The Americunts reviewing sale of Waldorf to Chinese firm

Apologies to Americans for using the term Americunts in this case. There is a huge trade deficit in America’s trade with China and this is giving the Americans a lot of excuses to complain against the Chinese Govt. But what would the Americans expect the Chinese to do with the money from their trade surplus when they could not buy anything that the Americunts considered as militarily sensitive or strategically unacceptable? Do they expect the Chinese to buy root beer, hamburgers and chew gums when they are banned from buying military equipment and high tech stuff that have potential for military use? Everything has a potential to be used in military equipment, like a simple magnet or a solar cell.

So the Chinese bought a hotel, an American icon no doubt. And this is also prohibited for security reasons as the rich and famous and powerful Americans like to stay at the Waldorf. And hey, the management and operations of the hotel will be in the hands of Americunts for  another 100 years. What security risks are they talking about? It is in American soil and the secret police and FBIs would have all the say about security matters in the hotel. Or at worse, American politicians should not be allowed to stay at the Waldorf and there are plenty of other good hotels available.

Come on Americunts, stop being a bitch. Stop bitching in every little things. The Cold War ended decades ago. Oops, the war for world dominance is still hot and getting hotter. Free trade? Liberty?

PS. China is going buy up the Liberty Statue. Any problem with that?


Anonymous said...

Is TRE down?

The said...

Let the Chinese buy Raffles Hotel.

Anonymous said...

Must be down on unannounced and unscheduled maintenance.

Anonymous said...

The Americans can learn from Singapore's free and liberal trade and economic policies. Singapore not only allowed anyone to work here it will sell anything at a price.

Singapore has also sold its national icon, the Raffles Hotel, its strategic assets like power stations. If the price is right it would sell sIA, DBS and the Istana as well. The last one has only one condition. With for the permanent resident to take permanent leave.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In order to BUY something, there must first be a party willing to SELL that specific thing. i.e. no willing SELLER, no deal to even talk about.

Dun blame the buyer lah. It is the seller who offers his backside for sale ;-)

Any PRC with money and half a functioning brain will put their money "offshore" -- away from the shaky China banking system, and the impending hard / soft (who knows?) landing of the wobbly China economy and their real estate market. SO the PR Chinese are buying BIG TIME all over the world: Singapore, London, Sydney, and of course USA -- to get rid of their "worthless" USD's which they earn from selling iPhones to debt-ridden, god-fearing, fat and drunk Americans.

i.e. PR Chinese are on the ball, The west for the most part -- dropped the ball. Chinese got money, the west is in debt, broke or close to broke. Behold the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. And the Chinese have the "gold", so they call the shots when it comes to money and transactions.

Western life is fantastic -- individual freedom and sovereign individual rights, drug legalisation catching on, free speech, plenty of sex, booze, guns....all day fun and more...but when it comes to PURE CAPITALISM, they all lose out to the China, and India.

About 30% of the worlds population is comprised collectively of China and Indian nationals -- and they are hungry to make money and are damn good at it.

If you don't like this, too fucking bad for you.

May you live in interesting times ;-)

b said...

In the land of cowboys, anyone can bitch what they like. Perhaps they should look at their own system and understand why they ended up selling important stuff to foreigners. A wake up call is needed but I think they will be too lazy to do that after being 'spoilt' by the system for decades.

b said...

Their new generations are only interested in beers, porns and guns. All thanks to their 'liberty' system.

Raymond said...

The vulgarity of your title says a whole lot about you.

Anonymous said...

Waldoft Astoria is locate in Park Ave in Manhattan. But since it has a secret underground tunnel that leads to the Masonic lodge in Amtyville. It happens to be one of those old buildings which can be used for other things besides accommodating rich people.

It's strategic. As since no one really knows how extensive the secret tunnel network is - the chinese are really buying more than just the hotel.

I happen to know about such things.

Darkness 2014

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Freemason is still a very powerful force in the US. Wow, the underground tunnels and the secrets of the cult. Maybe the Chinese did know something in this purchase.