and high population growth? No, no problems?

Kopi Level - Red


Anonymous said...

SAF Volunteer Corp?

Why not (just in case PAP government becomes incompetent);
- retired civil servants Volunteer Corp
- retired Ministers' Volunteer Corp
- retired Opposition Volunteer Corp

Or even better;
- Foreign Talents' Volunteer Corp(free maid and PMET service)
- Billionaire Volunteer's Corp(free money)
- Doctors Volunteer Corp(free medical consultation)
- Ministers Volunteer Corp (Ministers working for peanuts)

Anonymous said...

"The govt has to be seriously looking at the problems that can come about with their solutions."

RB, u are missing the point, where Sinkieland is concerned.

The point is the govt only has to be seriously looking at who is the leader of the strongest Sinkie opposition party.

If that leader says his party is not ready to be govt and even praise the govt as competent, then there would be no problems for the govt.

And as long as smart Sinkies can make lots of money and have good life, and are also majority Sinkies, the problems for daft and suffering Sinkies, if any, are secondary.

This has been true for the last 50 years and maybe true also for another 50 years.

Anonymous said...


The problems created by the govt will only make the daft Sinkies suffer, and also make them angry and unhappy.

But some of these Sinkies, angry though they are, but they are not ready to vote in a opposition which is not ready to be govt. Although some may still go to Hong Lim Park and join Lor Ngerng (braised egg) to kpkb.

And luckily for PAP, these Sinkies, together with the smart, happy and rich Sinkies, are about 60% of all Sinkies, even in worse times like in 2011.

But now, although still no good, but things are better, PAP is also better, as compared to 2011, tio bo?

So will PAP do better in next election, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

No wonder Mai Hum looks confident, talks confident, and talks good, and about foreign talents, among other things.

And I think he has good reasons to be.

What do u think?

Virgo49 said...

SAF Volunteer Corp?- Just a ploy to hoodwink the Daft Singaporeans that the newly minted pink i/c holders are doing their part in National Slavery.

Just go for some basic military holiday camp and Voila you are contributing to the defense of Singapore.

Also an excuse to tell the sinkies that Buto Cheery and the Ah Nehs and Ah Tiongs had served National Slavery.

See the Logo- back to the First Brigade Blue Lion where most of the Arms are in the Service Operations- Not COMBAT UNITS.

The stop at two was encouraged in the 70s when the Chow Ang Mohs gave notice to quit on you.

LKY feared Big unemployment and thus asked you to stop at TWO.

Now his Tee Kee Son thinks he is the very the smart. The economy is like what they called in gambling terms "ON A ROLL" so must have 6.9 to 10 millions to wheel the monies in.

When the economy happens to FALL OFF FROM A ROLL into recession and depression, then we will have extra five millions to sustain, to feed and house them.

See how long, the reserves can sustain these extra five to six million instant citizens.]

Anyway, Mr RB, we will not live to see it. The younger generation and their children will live to see the DISASTER.

Luckily, my two adult children in their thirties are still single and come 2016, if the PAP again comes into Power, we can easily uprooted and live elsewhere.

Pity those with young children at age five or sin or even younger now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the military they used to say a problem is a small problem until you pass it to a Major. Then it becomes a major problem.

When you have 5m people, it is 5m problem. 7m becomes 7m problem and 10m becomes a 10m problem.

The problem will grow in size proportionally or exponentially.

Anonymous said...

"When you have 5m people, it is 5m problem. 7m becomes 7m problem and 10m becomes a 10m problem."
RB 9:58 am

But problem for who? That's the problem, and the question.

Problem for PAP to win majority votes? Maybe not.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

@ V49. // Luckily, my two adult children in their thirties are still single and come 2016, if the PAP again comes into Power, we can easily uprooted and live elsewhere.//

Whether the 40% or 60% or whatever outcome, no matter how situation turned out, there will always be some who would stay behind.

Just like when China was burning in the first half of the 20th century, many stayed behind to face the problems and overcome it.

Some will always scoot away like GEORGIE BOY.

Anyway, what will be will be.

There will always be many who can leave but choose to stay back.

When the time comes and the bridge is ahead, decisions will be made.

jjgg said...

Rb..how do we solve the solutions..form a committee..why not have a Ministry to coordinate all the committees..it's much better than having 4 ministers in the PMO..we can house the new ministry at the new changi airport terminal..the fat cats can read their minutes in between shopping sprees...incidentally..why are THEY called fat cats? Is it ..THEY can't stop multiplying and feeding in between screwing and sleeping...hehe

Virgo 49 said...

Right when the time comes and the bridge is a head, decisions will be made.

If the still daft 60 over percent still votes for the PAPies

b said...

Whether growth or no growth there will be problems. Thus, it is better to choose growth (aka low unemployment) cause the problems are smaller. Compare to EU, sinkies are much better off.

b said...

Sorry, compare to EU, Americans, Latinos, Africans, asians, sinkies are much better off. THe only ones left probably oz and canada.

Anonymous said...

We are the redbean Volunteer Corp;
Providing free feedback for dumb & deaf PAPigs

Anonymous said...

Ya lor, in this world there are many ifs......

If only 59.9% vote them, how?

Still uproot? But less than 60% mah?

And mb more than 7 oppo get into 怕lee门?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 said "if the still daft 60 over percent"

So he already made it quite clear?

59.9% and below = no uproot = stay

Virgo, the 40.1% and more want u stay

Life may be less meaningful without your colourful contribution in sinkieland and MSN.

But the choice is everybody's.

Cannot blame anyone after that, hor!

Robert C H Chia said...

This is why `pragmatic` solutions are always problematic. It does not recognise that every decision is an essentially arbitrary `incision` into a complex and intractable reality that simultaneously includes and excludes and hence precipitates future unintended consequences such as what is being faced vis a vis the `stop at two`, CPF, HDB, car ownership etc. Similarly all `objectives` or claims to `objectivity` contain an implicit objection, all `facts` (Latin facere) some `fabrication` (including this one I am making!!). Ying/Yang logic maybe?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 5.28 and 5.25

Even PAP won by just 50.1% they still be the government so no difference whether 59.9per cent or 60.1 percent.

If got choice better to live in a more congenial country which is not your birth place rather than your dictatorial country of birth.

Now already found hard to breathe with these trashes around, what's more 6.9 to 10 millions!!

If the PAP got another mandate for the next five years, you think they be more accommodating than now???

Now at least there is an axe hanging over their necks due to the coming GE. They "loon" and hold back all their punches.

If reelected for another five years, you think they do not have more policies worse than the WP and the CPF issue??

Also, I foresee that even Mr RB and the TRE blogs would not be in existence if they win the next GE. Should know of their bah ooo (odour) by now.

If they can sue Roy, they will have another "Operations Cold Storage" oops sorry "COLD STORE) for the many dissents who harped now at the social media.

They can find any excuse to get you.

That's well now you can see and hear so many of them like the Workers Party NMP and also other party NMP singing in sync with the PAP condemning the HLP fracas.

Teochew Ah Hia will never wants to be the Driver. So comfortable as Co driver why so stupid to talk over the Wheels??

Also, most too old and got not much energy to fight the PAP.

The only hope are the youngsters in Roy and HHH age groups that can throw up some really patriotic and caring Singaporeans to fight the PAP and gung ho enough to take over the rein of the government.

They are young, energetic and full of inspiration to take the challenge.

Others like Hainan Ah Ko and the rest can at best be elected to be Opposition MPs in the Parliament.

As one Anon bro said, must stay back and fight and do not be quitters like Georgie Boy. This is just a saying for those who actually got not much choice to go as they are too deeply stuck here.

You think if a few of the PAP Ministers or that that matter the more senior MPs were to lose their seats, they will remain in Sinkie Land??

From CEOs demoted to become Managers after so many years, think they will stay here even if offered these appointments??

They have enough resources to go away rather than to be sneered by the people.

Also, their hands in the disastrous policies as set by their Leader will soon come to life as the years go by.

So, better slap the backsides and leave before been lynched by the mobs.

So, this coming GE is really a watershed Life and Death CHOICE for the sinkies who may be the LAST OF THE MOHICAN as Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Let's use a recent example; the Roy/HHH vs YMCA/Teo Ser Luck saga at Hong Lim Park.

Let's all be honest with ourselves.
Does any Sinkie seriously think Teo Ser Luck can change CPF policy?

Can it be true that only one person can change PAP policy?
And maybe that one person is our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong?
And nobody in PAP will do anything contrary to the thinking of PM Lee?

So maybe the correct way to frame the CPF debate is;
"How should we go about changing the mind of PM Lee"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Did Roy change anything about CPF? Ask if there is any changes made after the made his points.

As for the damn solutions, we are going to be cooked if we pursue growth by flooding the island with more people. This is the most destructive policy that many still could not understand, do not want to understand, and those who knew would not want to talk about it.

This island is building a huge mass sitting on very thin legs. When it collapses, the weight of the mass is going to be deadly. Did the govt discuss about the consequences of huge population and what measures they are going to take? Even simple infrastructure can be so screw up. What more about social, demographic and political consequences.

Anonymous said...

If I were PM Lee, I'd be grateful for citizens like Roy.
They are loyal and concerned citizens.
And they give the noisy & heartfelt feedback i would need as a leader to double check on my grassroots leaders.
Yew really don't want pissed of citizens like me.
We refuse open confrontation.
And we quietly vote Opposition when we get get pissed off.
And Yew won't know we are angry until Yew see the election results.